The Netherlands: Lost in Amsterdam

Being lost is great because you can have a chance to look closer into the lifestyle and beauty of a city. It was my experience!

It was not my first time being Amsterdam. Somehow, I had never had a great impression of Amsterdam. Maybe because it is too touristic and the place might be way over-rated. But some specific reasons, I found the wonder in Amsterdam the last visit. I was just heading to a festival and which I had no clue of how to get there. I decided to walk from the Central Station and headed west.

DSC_2957  DSC_2969

What makes Amsterdam so popular?

To be honest, many tourists come to Amsterdam because of curiosity. Marijuana and Red light district are the two main things that people will tell you if you ask them about Amsterdam. Next, the nine-street that you shop till you drop. And its internationality could be compared to other places in Europe like Paris.

Amsterdam is also well-known by its architecture, museums and culture. I like the image of small houses standing next to each other along the canal. It really shows the Dutch thing. There are several famous museums in Amsterdam, such as Rijkmuseum which was just re-opened a year ago, Van Gogh museum with all the master pieces from the talent Vincent William Van Gogh or Anne Frank House which brings back the history of the Jewish wartime. And of course, bicycles, something so typical Dutch that everyone around the world knows about the Netherlands. I am impressed with their skills on the bike (even though I have witnessed something more amazing things that how people can skill on a bike in Vietnam). And the amount of bikes is just endless. They even take the advantage of canals and create parking places on boats.

DSC_2974  DSC_3010  DSC_3029  DSC_3031  DSC_3040

Being lost is great to explore a city

Normally when people visit a city, they always go to the most popular attractions. In this case, Amsterdam, they go to De Wallen, Shopping streets, Museum Kwartier, Vondelpark, etc. I did the same thing when I first visited Amsterdam. But I did not really have the full experience of this city.  The walk and being lost have changed my feeling for Amsterdam. I could have a closer look to not only the beauty of the city but also the lifestyle of people.


I have never doubted the beauty of Amsterdam. It is a pretty city. The closer I looked at every corner, the more pretty things I found. Some corners of Amsterdam have a spark that reminded me of Paris. Of course, Amsterdam is still very much different from Paris and it has its own unique charm. One element which contributes to this charm is people. In Amsterdam, either Dutch people or tourists like to find a spot near the canal to have a beer or a coffee. This whole image really illustrates the real Amsterdam and its culture. I don’t have any words to describe it, so you must take a trip here to see yourself and get lost. 🙂

It’s always nice to witness the popular attractions but sometimes, you should allow yourself to be lost a little to really enjoy the surroundings.

Here are some photos I took. They all are very random and I hope you can find the beauty in them.

DSC_2976 DSC_2977 DSC_2995 DSC_3005 DSC_3032 DSC_3044 DSC_3045 DSC_3050 DSC_3069 DSC_3081
DSC_3086 DSC_3088 DSC_3090 DSC_3093 DSC_3098DSC_3094DSC_3103


A band playing at the Rolling Kitchen (food festival)



11 thoughts on “The Netherlands: Lost in Amsterdam

  1. I found Amsterdam to be great to explore as well. Not that many big, famous ‘sights’ so to speak, but an abundance of beautiful architecture and culture to just take in. I recently reviewed the hostel I stayed at on this blog, not much mention of the city itself though haha. Perhaps one day

  2. Great photos!! I think you’re right that the best way to experience a city is to lose yourself in it. I personally loved Amsterdam the two times I’ve been there, but I had a bit of an advantage – my father’s cousins, who were more than happy to share their beautiful city with me. I think having a local on your side really helps too. Your post really makes me want to go back again though. 🙂

    • Thank you!!! Great to hear that you’ve been there and known what I meant ‘being lost’. I have been living in the Netherlands, been to Amsterdam so many times but I didn’t really get the impression that any travellers told. But on one day, I found it.
      Hope you have a chance to be back here and might see you there 😉


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