Spain: Elegant Alcazaba

Simple but indigenous!


The building is gently simple and classic. There is something about it that makes me not able to describe it with words. I would say ‘wild’. Taking the entrance from the Roman Ampitheatre  and you will find the path to climbs up to the palace. However, here you can’t see the whole Málaga yet.

This palace fortress is like a big garden with many small other gardens. Crimson bougainvillea, lofty palms, fragrant jasmine, orange trees… They all represent the elegance of this fort. Every spot has a small fountain that freshens up the place. There might be many tourists around but somehow you can actually find peace here. The fort itself is beautifully architectural – simple but indigenous. The colour and surroundings are pleasant that make you feel so relaxed. What you do is enjoying the walk, smelling the fragrant of jasmine or orange trees or if you are lucky with a day without fog, you could see a part of the beautiful port of Málaga from here.

DSC_0077 DSC_0086

The best time to visit, I must say, in the morning around 11am (during the summer). You could go a bit earlier but it might be too foggy so that you cannot see so much of the surrounding of Málaga. It is also better to go early because you wouldn’t want to be drought out by the sun. Avoid the time of 13 – 16.00 because it might be too hot that you won’t enjoy it as much. I was very lucky with the weather. It was warm but not hot, and the breeze coming from the sea really cooled down the city. It really helped and made the visit of Alcazaba more relaxing.

DSC_0070 DSC_0074When you are there in Alcazabar, please take your time and enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Spain: Elegant Alcazaba

      • Hi Angela,
        I thought it may have been a new camera from the higher definition. It takes a while to get used to a new camera, but you will not be short of interesting subjects. Good luck!

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