Noël à Paris

Paris – where you fall in love.


This Christmas was different, we were in Paris.
As so many of you know, Paris is the city of light, love and romance. It does sound amazing – Christmas in Paris. Indeed, I had an amazing time with my boyfriend in Paris. We still explored the city as many other tourists, but we mainly was there for the Christmas atmosphere, the culture and food.

Christmas in Paris

It might not the best time of the year to visit Paris. It’s not only packed of tourists, it’s also the time of the year that everything is shut. On the Christmas’s eve, shops are still open. It’s the time for people to buy presents and groceries for Christmas dinner at the last minutes. The Christmas atmosphere was so lively on Rue des Martyrs. All the seafood stores were packed with customers and they just looked so good.
Despite the bad weather, everyone still tried to go to church to attend the ceremony. We also attended the ceremony at L’église Notre-Dame de Lorette.

On the Christmas day (25th), all the stores are closed. However, you could still hang around the Christmas Market. There are several Christmas markets, including at Champ Elysee and Eiffel tower areas.


Parisian culture

Multinational! It must be a word to describe Parisian culture. If you come to Paris for just Eiffel Tower or Lourve Museum, you haven’t known Paris all. At the first time of my visit to Paris, I really was overwhelmed by the popularity of this city and its architecture. But this time, it’s time to explore the other side of Paris. We visited the Grande Mosque which is one of the largest mosque in paris and we tried some special Turkish sweet snacks at the other side of the mosque. It was my first time I went to a mosque.

DSC_9627 DSC_9633 DSC_9649 DSC_9664

Besides that, we were very much fond of the French culture, how they appreciate bread and wine and food, how they enjoy their coffee in the morning…


I can never tell enough. If you want to try the real French cuisine, you should go to restaurants that they don’t have English menu. The first dinner we had was in Le Petit Célestin (Metro stop – Sully Morland). The atmosphere was very cozy and very ‘French’. No one could speak English but we could still manage it ;). The food was delicious and affordable, and the wine – ask for Gaillac (it tasted real good to me, very light and elegant but still round).

The best area to find good restaurants is St-Germain. You could find affordable restaurants, also international restaurants. Le Marais is also a good option.

The forth day being in Paris was also the day we had to take the train back to Utrecht. It happened to be a very sunny day. We went to Monmartre and intended to have lunch at the restaurant Miroir. Unfortunately, we were too late. The restaurant is opened for lunch till 2pm. I didn’t try the food there but the menu seems very nice and the restaurant looks great. You should try out if you are there (don’t forget to be there before 2pm, and dinner is also available). In the end, we went to Auberge du Clou. Something else you should try out on Rue des Martyr is the coffee at Kooka Boora café – a great place to chill and very nice coffee. It’s just in front of Auberge du Clou.


We didn’t bother to take photos this holiday. We just wanted to enjoy the moment with each other. Click here for more photos 🙂

Here are some TIPS:

  • Reserve a hotel room in advance
  • Good time to be in Paris during Christmas time (Definitely not on the Christmas’s Eve and Christmas Day): You should be here few days before Christmas if you want to go shopping and have more choices for restaurants.
  • Good restaurants are in the 16th arrondissement (this is recommended from a friend of mine)
  • Don’t forget to enjoy the ‘Multinational Paris’ because there are more than just Eiffel Tower 🙂

Have you experienced Paris on Christmas? Let me know how it was!! 🙂
If you’re planning to spend your Christmas in Paris, I wish you  have a great holiday!


9 thoughts on “Noël à Paris

  1. I’ve always wanted to visit Paris. ALWAYS. I hope to make a trip out there in the near future. Love your pictures and great to hear you had an awesome time in Paris!

  2. Some great pics (I especially like the very first one)! Glad you stopped by my blog and I could come over here and take a look.

    By the way, some of your features remind me of my sister-in-law. Just an irrelevant fact.

    • Thanks. I really enjoy photography myself. Even though I didn’t take any lesson but maybe it makes the photos more genuine.

      And the similar features, it must come from Vietnamese woman 🙂 Your wife is right?

      I would love to see more posts from you, Adam.

      • I also never had any lessons or guidance in how to take photos, although I did do a one-week workshop once, but that was only marginally useful.

        I think photography – like any artform – is about expressing yourself, so either you see things a certain way or you don’t. You can learn technique, but you can’t learn to see things any way apart from how you see them. I guess that’s why some photographers do nothing for me, but other people may love their work – the way they see things just doesn’t resonate with me. It is a little similar to what you say about fashion – you can get ideas from others, but it really has to be an expression of yourself to be authentic and meaningful.

        Anyway, I’ll be checking out your blog some more and following to see what is yet to come.

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