Hitchhiking Journal #12: Maribor – Bratislava

Maribor – Bratislava
21 August 2016
Distance: 308km
Transportation:   3 cars
Duration: 5 hours 30 minutes

308km has been probably the longest distance I have ever hitchhiked. Normally, with a long distance, I start hitchhiking quite early (around 9.30-10 am). In Maribor, I started the hitch at the traffic light before the exit to Austria. It was a bad decision to hitchhike there because there is nowhere that people would stop for you. After standing there for 20 minutes, I already knew that I would not have a chance. What I did was to walk to the lane where everyone was waiting for the traffic light. I got into the first car I asked. So, remember to ask when you are desperate!!! He took me to a gas station which is few minutes away from the Austrian border. My first sign was written Wien since it would be easier to find people going to that direction than directly to Bratislava.

In just about 15 minutes, a family from Ljubljana offered me a ride. It was the second family that I travelled with and it could never be better. It felt safer and you might be lucky getting offered something to eat on the way (Hitchhikers we are quite poor as you know). But it was delight to have met them. They took me to a big gas station which was just before the exit to Vienna. Since the gas station was big, I struggled with getting rides. It was a bit creepy that surround me was full of Romanian guys (I do not have any stereotype for them but I still haven’t got myself out of the trauma from my last travel to Portoroz). I stood there for about almost an hour before I got a ride offered by a Slovakian who was heading towards Bratislava.

Gonna spend sometime in Bratislava with the family for few days before heading to my last destination – BUDAPEST!

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