Hitchhike Journal #13: Bratislava – Budapest |Last track

Bratislava – Budapest
24 August 2016
Distance: 200km
Transportation:   1 car, 1 truck
Duration: 4 hours 30 minutes

Already settled with the family for couple of days but my trip had not yet ended. The last track was there, from Bratislava to Budapest. It could be the toughest trip and surely not because of the hitch track but because my family finally found out what I was doing and they really tried to talk me out to stop me. Trust me, a lot of terrible stories that they told.

My cousin gave a me a lift to a gas station which I knew that it would be difficult to hitchhike because it is close to a shopping mall and still lies inside of the city. As I guessed, I stood there hopelessly. Despite the bad location to hitchhike, people are not very willing to look at my sign and also rejected whenever I came to ask. Somehow I sensed that Slovak people are not very friendly with hitchhikers or simply they was not familiar with it. My cousin was worried so she came and gave me another lift to the highway (now it sounded like I was spoiled).

After 15 minutes waiting, I was offered a ride to the border by a truck driver. Well, it was a long time since I got in a truck since the trip from Zurich to Milan. We were so close to the border but he was stopped by the police because of taking the wrong turn. The border was just in front of me but there was no chance to get out because the police was there and for sure you are not allowed to walk on the highway obviously. It was an hour waste in the truck and despairingly staring at the border in front of me.

Got there in the end, I was facing the most windy weather of my entire trip. I tried to hold on to my fragile paper sign. I thought that it would be easy to get a ride from here, however, it was just a thought. In fact, everyone wouldn’t trust you if you wanted to have lift at the border and with my foreign look, I could imagine that they thought I was suspicious. I got out of there with a Slovak policeman who was heading to Romania.

So it had marked my last kilometre of my hitchhiking trip.
2920km through Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, crossed Austria to Slovakia and ended in Hungary.

3 thoughts on “Hitchhike Journal #13: Bratislava – Budapest |Last track

  1. I’ve really enjoyed your hitchhiking stories; it’s refreshing to read someone who’s doing something a bit different. Also that it’s not all good, sometimes it’s frustrating and slow and a little scary.

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