Hitchhiking Journal # 11: Portoroz – Ljubljana – Maribor| Hitchhiking in Slovenia is great

Portoroz – Ljubljana
16 August 2016
Distance: 118km
Transportation:   1 car
Duration: 1 hours 30 minutes

Ljubljana – Maribor
19 August 2016
Distance: 127km
Transportation:   1 car
Duration: 1 hours 45 minutes

Slovenia sure is the best country to hitchhiking. By the fact that most Slovenian people have had at least one time hitchhiking in this country so the idea of hitchhiking is very popular among this country. With each place I hitchhiked to, I only had to wait for 5 minutes or maximum of 15 minutes. When I asked them if they picked up hitchhikers often, they answered me that they were hitchhikers themselves when they were my age so it was normal for them to pick up hitchhikers every now and then.

What else is great about hitchhiking in Slovenia?

Everyone can speak English!!! Oh, I certainly missed that when I was in Italy. It was a big change when I arrived in Slovenia. When I hitchhiked from Portoroz, it was a stormy day. My host dropped me at a gas station in the direction to LJ. Within 5 minutes, I got a ride right away. The driver didn’t speak much of English but surprisingly he spoke German. So if you know English and a bit of German, you can survive in Slovenia 😉

LJ – MB: I gotta learn to trust people

Ljubljana sure made a great impression on me that it held my feet for another day. I left LJ with sadness but I surely come back soon!
I got a drive offered by a car dealer. Well, he seemed cool but the fact that he asked me if I didn’t mind to drop by a place so that he could check on the car he had been keeping an eye on. I was a bit nervous, to be honest, but somehow I felt like I could take a little risk. You could figure that everything was fine, otherwise, this post wouldn’t be published, right? But it really proved to me that maybe you should have trust on people sometimes. We’re all human, there are some bad ones but if you always think so, who would think you are the good one? The other day, I got a message from an old friend. His text was like “It would be wise for you not to hitchhike in countries like Slovenia”. I felt really disappointed on some people that you would say things that they have never ever experienced themselves. I had never ever felt as safe as I was in Slovenia!

Have trust on people, everyone!!!! We all want a chance to be looked good!

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