Flying myself to South East Asia for 6 weeks


I have been planning this trip for awhile. As I am visiting my family in Vietnam, I’m gonna lengthen my stay in Asia for few more weeks to head South West of Vietnam then go on to other neighbour countries. And the exciting thing is, I am going to attend the Chinese New year – Lunar New Year, which is happening on the 19th February.

So here is my upcoming trips in South East Asia:

12 Jan – I am flying to Hanoi, Vietnam. There, I will be staying with my family for one week.

19 Jan – Heading to Buon Ma Thuot by plane (1 day stay). 20 – 22 Jan – to Dalat either by bus or by Easy rider. 23 – 25 Jan – Ho Chi Minh City

I try to manage to travel within Vietnam within one week.

26 Jan – Taking the bus from Ho Chi Minh city to Phnom Penh, Cambodia (2 days stay)

28 Jan – Siem Reab (2 days stay)

30 Jan – Bangkok

3 Feb – Flying to Yangon, Myanmar
I will be travelling around Yangon for 1 week. I think I will probably visit Thanlyin and Dala.

12 Feb – Luang Prabang or Vientian, Laos (I haven’t decided yet where I will go in Laos and if I am going. It will depend on how much I have left if I can afford the flight to Laos)

16 – 25 Feb – I will be staying in Vietnam and celebrate Lunar New Year with my family 🙂

I will make my trip spontaneous, therefore, I haven’t booked any tickets yet. At the moment, I just know I’m flying to Vietnam on the 12 Jan and I cannot wait to see my family again. I also cannot wait to see what are awaiting ahead. This trip I travel on my own so this will be my second solo trip I’m gonna take. I really hope I will see many people on the way. To be honest, I know it is quite dangerous for an Asian girl travelling in Asian countries but I’m sure I will manage everything and everything goes well.

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