Upcoming adventure

The idea came up in my mind for just few seconds and I decided to book the trip right away.

I am going to MALAGA – TARIFA – MARRAKECH  this August



This trip I will do by myself. It could be the first thing I want to do when I turn 21 – solo travel. I have never dared to do anything like this, but it’s time to take action right? My detailed trip will be listed below, and if anyone is around, I would love to meet up.

Aug 06 – Flight from Duesseldorf to Malaga

Aug 09 – Bus from Malaga to Tarifa

Aug 11 – 13 – Seville

Aug 14 – 18 – MOROCCO (Marrakech on 15-17)
I will be taking the night train from Tangier to Marrakech and will take the night train back on the 17.

Aug 18 – Be back in Tarifa

Aug 19 – 20 – Be back in Malaga, attend Feria de Malaga

Aug 20 – Flight back from Malaga to Duesseldorf

This will be my first time solo travelling. I definitely get so much nerve but I am super excited.

The trip is all about experiencing solo travelling, meeting new people, learning how to enjoy myself.

I will write during the trip so stay tuned. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for instant photos from wherever I am.



9 thoughts on “Upcoming adventure

  1. This sounds like a really cool little trip to take on your own. Just be wary of the amorous men of Marrakesh, who refuse to hear the word ‘no’. But don’t let that put you off.
    If you go from Tarifa you travel to Tangiers yes? Marrakesh is like a bigger version of Tangiers. I liked Essaouira, but maybe for a few days you don’t want to travel that far. There’s some great places over in the North nearer to Tangier

    • Hey Sara, thank you for your concerns and tips. I would love to know more about Tangiers and Marrakesh (What to see and do).

      I’m a bit worried about Morocco as well but luckily I will be going there with a friend so at least I’m not alone. But true that I have to be careful. I intended to go to Essaouira as well since I heard so many things about it but gotta do it next time since I just have 4 days in Morocco.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Angela! I hope you have the most wonderful time in Andalucía. As a solo female traveler I always felt safe there, and met some really incredible people. Best wishes 🙂

  3. “Solo” as in not with your parents or…? Cuz you were with your boyfriend the whole time, not too much solo there. But great places to visit.

    • Yes, I was on my own travelling to Andalucía. I used to travel with my boyfriend but not anymore. Now I want to explore the world by myself and learn from what I see, who I meet…
      Thanks for your visit!

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