Inspiring Solo Female Travellers – Featured blog posts


They say it is dangerous. They say we are fragile.

There are over millions travellers out there who are taking their travels alone. A big part of them is added by female travellers. The fact that female is seen as the weakener gender but we have proven to the world that we are not weak as they think. Are you a solo female traveller? Are you hoping to share your experience to help other female travellers around the world? You want to be recognised by other bloggers and travel readers. Then read on.



This community aims to connect female solo travellers, not only to share their advices on travelling alone but also their inspiring experiences. We all have different ways of travelling but a touch of inspiration from others might make us a stronger traveller.


You are a female traveller? You have travelled alone? You have things to share to other people to inspire them to travel?
That’s all it takes!
As long as you have a social media platform – blog, Instagram, YouTube, etc., which provides information relating to travels, you are able to submit your works.


  1. If you have blog posts, photos, videos that include contents to inspire people to travel and sharing experiences of your travel as a solo traveller, please send the link to with few sentences of yourself (who you are, when you started travelling, why).
  2. Before your article being featured, you will be interviewed via Skype. If it is not possible, we will think of second plan.
  3. Your work will be featured on the last Friday of the month. If you were not featured on that day, please still keep submitting because you might have the chance to be featured on the next week.
  4. Like AngesVoyage Facebook page to get noticed when you post is featured. Your page will be in the liked page on AngesVoyage
  5. If you have amazing photos, your photo will be re-posted on @angelakoblitz

All featured posts will be published on every last Friday of the month 

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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