France: Find Love in Paris

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The fact that I was walking on streets in Paris already made me have goosebumps. Who has never ever dreamt of being in Paris? That, the city of light, where the romance was found, where Beret is called fashionable, Croissant is the dream… Some people come here for the famous Eiffel Tower, some come for the Parisienne life, and some, like me, come to have a hope to find love. This love doesn’t mean the interaction between a man and a woman. It could just be a kick to your heart to see the spark of romance, and of love. But for that moment, it was love for Paris.

This city can always make you come back again and again and you can never get tired of Paris. As the sun comes up, starting the day with a cup of a coffee and a croissant has been a must in my Parisienne routine. Is it a tradition? I don’t actually know but let’s suppose it is as how it is seen on movies. The French coffee tastes slightly different – a bit more bitter but nonetheless not sour – and more important, it gives you an alert to be up for the hectic day.

The great thing about Paris is you always have something to do. if you are here for the first time, I can’t tell enough what you can do, what you can see, and it would probably take few days to cover all touristic attractions. No longer my first time in Paris but it still seemed new to me as if it was the first time. Walking on different streets or entering different small alleys could give me a different feeling. It could change wherever you are at and whatever you see. I strolled down the street on my own when it was a bit chilly in the air and, would say, quite rainy too. I hate the rain but somehow I was not bothered at all. It happened to be the Labour’s day in France. The streets were totally empty that I could walk in the middle of the street without any cars running into me.

“You know, being Parisienne is very stressful and busy. We run from one to other places for our work or school. We don’t even have time to cook. And sometimes, we feel the pressure because we are Parisienne, we are expected to be well behaved and appeared.” – Said Romana, who has lived in Paris for most of her life. 

But somehow, that makes life in Paris so interesting to so many people. Maybe because of the French-like lifestyle that people are looking for. And some shared with me that they felt ‘free’, they felt like ‘being an anonymous blending in the crowd’. Then I wonder, if they are so busy in life, their love life must be exhausting too. Don’t you think?

What makes Paris a ‘love’ city?

Hopping from one to other café, I got a chance to have some chit-chats with some people. Some are from Paris, some else where. They were both in one place because of one reason – Paris. At the end of the road, maybe we all come here with the same reason and that bring us together. Finding love.











9 thoughts on “France: Find Love in Paris

  1. Hello!
    I have never been to Paris but I understand what you are aiming for when you speak of love. It truly is what motivates foreigners to go visit the french capital, I believe.
    Thank you for such a lovely little post to read! I liked the photos you chose very much as well. Made me itch to grab a bag and leave.
    All the love, M 🙂

    • Hi Marta 🙂
      Paris is quite overrated because of its attractions. But to feel the real Paris is something great to experience. It might be a bit cliche but what it is worth to see in Paris is the lifestyle and how romance is created here. It doesn’t have so much of the French culture but it has its own culture for sure.
      Have a lovely day xx

    • Thanks John.
      Actually I wrote this article because I wanted to reflect what it was. There are so many articles out there talking about fear, sorrow and condolences, some are even talking about why people stop going to Paris at the moment because of what is happening there. What I wrote might be out of the situation but there is a message behind it – we have love for the city and love is what that city has brought us and therefore there should be no fear. What we do is to stand still and to protect it! I just want to remind everyone that that city still has what it’s got.

  2. Hi Angela,
    I thought that was where you were coming from and like many of the world’s great cities, Paris has a history of withstanding and coming through hardships. This will be no exception. Thanks for sharing your insights.

  3. Girl i had the goosebumps from your writing!
    I’m you biggest fan and supporter..
    And indeed this makes you feel like packing and running straight to Pariiiiis..
    All my love,

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