Hitchhike Journal #9: Pisa – Florence – Bologna

Pisa – Florence
3 August 2016
Distance: 83.5km
Transportation:   1 car
Duration: 1 hours 40 minutes

Florence – Bologna
7 August 2016
Distance: 107km
Transportation:   2 cars
Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes

For the first time of my hitchhiking trip, I got to one destination with only one vehicle. My host in Pisa brought me to a gas station which was not so much of traffic but I was lucky enough to be offered the ride by a Physiotherapist who could speak English. It has been quite a challenge getting rides in Italy and the communication just sucks. But somehow, I have been very proud that I have been able to manage all that and have reached more than 1000km since I started.


In Florence, I had 4 day stay for some business purposes. I was able to go to many small towns around Florence to get to know the area better and learn so much more about Tuscany region.

From Florence, it is quite difficult to find a good station to stand. There are 2 exits – North and South – and they both direct to many other highways. I was brought to gas station which is on a highway that exits to Pisa Nord. It was a 30 minute waiting time in the sun. During that time, a girl came to me and told me that it would be difficult for me to get a ride there because there was not much of traffic and it was difficult in Italy since people don’t trust people. It was nice of her to tell me that and I appreciated. But of course, I told her that it was not my first ride. After 30 minutes, a van offered me a ride. Again, no one could speak English. They brought me to the exit of the toll charge booth. Just 5 minute till a Parisian couple pity me, a girl standing in the hot sun, and took me into their car. They kindly brought me all the way to my host’s place.

So guys, it has been a month being on this hitchhiking trip. I can’t believe that I have reached 1.395km and changed so many plans on the way. In fact, I’m changing some destinations in the coming time too. I will be no longer taking the trip to Austria and instead to Slovenia. From there, I will go East to Hungary and Slovakia.

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