Tanzania: Ngorongoro Crater – The magnificence of nature

Just like other day, I woke up early that morning to get ready for a game drive. The sun was hidden by a thick layer of fog covering the view to Ngorongoro from my lodge room’s windows. Too bad, I would never know what it looks like from there. However, it was exciting that I would be in it and see it with my own eyes. ‘What so special about it?’ – I questioned. That destination had come up in several travel sites and all I knew about it was the safari to the crater.

It is said that Ngorongoro is the most expensive National Park. I understood why once I got to one of the view points. On the way, fog covered up the jeep and we could not manage to see the crater from the highest point. The white layer was thick that I barely saw trees around me. But the further down we went, the fog got thinner and the crater was showing up slowly. It was an incredible image that you could not close your mouth when you first see it. Myself could not help but making several videos just to capture Ngorongoro Crater in different dimensions and from different angles. Further away, I saw a group of wildebeests and zebras running on the enormous grass field, elephants were crossing the roads and gaselles were standing in a group enjoying their supper. That was truly a picture of what I had always imagined in my head about the wild – free and wanderlust.

The drive through the crater was wonderful that kept me saying ‘beautiful’ each minute. The grass was green, flowers were growing all over in different colours that made the view in front of me a perfect painting. The water reflected the pink colour to the whole picture that blended a magnificent master piece. And there was a lion lying down on the grass  but she was not tempted by the available food around her or she was sure full enough to be bothered. But how insane was that having all different kinds of wild animals running around in one place and I was a little self in the jeep having my head out of the roof watching them like watching a surreal TV show? Unlike the TV show, I was in it. We kept driving on from one spot to the other. I felt surrounded by the nature that I would wish to be in everyday, and I letted myself go to enjoy that moment.

They say that it looks slightly different in the dry season. Everything would turn grey and sandy. “Then I am happy that I am here during this time. I wouldn’t want to miss this view”. There might be more animals running around but what I had seen was satisfied enough. I didn’t care how many I could see, it was all about seeing the circle of life, the plan that mother of nature has for every single creature.




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