Goodbye 2014 – A coming exciting 2015


I cannot imagine how a year could pass by so fast. And honestly, 2014 was a rough year for me but it has brought me quite many experiences that I will never forget. It was a year that I decided to find myself. Somehow, I have found a part of me.

One of the biggest event of this year that I turned 21. Besides the fact that I feel more matured, I have seen an independent girl in me. Let’s be a bit personal. Getting out of a long relationship was a hard decision but it taught me to stand on my own feet. I made a big step in my 21st that I went on a solo trip in August. Flew myself to south of Spain and paid a visit in Morocco. I was amazed how great it was – travelling alone. I could get lonely sometimes but it forced me to communicate with other people. A lesson that I learned! That hasn’t finished just yet. I had my return in Cologne, had 5 months exchange in this city and met amazing people. I letted myself to socialise and meet new people. Some of them have become great friends. I had a chance to open up and learn about people from different countries.

I’m glad that 2015 has come. I can’t wait to see what awaits me this year. I’m starting this year with my second solo travel in South East Asia for 7 weeks. For me, it’s a challenge –  an Asia girl travelling in Asian countries. However, someone has told me to believe in my sixth sense and follow I believe it’s safe. Besides that, I am hoping I will get a chance to go to America this summer. Further travel plan will be planned after my Asia trip.

Who doesn’t get excited to have something new? A new year is a new chapter. Wish you all a happy new year and all the excitement might come this 2015.

Happy travel!!


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