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I am just a 20 something Vietnamese girl who has a desire to explore the world with my own eyes and inspire people to step out of their eggshells and experience life as they deserve. I am not hopping from place to place scratch off the world maps but exploring one destination at a time to learn more about culture, cuisine, and people. Life is too short to stay in one place and the world offers so much. I break rules and traditions, become not a typical Vietnamese and live my life how I want it. Why not joining me to break this wall between you and your desire to see the world?

Tanzania: Ngorongoro Crater – The magnificence of nature

Just like other day, I woke up early that morning to get ready for a game drive. The sun was hidden by a thick layer of fog covering the view to Ngorongoro from my lodge room’s windows. Too bad, I would never know what it looks like from there. However, it was exciting that I would be in it and see it with my own eyes. ‘What so special about it?’ – I questioned. That destination had come up in several travel sites and all I knew about it was the safari to the crater.

It is said that Ngorongoro is the most expensive National Park. I understood why once I got to one of the view points. On the way, fog covered up the jeep and we could not manage to see the crater from the highest point. The white layer was thick that I barely saw trees around me. But the further down we went, the fog got thinner and the crater was showing up slowly. It was an incredible image that you could not close your mouth when you first see it. Myself could not help but making several videos just to capture Ngorongoro Crater in different dimensions and from different angles. Further away, I saw a group of wildebeests and zebras running on the enormous grass field, elephants were crossing the roads and gaselles were standing in a group enjoying their supper. That was truly a picture of what I had always imagined in my head about the wild – free and wanderlust.

The drive through the crater was wonderful that kept me saying ‘beautiful’ each minute. The grass was green, flowers were growing all over in different colours that made the view in front of me a perfect painting. The water reflected the pink colour to the whole picture that blended a magnificent master piece. And there was a lion lying down on the grass  but she was not tempted by the available food around her or she was sure full enough to be bothered. But how insane was that having all different kinds of wild animals running around in one place and I was a little self in the jeep having my head out of the roof watching them like watching a surreal TV show? Unlike the TV show, I was in it. We kept driving on from one spot to the other. I felt surrounded by the nature that I would wish to be in everyday, and I letted myself go to enjoy that moment.

They say that it looks slightly different in the dry season. Everything would turn grey and sandy. “Then I am happy that I am here during this time. I wouldn’t want to miss this view”. There might be more animals running around but what I had seen was satisfied enough. I didn’t care how many I could see, it was all about seeing the circle of life, the plan that mother of nature has for every single creature.




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Tanzania: The life in Mto Wa Mbu through pictures

It was an eye opened for something that I had never ever known. The whole image of Tanzania is already a big different picture from where I am from and wherever I have been. There in Mto Wa Mbu, that was the first time I got my first lesson about tribes and how they all live. Maybe I could never learn all 120 tribes which are locating in Tanzania but what I know is these tribes have made this country so beautiful and interesting, and they create a great cultural dimension that people are dying to learn about.


Walking through the town and seeing different tribes, it fascinated me by their culture. Some could be quite strange for me but I admire how they have grown their community to be there in Tanzania. From handcraft, art, labour, each tribe contributes what they do best to this country. In such, Makonde tribe has brought a great talent of making wooden sculptures  that I was amazed to look at. Their skilful hands carve several detailed pieces of art that are well-known worldwide. Each sculpture tells a story of their lives which is to be embraced.


What I love the most was running around with kids there. I certainly looked like a tourist to them and made them so interested in me but their smiles put a smile on me too. No matter what tribe they have but they are together giving the town’s atmosphere a breeze of freshness and full of love.


Tanzania: Lake Manyara National Park – Into the wild

It has been my dream to see wild animals running free. I believe that dream is hidden in each one of you too. Having my eyes on Planet Earth all those years and somehow I wondered it was real. And there I was, standing in the jeep watching out from the roof and being overwhelmed by the surreal surroundings because I was in the middle of the jungle where monkeys, impalas, elephants live and stay friends.

That first time seeing animals not being in zoo’s cages, I felt free myself. Spotting zebras running wild in a big grass field made my heart jump indescribably. Either they got the freedom that they deserve, or I was looking at such a beautiful creature for real instead of in front of the television. It turned me into a little child with sparkling eyes staring at them for the longest time. The clock froze and letted me stand still for that second to look at that surreal picture.

