Road trip ’13: P2: France – where romance is found


The first destination of our summer trip was Strasbourg – France. It was supposed to be a night stay before we went to Italy but the charm of the city held us a bit longer.

DSC_5411-2 DSC_5489-2 DSC_5546-2

Our first evening out for dinner, we had wonderful food in a quiet restaurant called Au Bouchon Brionnais. The manager is extremely friendly. He knows a bit of English but he wasn’t mind helping us translate the whole menu. The food we had was delicious, and in general, the food there looks amazing.


It seemed like France did not only hold us for one more night, it brought us back for our last destination. We spent our last nights camping in Beaune – wine capital of Burgundy region. The town might be small; it just took us less than a day to walk around. However, there are lots of things you don’t want to miss if you visit Beaune like getting snack food from a small shop call Franck Bourgeon or taking a visit at Hospices De Beaune L’hotel Dieu. The coolest thing is to drive along the vineyards.



Our last stay in Beaune, we went to Patrierche Père et Fils to visit the cellars and do wine tasting. We tasted 13 different wines ( 3 white – 10 red). It was a nice experience. Then, we had a fantastic dinner at Aux Vignes Rouges. It was an underground restaurant. The food is affordable and super good, the waiters are very professional. It could be the best restaurant I have ever been to – good food and service.

DSC_6861 DSC_7099

France is wonderful! I totally fall in love with it 🙂 I’m looking forward to the next trip.




And another amazing road trip has been ended but the memories will be always there!

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