Germany: Breakfast at Miss Lilly’s

Miss Lilly’s Restaurant & Bar

Address: Oefelestraße 12, 81543 München
Tel: +49 (0)89 55062195


We are living too fast that we forget about the most important meal of the day – breakfast. It’s true that we don’t have the time to get it sometimes, especially to be seated to have breakfast. Grasp some bread, Butterbrezen or just a quicky müsli… But Miss Lilly’s Restaurant & Bar defenses the idea that ‘why breakfast must to be in the morning’. Therefore, they have offered a great deal for you, who say no time for breakfast, to have breakfast anytime during the day from 9:00 until 17:00. Quite a deal that got my attention but there are more!

It was just a usual stroll for seeking for good coffee in town. I crossed over the Isar and found myself in a totally different area which is more urbanised. Somewhere in the corner of Humboldtstraße, a white café/restaurant pops out with the elegant look and sneakily shows the cute interior through the big windows. Then I felt it was a must to check out, purposely. Whenever I go to check out places, the first glance is the most important. I want to first interpret the vibe, the atmosphere, the interior, then comes the food. That sounds weird but I believe if the place has good taste in design would do better job in their food (not always true, but just the first glance, did I just say?).


With the wild inspired, Miss Lilly’s got the cosy atmosphere from those wooden houses but still keeps it chic and tasteful. The place is decorated simply with wooden lamps, small plants and, my favourite corner, with mounted deer head. You are set in different moods in each corner of the place but still pleasant and delightful.


The whole-day breakfast is definitely a good offer and certainly it is a good spot in town to have a slow and delicious one. From the simple breakfast with Croissant or Pancakes to special ones with a bigger portion you can find them here in Miss Lilly’s. You must think it is nonsense to go out for things that you can easily grab on the way. Think again when you pay a visit at Miss Lilly’s. They prepare great portions for you with deliciously fresh products that your mouth won’t stop watering. And hey, it is a cool place, why would you say no?





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