A whole day I spent in Manyara National Park and seeked for as many animals as possible. That excitement came continuously when a species passed by. However, this place does not just have animals. Lake Manyara itself is a beautiful creature of nature that stunned me at the first sight. Looking over the lake from Panorama Campsite, I could only say ‘wow’. The mixture of colours, green, pink, yellow, all blend in to make the picture incredibly magnificent. Getting closer to the lake at Hot Spring Manyara, it was a zoom-in to the reality. That view was non-fictionally real after all.




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First impressions of Tanzania

24 hours in the air stopping by 3 airports, I arrived finally in the land of Tanzania. I was prepared to get the cold from Tanzanian weather but the sun was shining bright and warm when I arrived. I landed in Kilimanjaro Airport and there is nothing like I have seen. Planes parked in the middle of the road and we got off and walked to the lobby. 50$ paid for the visa and I was good to go through the custom. People from Heri Africa Tours were waiting for me outside and welcomed me nicely. We took a drive from the airport to Arusha where I would have a night stay before the safari and I couldn’t help but show my excitement when I saw things around there. Fascinating enough, I could not wait for my adventure the coming 2 weeks in this country.

For sure, I felt welcomed here in this country and people there made me so. There were so many things I had learnt just on the first day of my stay that people have to come to Tanzania to see otherwise all your assumptions are just a myth.

Tanzania is green



That fact you can see the moment you was hanging on the air of Tanzania. From the airplane, I was amazed by how endlessly green their country looks from above. Of course, I was told that it would look different when it is in dry season. So let say, I was lucky to come when it was at the greenest. Big parts of the country are national parks which I would be joining in a safari tour to see. However, you would find grass, rice fields, trees growing all over.

Tanzania is wild


Most people come to Tanzania for the safari, to see wild animals. You can call Tanzania wild because of that. But actually, I mean nature made and no touch of modernity. Everything surrounding you is simple with no luxury. Maasai people walk around luring their goats and cows, kids running around their houses giggling with each other…

Tanzanian people are friendly


Maybe because they see me as a tourist but they are welcoming and warm hearted. They always try to make you feel at home and that what I got from Heri Africa Tours. Right on my first day in Tanzania, I got welcomed with the famous dance from Maasai people. Everyone has his or her smile on the face. At that moment, I felt overwhelmed by how special they made me feel and my heart was warm. I felt great to land my feet on this country.


Hospitality and service are over the top


I have travelled to several countries in different continents, nowhere have I got such great hospitality and service than here in Tanzania. No matter where you are, they will help you as much as in their capabilities. And staying in their accommodation, they make you a home, which will always put a smile on you.

Bumpy roads are common


Before landing in Tanzania, be prepared for the roads there. They call it ‘The African massage’. Besides their main roads, Tanzanian roads are most of the time very bumpy. Highways can be smooth but ‘til you entering your accommodation, there your bumps are gonna dance on those seats so get ready for the ride.


People tell me that Africa is dangerous. People tell me that Tanzanians are full of scams. Let me tell you: people in Tanzania are down to earth, they do not care about luxury and they will always welcome you with open arms. Come to Tanzania and see it yourself!




Featured post: Prepare culture shock in South East Asia for first timers by Heather Davey


From Small Suitcases

Having been a geologist for the last 7 years, Heather has had many opportunities to live and work abroad. That has brought her to different parts of the world and urged the feeling for exploring more in her. After graduating University, she left home and backpacked with a friend through Europe. And there she decided to take the opportunity to able to work abroad and make Germany home for the last 3 years. At the moment, she has moved to Argentina and she is planning to stay here for the coming 4 years.

“As a full-timer, your travels only rely on 6 week holiday days. That’s not much so that I take weekend trips every now and then” – Heather shared. “Because others couldn’t come with me for every trip I wanted to do, I didn’t mind and just go on my own”. And that got here into travelling as a solo-er.

Recently, she just came back from a business trip which she gotta visit South East Asia for the first time. The article below is written by Heather sharing with us her experience and some tips as a traveller first time visiting SEA.

Solo Travelling in South East Asia – My Experience

There is only one point I really regret about my trip to South East Asia – not staying longer, and not having gone earlier! I went to this pocket of the world for the first time this past February/March – and I can truly say it was one of the best experiences of my life. While I joined a group tour for the middle part of my trip, I spent time both at the beginning and end solo – and I really enjoyed it. Below is a glimpse into the trip, based around several topics I think are relevant to other solo females:



Plan ahead! Do some online research about the effectiveness and safety of public options – buses, trains, and subways. For Taxis, your hotel/hostel will always be able to tell you which companies are best, and how to watch out for scams, like inflated meter fares or worse, fake taxis. If you plan to walk around, which is normally my preferred method, be sure to ask about neighborhoods to avoid.

