I chose to be a solo traveller

In this modern world, being single is something to be seen ‘unbelievable’, especially when you are an alright good looking girl. People come to you and ask why that would be possible that you are single. Quite a dumb question, huh? At least that is how I interpret it.  What is wrong with being single? Or because I am travelling alone and how people see it as depressing because you don’t have a companion on the trip and would see yourself lonely in the crowd? Wait, I actually don’t see the relation between being single and travelling alone, or I have been the wrong one the whole time. I think I am lost in my own complicated mind. Now you are probably just as lost and thinking what they hell I am talking about.


22 years of having my feet on the ground in which knowing about travelling for the first time at the age of 14, 4 years knowing how to see the world in different dimensions and only 1 and a half years knowing who I really am. Just like other travellers out there, travelling for me is a passion, an addiction and something called joy. Maybe that first time joining the summer camp in Singapore or the first flight going alone to China to visit my mother opened my eyes and came along the definition of travelling. Well, who would know about what travelling was at the age of 14 right? It would have just felt like any other vacation, going somewhere to have fun. But certainly it must be the reason that has brought me to become a traveller today.

Got in a relationship at the age of 17 with a Dutch man, I had no regret and actually I felt absolutely happy with that beautiful relationship. He is a traveller himself that made us to be a travelling couple. Those days gave me some great experiences that has developed my way of travelling now. Travelling with your loved one is always a great idea because you can always find yourself sharing great moments with the person you want to be with the most and it was for me when I travelled with him as well. However, the fact that I was in a relationship way too early, I was lost in the bubble of love and my boyfriend was the only I looked up to. I did not know who I was, I did not even know how it meant loving myself. I stepped out of the relationship just before turning 21 which for some people say the turning point of your life because you are about to enter the adulthood.


There I was, single, and right after, I booked my first flight for one to South of Spain. Was I lonely? Certainly not. But I wouldn’t deny that I could feel the lonesome when I was the only one dining at a restaurant table. But that was the first lesson I got – learning to be comfortable being only with yourself. Then many more lessons to come, and more trips to make, I have got into the zone of solo travelling. The more I go, the more I understand my abilities, the more people I have met on the way, the more stories I have heard, the more inspiration I have got. At one certain point, I have found myself, my life goal and my strength. That is something I did not see while in a relationship and same with meeting people, relationships could limit yourself in doing so somehow.

  1. Travelling alone does not mean you are lonely
  2. Travelling alone maximise your abilities
  3. You is the most important person of your life

Solo travelling wouldn’t be for the whole life but till you find the love of your life, enjoy yourself and what travelling would bring you. And myself, for now, I choose to be a solo traveller.

14 thoughts on “I chose to be a solo traveller

  1. Solo travel means doing your own thing, when you want to do it!
    The beauty of solo travel is that it is much easier to meet some great new people.

  2. Hi Angela, Lovely post and thoughts. I totally agree with all of them. I’m in my 60s and am constantly being questioned as to why I travel alone. ‘Aren’t you frightened?,’ they say. Well, yes I am, sometimes, but that’s no reason not to do it. Each time I come back a little more confident than when I went away. I can even walk into a bar full of men now and order a drink without caring what they think, which is great, considering when I was young we weren’t even allowed in bars. And there’s the freedom to pick and choose where you go, how long you spend there and what you do. Eating at night can be a bit lonely, I have to admit, but it’s a small price to pay, and sometimes you meet nice people anyway.
    Cheers, Coral.

  3. First, if after a certain period of travelling, you decide to publish a book about it, I’d definitely buy it.
    Second, I think solo travelling is another way of enjoying your alone time, it’s just that the time is longer than usual. I love the idea of being single, it doesn’t mean being lonely, I guess people who are surrounded by friends most of the time will tend to have that feeling of wanting to do things on their own. Even if one has a friend with so much in common, there will be things that are not, having the chance to enjoy those uncommon hobbies along with applying them to different environment by travelling is one of the greatest feeling I could ever have!
    I guess my point is that I share your feeling and passion in this matter, though I don’t get to travel as much haha, I think I will.

    P/s: you’re the one person that I always have that sense of admiring whenever I think about. I hope we can somehow meet again because it has been too long, my friend!

    • Thank you for your lovely words and for reading as well. I am planning to write a book/magazine in within 3 years. It’s my dream to do so and having it translated into Vietnamese must be the best.
      I love travelling alone. I have seen the abilities of doing many things by myself in me. No longer in the bubble! I really wish to see you again soon. It was really great to hear from you, mate 🙂

  4. Thank you for posting this.
    I’ve been travelling alone five times and it was incredible experience for me. It’s time when you have to deal with yourself and for someone it can be the most difficult thing in life. But it’s so refreshing. I am in relationship right now and I am afraid that I won’ t be able to travel like this more but last time I did it – my partner was quite angry because I spent some money on travelling alone but for me it was very important to save my personality and I think he should understand this.
    To sum up – travelling alone was the thing that let me know more about myself. Even if I couldn’t read the map, I always find the location I want to go. Nothing is impossible. Still thinking where to go next time. Maybe Ireland?

  5. Lovely post. When I first started traveling I was a solo traveler too. I remember my family and friends freaking out that I’d be lonely, lost, and sad, but none of those things were true. I had a blast, met great people, saw beautiful things, and never regretted a second of it. “Learning to be comfortable by yourself,” is a really amazing lesson to learn, and I’m glad I got the chance because I don’t think everyone gets to learn how to do that.

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