Cookie Dough Smoothie Breakfast

Cookie Dough Smoothie

I haven’t stopped creating new recipes for my breakfast and I ended up with an amazing taste of Cookie Dough ice-cream but healthier version. I enjoyed creating this and I was so happy that it turned out great. I”m sharing this with you and I hope you like it!

2 tbsp oatmeal
1 big banana
2 chocolate cookies (pure chocolate is the best)
2/3 cup milk few drops of vanilla extract (optional)

(Prepared) Cut the banana into pieces and store it in the freezer overnight
In a blender, add oatmeal, the frozen banana pieces, milk, vanilla extract and 1,5 cookies then blend
Transfer the mixture into a glass.
Enjoy the smoothie with the half cookie left.

The frozen banana gives a thick and smooth texture. This recipe can make you enjoy cookie couch ice-cream without worrying of being unhealthy. So, voìla!

Let me know if you try this yourself and if you like it 🙂


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