Beatilla farm resort – A break from the city

Getting the city girl out of the city is not  easy but it is always great to have a bit of change. So there I left the city to the country. It could not be any better to be out in the countryside in a small town of Italy because somehow I knew that the farm life wouldn’t be boring in this colourful country. Certainly, I was right.

After arriving very late in the town called Mantova, I was fancy for a gelato even though the breeze was pretty damn cold but I always say – “It’s always the best time to eat ice-cream”. In that chilled night, I did not bother to think about anything else because that stay in Italy was going to be exciting. I got driven to Beatilla farm resort where I would be staying for the weekend. And there where I got to meet Bianca, a white cute little donkey who has her own hut from the whole farm resort.


Waking up in the warm sun and breathing the fresh air with a smell significantly from the farm, I realised that I was out of the city. It it not that the city cannot get quiet but the still from a farm house is different. The horse, Malebu, neighed first thing in the morning and made that an alarm for people to feed him, I supposed. People talking in the background in Italian got me feel that I was on a holiday. I walked up to the reception to get some breakfast and apparently, all the goodness from that breakfast were homemade – from the delish chocolate cake to grain bread, fig marmalade, yoghurt. The music from Damien Rice was playing, leading me to the home feeling in the weird way and getting me more comfortable with the quietness. Luca was the host who invited me to come over to get inspired and I was not yet inspired by the place but by him. He is an artist and creates his art in his own way with different dimensions. He created all pieces of furniture in the resort and you can see his art works in every room. Beatilla is a great place to be because you do not only experience the farm life which is not perfect as it is said by Luca, but you are going to live closer to the Italian culture in the artistic way. Thank Luca because he has created a cosy farm resort with tasteful self-made interior by reusing dumbed products.

Life isn’t perfect. Staying in hotels might give you all the comfort you need when you travel but not shows you the reality – said Luca.

The farm life is truly calming and has its own beauty. I was lucky to see it for a short period. I was surrounded by an Italian family, which made me learn a bit more about Italian culture and how they celebrate their lives everyday. Life seems to be more true and real out there… In the end, being out of the city might make me miss the hassle of the city life for a bit but we all deserve sometime to rest our mind and soul to stay true to ourselves. And that’s what Beatilla farm resort gave me – an eye open to see the real life, and a different lifestyle.


Beatilla Farm Resort

Address: Via Mantova 21, Corte Barco, 46045 Marmirolo MN, Italy

3 thoughts on “Beatilla farm resort – A break from the city

  1. I have to say I always do appreciate a country break, it is so quiet! My first ever country break I couldn’t sleep because I was so used to the noise of trucks and horns and the wooshing of cars running by my window, the lights that suddenly invaded my bedroom and none of that happens in the middle of nowhere. Now I appreciate and love and even crave a country escape every now and then. Looks like a lovely place 🙂 hope you enjoyed it

    • It was definitely a change but a good change. I really enjoyed being there because of the smell, the quietness, the atmosphere… It was really great. It’s good to hear that you like to be in the countryside every now and then… It is not easy for a city girl I guess but you gotta to learn to appreciate more the lifestyle that you don’t often have in the city.

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