Germany: The Hike – Eibsee

Half eyes opened, I crawled out of bed at 5:00 to get the first train to see the famous Alps. Fog was still thick and spread all over the town that streets were hardly seen. From the main station, it is just a train ride away to Garmisch-Patenkirchen before getting to Zugspitze. Two-hour train ride was not that much but certainly was when I struggled catching some sleep on those hard chairs. I looked out side and the surroundings were covered by the mist that you could not see a thing. Then the clock ticked 9. The sun started sneaking out and zigzagging through the blur.

Coming with me was M, a friend I just had met few days ago, and we tended to hike and play around with our cameras. We arrived finally at 9:45. The sun was out and shinning beautifully. It was actually warmer than we thought, or maybe just because of the sun. Feeling the sun woke me up despite my sleepy eyes. 


Eibsee was our stop instead the highest point, Zugspitze. We arrived up there when it was still quite chilly. Walking through the hiking path, we could not stop ourselves pulling out our cameras to get some shots. “Gosh, it’s just the beginning of the hike”, I mumbled. I was surrounded by nature which would not be often most of the time while living in the city. Being in the city is nice with all the comfort and accessibility but in the nature it could turn you to another you. No hurry, no traffic, just green. We had no idea how far the hike could be but we just walked. The sun got stronger every minute till we started to complain that it was pretty hot.

Foto 27.10.15, 10 57 41

After an hour, we found a spot to chill. That rocky spot was like a little dry land on an island. By that time, sweaters and jacket had to be off. Under the sun, I was cuddled by the warm heat that I wished it had been summer because it would be a perfect place to lay around for the whole day. Since then, we stopped every 30 minutes just to relax and enjoy the view.

Foto 26.10.15, 11 50 13

The higher we got, the better view it offered. At one point, I wouldn’t bother taking my camera to take those touristic pictures. It got so beautiful that I just wanted to look at it and keep it for myself. Sometimes, you just have to be a bit greedy because picture you can keep but the moment. The hike kept going for another 2 hours. Then we realised it was already 3 o’clock. Time flies, huh? Before it ended, we sat on the bench, talked about random things and felt the chill breeze of the lake.








Photos of me taken by Marvin Koch

4 thoughts on “Germany: The Hike – Eibsee

  1. This looks amazing~ You know you’ve encountered true beauty when viewing through the lens, taking a photo seems to ruin the moment.

    By the way, thank you for liking one of my posts! it means a lot to have such a great travel photographer like my work~~~~

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