Tanzania: The life in Mto Wa Mbu through pictures

It was an eye opened for something that I had never ever known. The whole image of Tanzania is already a big different picture from where I am from and wherever I have been. There in Mto Wa Mbu, that was the first time I got my first lesson about tribes and how they all live. Maybe I could never learn all 120 tribes which are locating in Tanzania but what I know is these tribes have made this country so beautiful and interesting, and they create a great cultural dimension that people are dying to learn about.


Walking through the town and seeing different tribes, it fascinated me by their culture. Some could be quite strange for me but I admire how they have grown their community to be there in Tanzania. From handcraft, art, labour, each tribe contributes what they do best to this country. In such, Makonde tribe has brought a great talent of making wooden sculptures  that I was amazed to look at. Their skilful hands carve several detailed pieces of art that are well-known worldwide. Each sculpture tells a story of their lives which is to be embraced.


What I love the most was running around with kids there. I certainly looked like a tourist to them and made them so interested in me but their smiles put a smile on me too. No matter what tribe they have but they are together giving the town’s atmosphere a breeze of freshness and full of love.


6 thoughts on “Tanzania: The life in Mto Wa Mbu through pictures

  1. Thanks for sharing everyday life in East Africa. The media tends to only share the bad. But most of the time, people are getting on with it gracefully, peacefully and joyfully! Have a great day!

    • When it comes to the media, there is hardly any good. It is wonderful in East Africa and people should know more about it than whatever has been happened or the tag that people have always put on the life and people here.

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