I landed in Bangkok on a Monday in the late afternoon. The first recommendation I can make is to find a hotel within easy access to the metro from the airport – the metro is really a quick, cheap, and safe way into the city, and otherwise you may spend the first few hours of your holiday in Bangkok traffic with a steadily rising taxi fare. Never a good way to start! In contrast, for 45 bhat and +/- 20 minutes you are downtown with the Metro.


Once again, I think it´s worth a bit of research to find a hostel/hotel in a good area, with good reviews and good security. It´s not worth saving 10 dollars to compromise on these points. I stayed at True Siam hotel, located very close to the Phaya Thai rail station. Down a relatively quiet side street, it is small, well-equipped, and for the equivalent of 40 euros you are treated to a spacious room, private bathroom/hot shower, huge comfy bed, in-room safe, free tea, coffee, water, and toiletries. Even in a big city like Bangkok, anyone travelling from Europe or North America will enjoy very low prices as compared to home.

Solo Dining and/or Going Out

Any shyness or fear you may have about eating out alone – SE Asia is a good place to start. It’s customary here that other diners really don´t give two hoots about you. And it´s very common to see other solo diners. So please don´t spend every evening in your hotel! New cities are absolutely meant to be explored, and a place like Bangkok has SO many interesting bars and restaurants to try. Not to mention the utterly incredible food here – there are many many street food options as well, another great option for somebody on their own. Just pick a relatively busy and sanitary-looking joint 😉

Remote locations


At the end of my trip, I flew to Phu Quoc Island for a few days of pure relaxation on the beach. It´s a 20 minute flight from Saigon airport to Phu Quoc airport, and I chose a hotel at Vung Bau beach, a bit up the island, out of Duong Dong town (the busiest and most touristic area). I was happy to stay away from busy-ness after Bangkok. Wild Beach Phu Quoc Resort is a small and beautiful little hideaway – individual wooden villas are equipped with private stone bathrooms with a rain shower. Being out of the big city, and equipped with less “anonymity” so to speak, I definitely found here that my being solo was more noticeable. Both the hotel staff and another guest asked if I had come alone after the second day of seeing me around. They seemed a bit confused or perhaps surprised somebody would be travelling alone, perhaps also because the other guests were largely couples. However, the attitude you have to take is simply to not care. I had a turquoise ocean, a beach, a coconut full of juice, and a kayak at that point. In my opinion, life was pretty perfect. And I didn´t really care if others agreed or not.

Along with being out of the big city, other things are different as well. I took a taxi home late one night from Duong Dong Night Market to my hotel. The taxi driver spoke no English and me no Vietnamese, and we got hopelessly lost. I can only say I was extremely happy that I chose a female taxi driver – which I did very much on purpose knowing the distance to the hotel. Driving down dark roads late at night and having no idea where you are, with somebody you´ve never met, is not a comfortable situation.

Culture Shock

In general, the culture shock in a big city like Bangkok is not too bad. There are enough “familiar” aspects, such as well-known institutions like Starbucks and McDonalds (if you really want that sort of thing), and a multitude of English translations on signs, menus, sites, museums, etc. However, when you head to more remote and less developed locations, like Vietnam and the islands, things change. I was actually quite surprised by the difficulties I had communicating in Vietnam. Even at the hotel, it´s rare to find staff members speaking English, and Vietnamese is SO different from any language I´ve ever been exposed to. Even with waving hand motions and smiles and laughs, it was a challenge. So, one has to be prepared for the unknown! Chances are, you will be eating a lot of foreign cuisine, spending time in taxis without air conditioning, walking down sidewalks with huge potholes, and experiencing a different standard of hygiene from your own home. You can definitely diminish the culture shock you might feel by simply looking ahead, planning ahead, and expecting the unexpected. Travelling is a journey, and half the fun is the newness of it all.

Germany: One day trip to Munich (Food, Drinks, Attractions) – GIVEAWAY CONTEST

(The giveaway contest instruction is below)

Munich is one of the biggest cities in Germany but it isn’t difficult to explore the city in within a day. You will not be able to see it all unless you skip enjoying the Bavarian dining and drinking culture which I think it would be a waste if you are in the most cultural part of Germany. If you are in Bavaria, you should NEVER LEAVE OUT eating the food from this region and drink the real Bavarian beers. Let me give you a hint how you could enjoy this city at its best!


