Have you made plans for this summer yet?

201 Chocolate Treats

Karin visited me in Utrecht and we decided to wonder around the second-hand shops. With no intention to buy anything to save money for my summer trip but I couldn’t stop staring at the cooking books shelf. Plenty of cooking books – Spanish, French, Italian… You know what I got?

For €2.50, I pleased myself with “201 Chocolate Treats” by Gregg R. Gillespie (1934) – 201 delicious recipes for sweet and chocolate lovers – Velvety, Voluptuous cakes, Cookies, Pies and more. There are not only cakes and pies recipes, the book also gives hints for baking and provides some basic knowledge about chocolate and cocoa. It is really recommended. Clear and easy recipes.

I am very excited to make my own chocolate cake. I have been wondering how to make a great frosting and now it’s the right time to learn.

First challenge, Brown Stone Chocolate Cake!

Cooking is my summer plan after my summer road trip with my boyfriend. If you are interested, here is my summer holiday plan:

Rock Werchter Festival – Leuven, Belgium; Strasbourg, France; Italian lakes (Orta San Giulio, Como,…)

Rock the summer!!!!

201 Chocolate Treats, Gregg Gillespie

ISBN: 1-57923-228

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