Vietnam: Saigon

Found myself in a café where there were quite many young Vietnamese people hanging out. Around me were different kinds of people but they all came here with the same purpose – have a cup of coffee and hang out with friends. And me, sitting alone with a cup of coffee and a note-book.

After a week of travelling alone, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) was my final stop in Vietnam. It was a huge difference coming from Dalat to HCMC. From a place with a little cold draught and quiet alleys to humid and noisy Saigon. This city has a great amount of traffic on the road every day and night. Somehow, it gets even more crowded in the evening, especially District 1. D1 is the centre of Saigon that you can find a lot of backpackers around this area. Yes, I am included. The city seems never sleep in this district.

Walking around the city in the extreme heat, I passed by most of the main attractions. What actually worth a visit must be the war museum. An exhibition demonstrates the story of the Vietnam war. Looking through all the photos, you find sympathy. There is a heartbreaking array of photographs that bring you back to time. Mixed feelings in different visitors but they leave with something to think about. Night life in Saigon is crazy. I don’t have to mention the traffic but the amount of people going out is massive. I hid myself from the crowd by going up to a rooftop bar where are few steps away from the backpacker’s area. You are gonna love the view. The light is on and brings the city a spark at night. It is actually the highlight of my stay in Ho Chi Minh city.

I was in the rush so did not have the time to do any trips outside the city. But you are here, don’t miss the boat trip on the Mekong Delta or a trip to Cu Chi tunnels.  DSC_0507










4 thoughts on “Vietnam: Saigon

  1. Hi Angela
    Although we have never met, from your writings I feel that you seem to have captured the essence of life. Your enthusiasm for the world around you is inspiring and whatever life has to offer don’t lose that enthusiasm, attitude or the thirst for knowledge and understanding.
    Inspiration only comes to an open mind.
    I enjoyed reading your blogs and photos and thank you for sharing them.
    Kind regards and best wishes.
    I will revisit Saigon (Ho Chi Minh) city. .. hopefully.

    • How long are you going to be in Vietnam for? If you are in the South, pretty sure that you should not miss the Mekong Delta. If anyone tells you to visit Nha Trang, I would suggest not. Better to visit Mui Ne. Make your way up North and pass Hoi An, taking the Hai Van Pass. It really depends how long you stay because Vietnam has a lot to offer. If you are in Hanoi, I could show you around 😀

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