10 Values of Travel

Since I first started travelling, I have found myself in a better place. I’m not talking about a certain location but personal position. It has developed me and several human-beings out there, as I suppose.

I can’t tell how much I enjoyed first time having a road-trip. I was singing songs being played on radio and putting my hand outside to feel the wind. Or my first time taking a plane alone when I was 15 to China to visit my mother. No matter my fear of flying, it was excitement to see a place for the first time. And till I became a solo traveller heading myself to South of Spain, backpacking in South East Asia and the most recent trip was hitchhiking in Europe, I learned something new about the world and a little bit more about myself.

Here are 10 values of travel as I have found during my travel:

  1. Your ability is much bigger than you have known so far
  2. Never enough when it comes to learning something new because everyday has something new to learn
  3. Culture differences are what open our eyes to the world
  4. Adaptation is a crucial step when you arrive in a new country
  5. Socialising wouldn’t hurt
  6. People are interesting and you might able to learn something out of them (even if they are not interesting at all)
  7. Be spontaneous and no hesitation
  8. Travelling alone but you are never alone
  9. Moments are priceless
  10. Finding yourself when you’re most lost

Life is too short to stay at one place!

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