Italy: Verona

Xem bài viết được dịch bằng Tiếng Việt ở đây

Following my track from Bologna to Milan, catching up with some new friends then heading to Verona. A ride to the romantic Italian city sounded like a good deal and I had been looking forward to seeing that charming Verona, where the story of Juliette and Romeo began. Wandering around small alleys was the greatest thing to do because you wouldn’t see yourself anywhere else like here in Verona. Life went slower or was it because of the Italian summer. I wanted to see and touch to every single details of the city because it somehow gave me such a different feeling from other cities in Italy.

It seemed like the Italian sun was not hot enough, the warm colour of all buildings reflected on me and I just felt like I was in the Pizza oven. But then, it was a good summer, I had nothing to complain about it.

Do you get why when you travel to destinations that you do not plan to go, you see everything but know nothing what you are seeing? I felt quite ashamed of it because I call myself a travel blogger. I was supposed to know things to write for people. However, I realised that it did not matter to me at all. I write about a city by its feelings, its mood, and how it is seen through my eyes. Now the web has covered you all the details that you look for. And there I was, feeling absolutely loved by this romantic city. No man, but it should never be the reason to not feel the love and the romance.













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