Spain: Museo Picasso Málaga


There have been many pieces of Picasso I have seen but in this museum you can find his master pieces that you have never seen before. Museo Picasso Málaga really gave me the wow effect. The building itself is not an architectural building but it is keeping the worthiest paintings from the talented Pablo Picasso.

I have never understood Picasso’s art. Maybe I just don’t understand art at all. I used to find his art works generally weird. However, taking sometime to look at every piece and following the audio guide, it gave me a better knowledge about his art works. It turned out from no understanding to admiration. Every piece of his work is so playful. He played with colours, lines, scratches… I wonder ‘How come it is so simple but so ‘artistic’?’. Just like other painters, Picasso got his inspiration from women and it became his main topic. However, he showed the beauty of a woman in a different way that no other painters have done. Each painting tells you something… If you look at his paintings of a portrait or a woman body, you might find them so bizarre. Big noses, eyes placed on different sides,… However, that is what he was trying to tell us. He did not reach for perfection.

Reality must be torn apart in every sense of the word. What people forget is that everything is unique. Nature never produces the same thing twice. Hence my stress on seeking the rapport de grand écart: a small head on a large body; a large head on a small body. I want to draw the mind in the direction it’s not used to and wake it up. I want to help the viewer discover something he wouldn’t have discovered without me. That’s why I stress the dissimilarity, for example, between the left eye and the right eye. A painter shouldn’t make them so similar. They’re just not that way.

His art might not show the perfection, the beautiful woman that we normally expect a painting supposed to look like but the reality. Nothing is perfect and fixed. Go spontaneous was what Pablo did and it is so admiring. After the visit, I have had a great admiration to Pablo Picasso for his talent and his idea of life.

I really enjoyed the visit at Museo Picasso Málaga. Not only all the art pieces from Picasso, it also has a great audio guide that helps you to understand his work better. Also, it shows lots of Picasso’s quotes which I found very interesting. It was my first time really taking time reading all those texts on the wall in a museum. Great art and great quotes!!! What more you could tell about Picasso?

When we love a woman we don’t start measuring her limbs. We love with your desires – although everything has been done to try and apply a canon even to love

And my favourite:

Obras son amores y no buenas razones

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