Germany: A Day Rush in Berlin


After 10 hours stuck in the traffic, I finally got to Berlin. It was so late that I could get enough time to get some Chinese and have a taxi ride to my friend’s house.

The next day, I was really in a rush. I did want to see as much as possible. First stop was Alexanderplatz. And there it was, the well-known Fernsehturm and Weltzeituhr. But what I actually got the impression on was the open space with so much going on at the square. It is a big open space with shops covered around. People walk around with their shopping bags in hands. I noticed a man with the red umbrella above his head. He is the hotdog man! There are many of them walking around Alexanderplatz.

What I am gonna tell you might make you think it’s funny. As I am Vietnamese, I could not leave Berlin without checking the Vietnamese market – Dong Xuan Market. I had heard about it but I could have not imagined how ‘Vietnamese’ it could be. I was amazed of how our community could have gathered together and built up such a society. The place itself is kinda huge. The concept is almost the same as a normal flea market in Vietnam. It was actually very surprising to me to see clothes hanging everywhere with cheap price tags, hair salons with different offers… I am not saying it in a negative way but I couldn’t believe that I was in Vietnam once again.

I was spoiled. I was driven around by my friend’s father. We stopped by few places to take a quick look or to get something to eat and drink. I gotta say, Berlin is a great destination for getting good food and drink, or simply to be seated at an adorable café. Every corner, Berlin has a café which has its own style and stands out from the rest. One of the things I enjoyed so much while having the ride was checking out old buildings of Berlin. The architecture here is surprisingly charming and ancient. Looking at those building, I was just like child happily seeing new things around. I don’t know why I suddenly have an eye for architecture but it is something I’m so interested in at the moment.

I was there on the 8th November, just a day before the 25th ceremony of the fall of the Berlin’s wall. Everywhere was decorated nicely. In the evening, the decors were lighten up and brought a different eyeful to this city. I fell for the night of Berlin, for sure. Everything seems to have a little touch of magic. Berlin sparkles. Then the clock hit midnight but life still went on.

I might not have seen much of Berlin but it has stolen my breath away. I am looking forward to my next visit, Berlin 🙂

DSC_1396 DSC_1404 DSC_1412 DSC_1406 DSC_1459 DSC_1413 DSC_1465


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