Taking Off to South East Asia

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Just landed in Singapore and found myself waiting 6 hours at the airport. What could it better than spending some quality time to edit a post or hopping in the city to find some food.

I tried to wake up as early as possible but I was still in hurry. Part of it caused of the Dutch public transportation. I couldn’t feel more disappointed with the Dutch system in this. Luckily, I still got to the airport on time. I’m always stressed out when it comes to flying. Especially when it is a long flight. I left Schiphol Airport, said goodbye to my most favourite person and got ready for my new trip.

First thing I did when I arrived in Changi Airport was buying shorts and flipflops. I just wanted to tuck myself in summery clothes and enjoy for few hours before I face the cold of the Northern Vietnam. I had a small reunion with Trisha Toh (blogger of The Weekend Brunch). It was funny to see her on the other side of the globe since last time we met was 3 weeks ago in Germany. We made the best out of our 3 hours in the city.

It always feels so good to be in another city after staying at one place for a while. I can’t tell how excited I am seeing myself with a backpack this time. I have some changes in my plan again but it is all about being spontaneous. Next stop, HANOI!

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