Things you should know before becoming a traveller

Is there any certain rule or manual?
The answer is absolutely not.

If you have the drive to travel, go for it and live with the gut of exploring the world and enjoying the adventurous life. We have different ways to travel and we see the world differently. If you ask me how to become a traveller, I would only tell you that I do not know myself. We all start as a tourist and at one point we find our hearts beating stronger and butterflies in our stomaches when someone mentions their stories of going places. It means, we have found our missing piece in life – travelling.


If you are going to take your first trip of your life as a traveller, you should know:

Travelling does not always come with comfort

As a traveller, you are not able to stay in hotels or resorts all the time. This is because you would want to save money for your further adventures. Why would you pay big bucks for a bed while you could save it for a cheap nigh stay in a hostel and travel for few extra days. In this case, of course you have to define what kind of traveller you are – budget traveller or luxury traveller. Either way, at some certain point, you will meet the circumstance that comfort is no in the reach.

Travelling alone gives you the opportunity to perform your abilities at the maximum

So don’t be afraid that you are not able to travel by yourself. In some situations, you are forced to deal with certain matters that you have never prepared to face with but you will find out that you are able to handle it by yourself in the end. There might be some difficulties but don’t we always have to get through those moments to get over our disabilities? Travelling is the best way to maximise your abilities. It has proven that to me and many other travellers. Let it proof that to you, too!

We travel not to compete how many countries we have been to

The desire to travel must come from your heart. It is all about how you travel, how you interpret new cultures, how you meet new friends on the way but not how many countries you have travelled. The experience that counts! And the most important is to LIVE YOUR DREAM!

You are about to experience one of the best time of your life. You are not going to explore the world but also yourself. You will see that the world is not only round but it has many dimensions. DON’T HESITATE, GO FOR WHAT YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT! We might have things that stop us from travelling, in my case is studying, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot go travel. Take chances and you will find the way.

Safe travels and enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Things you should know before becoming a traveller

  1. YES. Traveling is extremely difficult and something people often forget. The final destination can seem so glamorous but no one sees the stress, trains, hostels, and confusion it takes to get there. Love reading your blog!

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