I love to share great things in life and I appreciate your present in my path. I seek for inspiration and I want to inspire you

My stories


Being a Vietnamese born comes with many difficulties – got so much expectation from family and relatives, being raised in a big community and not allowed to be separate yourself from it, and holding Vietnamese passport certainly gives many disadvantages for travelling. I never look at it as my barrier to the world but as a challenge to get over myself with.

I am a 23 year old girl with full passion for travelling and photography. I seek for opportunities and go whenever I think it is right. And it has made me and how I am today. With the opportunity of living abroad in The Netherlands and Germany enlarged my curiousity for the world. There I go, travelling to places to learn different cultures, cuisine and people. All I have learnt do not only give me the large amount of experience in life and travel, but it also makes me learn about myself and my abilities.

My Travels


I don’t travel to add up the number of how many countries I have been, I travel to learn. They say that you never stop learning and there I choose how I do it. I started travelling since I was 17, became a solo traveller at the age of 21.

I travel to learn different culture, food, and people. After having stepped in 4 continents, I know that there is so much to learn and this adventure will last for a life time, till I decide to stop. However, for now, I will still continue my journey to new lands, live in places to know better their culture.

For the last 2 years, I crossed through 20 countries, 4 continents, by different ways of travelling.

My blog

I don’t only blog, I write stories.

I have started this blog in Sept 2011 to write philosophical articles and surround that topic. Since 2013 I have found my voice for travelling writing and have been writing about it ever since. I don’t often write guides because you can find millions other bloggers out there giving any guide you need and that I haven’t mentioned guide books. I see things, I tell ya, and definitely I prefer to tell you a story about it. I would like to lead you to places through different emotions and photography galleries. We all experience travels in different ways and I want to try anything that comes along. I don’t mind being a backpacker nor a luxurious vacay visitor. In any scenario, you will find different stories.

I write not for money! It’s for the passion that I have for writing, travelling and photography. Please don’t criticise travel bloggers out there or any bloggers because some of us do things we do which we are actually passionate about.

I hope that somehow I inspire you to travel and experience life in different ways. Let’s get out of the egg-shell and live the life you deserve!

 Everyday is worth a smile!


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83 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, Angela thanks for liking my post and leading me here. I look forward to reading all about you’re upcoming adventure to Morocco and by the way, that cookies in cream smoothie has made my mouth water. When I was younger I worked in an ice cream store and made a pretty good cookies in cream thickshake, the secret was to add caramel fudge…

    • Hi Tom, I really enjoyed reading it and you were right about travelling could shape a person 😉

      I’m very much excited to go on my next trip and write about it. I will keep you posted!

      And thanks for the tips 😉 I would try that. Do you enjoy cooking as well?

      • I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with cooking. Sometimes it works out for me, other times it doesn’t, I am getting better though. I’ll have to try some of you’re recipes 🙂

  2. Dear Angela,
    thank you for sharing your travel experience!
    No wonder that such a lovely warmhearted lady
    like you has such a creative and wonderful blog!
    Looking forward to reading more of your articles 😉
    Peace & love

  3. I live in Singapore and just stumbled onto your blog; and coincidentally, you just arrived here. If you require a guide, I’d love to be one!

      • Nice to hear that! I can help you go around if you want during the time in HCM. How about tonight? What is the best way for us to contact?

  4. I already fell in love with your blog. How inspiring! I’m happy to get to know another blogger who loves travelling and photography!

    • Thank you Angela for your interesting in my blog. . I started just now for this adventure in the blogs worldword.
      Your blog is fantastic.. I hope to see again in my blog in the next days! See you 🔜

  5. You have such beautiful photos and a lovely way of writing. :] Good luck on your travels and I can’t wait to read about more.

  6. It’s a lovely blog you’ve got here! And your pictures are great. I see you’ve got an upcoming trip to Cuba – it was my first self-planned trip across the ocean and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. Travel safe and travel far!

    • That sounds great! I believe that Cuba treated you well as your first time travelling abroad. I can’t tell how much excited I am right now. Thanks for you wishes. All best with your travels as well.

  7. A fabulous blog! Thanks for liking mine too. With all this travel that you do, I know costs can be a factor. I like to share how I manage to afford my travel. I am part of a vacation club and it allows me to travel more because each trip costs less. If you want to know more about it, go to http://www.jessicaolma.worldventures.biz. It is important to me to share ways for all of us to travel more often. Thanks again!

  8. Very cool blog Angela! Thanks for visiting mine. I am just starting (as you might have noticed).
    I will be checking your site more often and looking forward to your travels and photos!

  9. Hey Angela!

    You’re blog is really nice! Thanks for liking my post, it lead me to discover yours!
    I have just started my own blog, so I’m very new to this blogging world. I look forward to following you in your travels!
    P.s. Im VIetnamese too. Or partly that is lol

    • Hey Anh 🙂
      Welcome to the blogging world.
      Cool to know that you are Vietnamese and soon becoming an Aussie since you are now in Brisbon I reckon? It’s always nice to pick a Vietnamese blogger up so would love to see more posts from you too.

      • Thank you! Yes I recently moved to Australia, so I’m slowly adjusting to this whole Aussie life, slangs and so on. Thanks for following back! I will make sure to do more posts.

  10. Hi Angela,

    Thank you for liking my post because that led me to your blog which is AMAZING! I am a travel lover like yourself and self proclaimed foodie as well haha so I love to travel to learn new cultures, eat some good food and have great experiences wherever I am. I live in London currently and excited to discover Europe while I’m here, maybe we’ll meet up somewhere, who knows! I love your blog already just from reading one post, will be tagging along on your adventures via your posts, great work:)

  11. No south pacific in your destinations section. If you keep heading south eventually you will get to us. You will be more than welcome if you get this far and it would be great to meet you and show you our small corner of the world.

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