Early Christmas

This weekend, I and Gerwin visited Christmas market in Soest (15 min away from Utrecht). Generally speaking, Kerstmarkt is very much different from Weihnachtsmarkt. The Dutch Christmas market is not as spectacular as the German one. However, it was a nice experience knowing another Christmas market beside the German’s.

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 21.42.56

What you can get from the Dutch Christmas Market?




Poffertjes – known as something typical Dutch. They are fluffy pancakes served with powdered sugar and butter. Honestly, after almost 2 years living in the Netherlands, I had never tried Poffertjes until that day. It actually tasted good. Really fluffy and buttery.

Oliebollen – another typical Dutch sweet treat. It’s a little fried dough ball, also served with powdered sugar sprinkled on top. Oliebol is at every corner around this time of the year. It’s nice but I find it a bit fat. I wouldn’t take the second one after the first ball.

Bladerdeeg – known as Puff Pastry. I tried Bladerdeeg met worst (with sausage) at the market. There was nothing special about it but it was the only thing that was salty and warm at the market.

Glühwein – There won’t be Christmas market if there isn’t Glühwein. A drink that can warm you up in the cold.


There are plenty of small cabins that sell little pieces of art, or kitchen tools or little Christmas gifts. In Soest, they have a Christmas supermarket as well (if how it is called :D) that sell lots of decors for Christmas. What I really like is the corner of candles. There are so many candles that smell incredible. Outside, you can find many winter plants.

DSC_9240 DSC_9244 DSC_9261 DSC_9264

There is something that I have never seen in any Christmas market. There is a small animal farm which there are rabbits, hamsters, geese, goats, sheep, chickens and donkeys. I turned childish when I saw all these cute animals.



They really made it Christmas atmosphere. When I was there, there was a choir and they were singing all the Christmas songs. It really made the market so much cosier.

The Dutch Christmas market might not as dazzling as the German but if anyone travel to the Netherlands around this time of the year, you shouldn’t miss out either. Here is calendar of Christmas market in Holland. Find the nearest town from your area and enjoy the atmosphere of Christmas 🙂

Check out some photos of mine on that day below!

DSC_9169 DSC_9189 DSC_9191 DSC_9198 DSC_9205 DSC_9230 DSC_9234

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