Road trip ’13: P1: Pizza & Spaghetti heaven – Italy

Lago d’ Orta San Giulio

We planned our holiday to go to Northern Italian lakes. With the car, we took a short ride by a ferry through the tunnel and we climbed mountains one after each other. We finally arrived to Lago Orta San Giulio after 5 hours driving – a quiet lake near by Lago Maggiore. Orta San Giulio is a little cute town. I loved every corner, every small balcony with many pots of flower decorated…

Orta square

Main square of Orta San Giulio

Orta Square

From the main square of the town, we took a boat to Isola Orta San Giulio – the island of silence. It’s true! The island was very quiet and peaceful. Many of meaningful quotes led us through the island.

Isola Orta San Giulio

Isola Orta San Giulio



For Orta, it was easy to get to other towns from the other side of the lake. We visited Pella and Varallo. Indeed, we had quite a fun ride to Varallo.

The best view of the whole Lago Orta San Giulio is from Madonna del sasso church.


A stunning view from Madonna del sasso

Lago Como

After 3-day-stay in the lovely Orta San, we went another lake which is a bit more touristic – Lago Como. Here, we stayed at a small campsite called Lavedo in Lenno (on the west of Lago Como). In the heat of 30 degrees Celsius, it was so nice to take a swim. Swimming in lake Como, we both enjoyed the view of the surroundings. We were enclosed by nature.


We took one day for a boat trip. We visited 3 little towns: Bellagio, Menaggio and Varena. They are all beautiful. In Bellagio, I found my beautiful present from my lovely boyfriend. It was an Italian ring. Tiny but fabulous!


On my birthday 12 July, I decided to have my birthday in Milan. We took the train from Como station to Milan Central. I was amazed by the station. It is very unique that I have never seen in any other train stations. However, Milan itself didn’t amaze me. There is something about Milan, maybe it’s very popular to tourists as a shopping-heaven city or the city of fashion. Except for the beautiful Duomo Milano Cathedral, Milan in my eyes is not stunning as I imagined.

DSC_6048-2 DSC_6076-2 DSC_6103-2

It might have not been my lucky day but Milan disappointed me quite much. I had dinner in a restaurant called Antica Trattoria della Pesa. It is recommended in the Rough guide book and it has pretty a high rate from or Google reviews. However, the restaurant was a big disappointment. The restaurant is located in a cute corner near by Milano Garibaldi station and it has a very pleasant atmosphere inside. We had a good impression at first with their welcoming snacks and friendly waiters. When it came to food, the bread was terribly dry and very hard. Gerwin ordered a Fried veal cutlet Milanese style and its taste was very simple. My dish was Smoke red wild salmon from Alaska. It was a plate of Valerianella locusta with few thin slices of salmon on top (no decoration). The salmon looked not attractive, even looked quite old. The whole plate just looked like a 4 euro dish I could make at home. The waiter was very arrogant when we gave our feedbacks. He even said that the restaurant was the best Milan, even Europe and it was our matter of taste.

Italy made me confused of their food culture. I was even served Risotto in a plastic plate which had been heated up in the microwave. However, the trip to Bellagio, I had an amazing lunch in L’Antico Pozzo Ristorante. It is located in a very pleasant courtyard, the food looked beautiful and it tasted really good. Very recommended!

(to be continued…)

3 thoughts on “Road trip ’13: P1: Pizza & Spaghetti heaven – Italy

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  2. Yes, you’re right Angela: apart from being a fashion centre, Milan is Italy’s industrial and financial centre, rather than being its most beautiful and romantic city. But everyone should still be able to enjoy Milan. That restaurant you went to is indeed very popular and highly rated – too bad that the waiter was too arrogant to receive your judgment on the dishes that you consumed. Thanks for thinking my post about the Barbie exhibition in Milan (and some of the other posts) was good enough to be liked. I hope if you go again to Milan, that you can check out my other main blog [ ] to find out the best area in Milan suited for you. As they say in Italy: Ciao!

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