Spain: Food corner @ Málaga


Málaga offers you a variety of seafood. Espeto de Sardinas is the specialty. It’s a typical dish of Malaga cuisine consisting of broach, ie nailing, a number of Sardines to be grilled with some vegetables. Some other kinds of fish are also used for Espeto. Otherwise, all the deep fried seafood dishes you can go for when you’re in Málaga. When you’re in Málaga, you should give a try:
Bonquerones fritos – Fried anchovies
Almejas a la marinera – Clams
Tortilla de camarones – pancake with shrimps
Pulpo ala gallega – Octopus

I’m sure some of you wouldn’t dare to try some of those dishes. But it’s a challenge for you – eating fish with the head on, shrimps when their eyes staring at you… If you’re into food like me, you would very much enjoy food in Málaga. It’ not that scary and it tastes amazing.

Drop a visit to one of those restaurants when you’re in Málaga:

Dos por 1

Address: Calle Salinas
Price range: €4-7/person

DSC_0101 DSC_0110







If you’re travelling on budget, this tapas bar is perfect for you. Eating in Málaga is not so expensive, or I must say it’s relatively cheap. But Dospor1 is very affordable. With a price of €1/tapa and less than €3/mojito, you can fill your stomach easily with only €7. The food might not be super amazing but some dishes are really good. You should ask the waiter for some references or ask for the restaurant’s specialty. Dospor1 is located in a quiet alley and quite cooling area so that you can escape from the sun for awhile. From Dospor1 you have a part of the view to the Cathedral

Las Merchanas

Address: Mosquera 5
Price range: €10-15/person

It’s located in a small alley close to Iglesia Santos Mártires. In the evening, the place is likely packed so that if you would like to have a table, you should come a bit earlier to wait to be seated. But it’s worth it because the food is delicious. You should come with 3 to 4 peple so you can share raciones. It will be cheaper as well if you come with a group and you can try more dishes at a time.

El Rincón del Queso

Address: Calle Atarazanas 19
Price range: €5-10/person


After my visit at Mercado Atarazanas, I found this small restaurant just across the street from the other exit of the market. It’s a small shop selling Jamón and Queso but it has a small area that people can be seated and enjoy some glasses of wine. It seems like only local people come here.

The owner Javier is a very friendly and pleasant man. He welcomed me with some cheese and a small glass of wine. It really made the atmosphere of the restaurant cozier – good food, good wine and good people around.





El Tintero

Address: Calle Playa del Chanquete, 99
Price range: €10-15/person

One of the thing you should never miss is to visit a Chiringuito. It’s how they call fish bars. El Tintero is a special fish bar because it’s different from other places. I call it a shout-out buffet. Basically, there are many waiters carrying food around and shouting out the name of the dish they are carrying. You just have to call them and get the dish. I find it so much fun and exciting. Each dish costs around €6 but some could get a bit more expensive. Therefore, it’s best to come with a group of at least 4 people so that you can try out many dishes and lower the cost.

Since the place is a bit far from the centre, you could reach to the place from the bus stand Paseo del Parque, take number 11 towards El Palo and go to the last stop. And the bar is very local so you might need some help from local people or any friend of yours could speak Spanish must be fine as well.

El Jardín

Address: Calle Cañon 1
Price range: €12-17/person

I saw the recommendation of this restaurant from Lonely Planet and I gave a try. If you’re here for food, I will not recommend. However, if you would like to have a view of the Cathedral, this is a good choice. It’s located just right next to the cathedral. You can sit outside and enjoy a Tinto de Verano fashionably. I only had a Paella here and I was not impressed. However, since I haven’t tried any other dishes so I cannot give a review on it.

Notice: Málaga is not the place to order Paella so I think you might be disappointed if you want to have Paella here. 



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