Instameet @ Amsterdam

It was an unexpectedly awesome day!

To some people, you are so familiar with Instagram. This small app on your smartphone has gathered millions of photos and surprisingly it has gathered millions of people together. For the first time, I decided to go to the Instameet (Instagram meet). More than 100 people crossed the river from the Amsterdam Central to the meet-up point – The Eye Film. Some people already knew each other from the last Instameet, some people were happy recognising other Instagramers. I did not expect how exciting it could be. People with cameras and phones in hands. I spotted so many Instagramers that I was dying to meet. I felt so good being surrounded by so many talented and enthusiastic people. I was inspired.

I was surprised seeing all those people. Everyone has their own styles, different perspectives. The meet might be in Amsterdam but we are all from different parts of the world. Despite the difference in nationalities, we share the same interest and we shared so many stories and laugh on that day. That one that I like about Instagram –  it might be a platform for sharing pictures but those pictures show our styles and might be our personalities. It is actually a point that makes people come together so much easier. This community is a safe environment for people to share their perspectives and inspirations.



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