September Diaries

Dear September,

 Now October has replaced your place but I had a good month with you!

It was the month my school started, I turned the second year student. It was also a month with lots of memories with my family.

Early of the month, my dad visited me in Holland. I didn’t expect that I would have been a relaxing time since we were not in touch for so long and we did not have a good relationship. But it was unexpectedly amazing.

He stayed with me in my boyfriend’s little room for 2 nights. I tried to cook for him every night (just wanted to show him my cooking skills). First day he was in Utrecht, I brought him around my little town. We had quite some beers in Café België to where most people come to Utrecht must go. We had a catching-up after one and a half years not seeing each other.
The next day, it was a terribly rainy day. We took the train to Den Haag. We went to Madurodam – little Holland. I thought it was just like other museum, it would be inside and warm. NOT! However, the rain stopped in the afternoon and the sun came up. I showed him Scheveningen beach as well. The last day he was here in NL, of course, he wouldn’t miss Amsterdam. We had had a really long walking day before we took the train back.


Me and Dad at Café België


Rusian treats in Amsterdam


Madurodam – little Holland (Den Haag)

After that weekend spending time with my dad, I was off to Bratislava to see my lovely cousin, Lucia. It was her 21st birthday and it was my first time being there with her on that special day. We had tons of fun even though she still had to work. She also brought me to work, and it was nice to see my cousin at her office.

IMG_2956 IMG_2968 IMG_2972 IMG_2987 IMG_2988

The last week of September, I flew to Vietnam and stayed there with my family for 2 weeks. It was wonderful to see everyone again after such a long time. Especially my brother, he was much taller than I last saw him. I also met some friends that I knew in Hanoi. Lots of memories I had in that beautiful city, Hanoi. And that is also where my heart is.


Bun Cha Hanoi

Bun Cha Hanoi


This old bumper sitting in front of the guesthouse where I used to hang out with Gerwin still remembered be. He waved at me and tried to tell me that he also remembered Gerwin.

IMG_3072 IMG_3076 IMG_3096 IMG_3098

It was so nice to see my and Gerwin's old friend back here in Hanoi (with Vuong Tam)

It was so nice to see my and Gerwin’s old friend back here in Hanoi (with Vuong Tam)

September, it was a great great month! Despite not seeing my boyfriend of that whole month, I could see my whole family again. Now sitting by October, getting ready for my exams coming up and looking forward to the next reunion.




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