10 things to do when you are bored

If you are home this summer or waiting for your vacation to come while you’re not studying or having a part time job, you must be probably bored sometimes because there is not much todo. Here are some tips what you could do when you are bored:

1. Youtube surfing

There are tons of Youtube videos uploaded everyday. If you are a fan of music, you should wonder around and find new cool artists. There are many of them and they are waiting to be found. Or: Learn how to dance, Make-up tutorials, DIY videos… All you can find on Youtube!

Check these videos out! Hope you like them:

2. Let’s go for a walk


Good exercise and fun! Sometimes, you can just get out of the house and go for a walk. You can walk to the supermarket and buy some cookies or walk to a park and breath the fresh air. Ask your roommate to walk with you (if you have one), or you can always do on your own (you won’t feel lonely, I’m sure).

You can do  window-shopping while you’re walking as well if you live near the city centre 😉

3. Reading  books

Any book – cooking books, comic books, books… It’s always nice to read a piece of romantic story in fiction books, or to find out a new recipe. It’s all about relaxing; in the meanwhile, you can learn something from it as well.

4. Cooking

For people who love cooking like me, this way is good for you to bring what you read and learnt into practice. Let’s get yourself a grocery list of what you need for the new recipe you just found out! It’s time to see yourself in the kitchen and experience the dish you want to make.

I always enjoy it – finding my inspiration to cook and do it.

5. Go through Skype contact list

The best way of spending your free time is to contact your friends. Maybe they are who you haven’t talk to for awhile or your best friend you’re desperate to share your love story or your great experience with. If you are girls, you can definitely spend hours on this. And if you are guys, it’s a good time to catch up with your old buddy.

6. Clean your room

I know that there are many people do this – clean their rooms when they have nothing to do. It is very helpful actually. You have your room cleaned, and you have something to do.

7. Try a new look (if you are girls)

I can spend hours organising my closet because while I’m doing so, I might find some pieces of clothes I haven’t worn for ages. Thus, it is a right time to try them on and create a new look for every piece. That way I don’t have to throw them away. Then, I stand in front of the mirror and try a new make-up look that matches with one of the new outfits, also create a new hair style.

8. Sing Karaoke


It is so much fun to sing out loud my favourite songs in my room. It is not weird if you enjoy doing it. Sometimes I sing along, sometimes I sing karaoke from the instrumental on Youtube. It is very relaxing and it lets your mind free.

9. Having a cup of coffee/tea in the city and watching people

It will never go wrong. Check things out! See how busy the city is, check people’s styles, watching all the nice cars passing.

10. Writing

Keep a journal or a blog that you can write anything you like. It is your diary, you can share everything. It also helps you to improve your writing.

These are what I often do and they help!! I really hope this list helps you as well.

What do you often when you are bored?

Share with me 🙂

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