Germany: Berlin – Coffee diaries #1

It was the longest ride from Munich to Berlin. 8 hours in the bus and I couldn’t feel my legs any more. The moment the bus reached Berlin, the only thing I wanted to do was to get out to stretch my legs. The breeze was damply cold but was good to get some fresh air after a long time being stuck in a full loaded bus. It was already 1am and still two underground trains till I could get to my friend who lives in Kreuberg. I certainly did not remember how Berlin looked at all. Just about 1 year ago, I was in Berlin but everything seemed still freshly new. I did not remember that Berlin could look quite dirty, messy and wild. That was me at 1:30, maybe it could change when the sun came out?

Hallesches Haus

Address: Tempelhofer Ufer 1, 10961 Berlin

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Feeling the urge to get up because it would be a waste if I stayed in bed in Berlin. So there we went, my friend took his dog Romeo down for a walk and I joined for a short stroll. We stopped by Hallesches Haus, a small concept store with a cute café that made my feet stuck around for awhile. Cosy, yeah quite, but there is something old and there is something new. The store itself is neatly modernised but the cafe is an open space with great boutique interior. I don’t even know boutique is the right word, but it is like the 70s in the 21 century. Would be a lovely place for reading a book, till next time, shall we?

The Companion Coffee

Address: Oranienstraße 24, 10997 Berlin

They say it is the best coffee in town! Oh well, I can’t even guess how many café there are in Berlin and to say it is the best would be something to consider. After saying goodbye to my friend, I walked on to The Companion Coffee. My eyes were looking all over the place but couldn’t find that shop. It was hiding in a alley and in a clothing store called Voo. Small little café but has so much to offer. Coffee beans from all different countries have gathered here and certainly, must be the best ones.


Address: Oranienpl. 14, 10999 Berlin


I have realised that Berlin is cool not only because of its lifestyle but its gastronomy is so diverse and interesting. It could take you weeks to spend in Berlin just to cover most cool places in town. I wandered around through Instagram the other day and found this cute spot for food. It was just a few steps away from The Companion, there turned my next stop for food. Having opened for only a short time, but has had quite many eyes on. It certainly had mine. With a simple menu but not forgetting some sparkles in some certain ingredients, Ora has shown its talent for cooking.

Bonanza Coffee Roaster

Address: Oderberger Str. 35, 10435 Berlin

It was a very cold day in Berlin and the wind was brutal. Walking around with my feet and hands freezing that made me want to stay the whole time inside the subway. At one point, I quit the cold and followed my need to a warmer place, and nowhere better than a café. It was a ride crossing the Mitte quarter to a cosy roaster that I had heard long before. It was pitch black already even though it was only 4pm. I stayed for awhile to sip a good cup of coffee till I was completely warmed up.

I don’t know for what reason but I have always come to Berlin for only a day stay. Somehow sad but I can always feel fresh and new whenever I am back. Till next time!



4 thoughts on “Germany: Berlin – Coffee diaries #1

  1. I love Berlin – it’s so cool like you say. What lovely places you have found. What better way to spend the day than wander around and go from restaurant to café and looking at people go on about their lives.

    • Certainly, Suvi 🙂 (If i may call you that). I think travelling to see some great attractions is a cool deal but sometimes I prefer taking a moment to hop places so that I can understand a city by its lifestyle, culture and people.

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