Germany: The Flushing Meadows Hotel – A Performance of Interior Design


Address: Fraunhoferstrasse 32, 80469 Munich
Tel: +49 (0) 89 552 791 70

Pleasure, comfort and relaxation are some criteria that people look for in every accommodation. Maybe there is only one difference between us – either luxury or affordability. However, there is a place would win over either you look for any of those because they do not only satisfy your expectations in a hotel, they also make you feel at home in many ways in a new land. There it is, in the heart of Munich, hidden somewhere along the Isar lake, The Flushing Meadows Hotel.



Sometimes you just want to be present but The Flushing Meadows seems to prefer to be hidden. You might cross by the hotel many times but you would not recognise that there is such a cool accommodation above you. Entering the silver door and getting to the 4th floor, there The Flushing Meadows has been hiding.

They are a comparatively small sized hotel in Munich but they provide you much more than a place to sleep. With 16 rooms offered but they all pull out their own uniqueness. Each room that you might stay would tell a different story. The Flushing Meadows offer you 2 different kinds of accommodation – Loft Studio and Penthouse – and for sure, in any room you are about to enter would wow you. ‘Munich’ is the main statement of the accommodation. Many Münchner (Munich’s people) have joined hands to decorate the rooms – no matters if it is an influencer, a celebrity or just a local person from Munich. That’s one highlight that The Flushing Meadows has lured my attention.

Flushing Meadows - DJ Hell

Room designed by DJ Hell


Room designed by Christophe de la Fontaine & Aylin Langreuter

Room designed by Christophe de la Fontaine & Aylin Langreuter

An Art Piece

Now comes my favourite part!
I got a chance to visit some rooms which were not being used at that moment. By then, they blew my mind. The interior is amazingly ‘wunderschön’ that if you are a person who is into design, you would be bounce off the walls. Every room has a  breeze of freshness and tastefulness with great pieces of design products. I jumped off the chair when I saw Rietveld designed chairs standing in the room 306, decorated by Norbert Wangen – a designer from Vienna.

With a different theme, different taste from different people, being in The Flushing Meadows’ rooms feels like being in an art showroom. It could be just me but I was so fascinated and felt like I was staying in the room in Bauhaus again.





Maybe you would always expect to have a good service in hotels so everyone must be friendly. Partly true! However, it is more important that you feel at home and that is what you would find in The Flushing Meadows Hotel. In most hotels, besides the rooms themselves, the space that you normally get is either a formal lounge or a dining area. But it is something you would find differently in Flushing Meadows. When you first enter the hotel, what you see is an open bar. There is no lobby and the space is likely small and the bar has turned into a cosy living-room which is just like a home. There – the couch, the fireplace and a plus with a terrace which has a view of  St. Maximilian Cathedral. Their main objective is to create an atmosphere for travellers to ‘feel themselves at home’.

Just as my observation, staff is more like families to each other. And that creates the home-like feeling! It is great just to sit there for hours and being surrounded by great people. Most people working there that I have met are open and friendly. You could certainly have a chit-chat with them and they could be your ‘temporary friends’ during your stay (well, you never know what that relationship could turn into). DSC_0629






The bar is open for everyone, not only for guests staying at the hotel. In the evening, the bar turns into a great space for everyone to hang out and enjoy some delish drinks. The atmosphere in the evening is not much different from during the day except for having more people. Then, it looks like a house party but in a more classy environment.
Why do I say CREATIVITY? That is what something you are about to find out. The drink menu is fascinating with some cocktails you might have never tried, or you might have but nothing like this. Most cocktails are original but with a touch of creativity and personality. It is best to ask them what you should order because they would make for you the drink fits your taste perfectly.

I got a chance to have a chat with Robin, the Bar Manager, who will turn your drinks into the most delightful experience. He is just in his 20 and and currently managing the bar at The Flushing Meadows. You wouldn’t expect that he is still a student in his Chef’s uniform. He has worked there since the start (September 2014) till now, started as a waiter and now a Bar Manager. With all the knowledge about bar keeping, he has mastered the creation of drinks. Thanks to Robin, I had a pleasant visit at the bar and delight cocktails that I find them as drinks with a touch of science and art.

Robin - Bar's Chef

Robin – Bar’s Chef


Thai Basil Smash Cocktails

Here are some photos I took during my visit.









Experience: ☆☆☆☆☆
Concept: ☆☆☆☆☆
Price: ☆☆☆☆

Special thanks to The Flushing Meadows Hotel for a great visit and pleasant experience!

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