Something I find quite ironic that the day ticket for public transportation in Munich is quite cheap compared to the average expense. The cost is about €6.50 and you are able to travel 3 rings. However, you don’t need to go that far, trust me! Most destinations are accessible by foot but you might want to hop from one place to the other at its fastest or it might be a bit tiring after a long trip that you do not feel like walking too much.

2 – Grab your Bavarian breakfast

Start you day right with a good breakfast and it cannot be better than having a real Bavarian breakfast. Not a tradition but people still do so every now and then. A Bavarian breakfast includes Weisswurst (white sausages) & Brezel (pretzel). As you have known, Germany is known for their sausages. If Berlin has Currywurst, Frankfurt has Bratwurst, Munich has their famous Weisswurst. It comes with a pretzel – salty knotted bread.

Suggestion: Miss Lilly’s Restaurant 

3 – Walk the Isar


I wouldn’t say it is a popular attraction because of its stand on the fourth largest river in Bavaria, it is a hot destination for locals to come and chill. Isar looks the best in the summer and you are able to sit down by the river to have some drinks or BBQ.

Suggestion: walking on Fraunhofer bridge towards the city centre

4 – Drink not-so-Bavarian styled coffee


If you are a coffee lover like me, you cannot skip your morning cup of wake-me-up. Munich offers quite a limited amount of cafes and the number is far from what Berlin got. However, quantity does not say anything about quality, does it? Walking from Fraunhofer bridge towards the city, you will cross by Man versus Machine – a Munich based roaster.

Suggestion: If you want to check out other cafés, check out the list of 5 best coffee places in Munich

5- To Marienplatz, Viktualienmarkt and climb the church of St. Peter

That one spot that most people come to Munich can never miss – Marienplatz. It is seen as the centre point of the city where the city centre starts. It is easy to reach from Man versus Machine cafe by foot – about 10 minute walk along the Sendlingerstr which you hop in shops for a bit of shopping.

From Marienplatz, it is reachable to Viktualienmarkt where you can find the local market and a beer garden. As I have noticed, Viktualienmarkt is not very touristic and mostly locals enjoy hanging out here. So my recommendation is to join them and experience as a local.
Suggestion: North West of the seafood shop (Nordsee), you can find a hut selling delicious falafel shop where you can have a big plate for a fair price.

From St Peter church, it is a great opportunity to see the city from above. On a clear blue sky day, you might be even lucky to see the Alps from here as well.
Suggestion: another location for a good view is on top of Olympiazentrum

6 – Hofgarten, Eisbach, Haus der Kunst


One of the most beautiful spot in Munich, in my opinion, is Hofgarten. This French inspired garden is stunning on its own but its charm you gotta admit once you stand in front of the pavilion. During the summer time, flowers grow everywhere, which gives the atmosphere around here so romantic.

Take a walk from the garden slowly towards the English garden. Just next to the museum of contemporary art Haus der Kunst, you will find the Eisbach – the favourite spot for surfers. I have never known how that works but it makes continuous waves so that people can surf or practice there. It is catchy for many visitors.

Suggesions: if you are an art lover, check out the collections from Haus der Kunst. And the best part of it, enjoy few afternoon drinks at the Goldene Bar. 

7 – Eat Bavarian dinner

Start with Bavaria, end with Bavaria! In Munich, there are several restaurants that you can eat Bavarian food. The most popular thing that most tourists like to do is to visit a Brauhaus. However, if you want to escape from the touristy places, Spezlwirtschaft is the right restaurant for you. With a modern design concept, Spezlwirtschaft is definitely the most stylish Bavarian restaurant in town.

Suggestion: if you want to get a snack in between, get a Bazi’s box at Schlemmerkucherl on Müllerstr.



Thank to GPSmycity, a company that I have been always interested in because of their creative app offering city walk tours that you can easily access and manage by yourself.

I am giving away 20 promo codes that you can use to purchase the app without fee and the best thing of all is you can use the promo code for any location as you wish. However, please keep in mind that each promo code can only apply once to one destination.

The app is available on both iOS and Android devices!

 Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 14.02.23


Easy enough
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and post on my wall let me know which location you want to get the app for.

Deadline: 27 June 2016, 12:00pm UTC +1 

I will contact the winners personally to follow the procedure.

Good luck! 🙂

Germany: The ultimate guide to dine & drink in Munich #2

The gastronomy industry in Munich has been growing for the last 2 years. Dining in Munich gets more interesting day by day because of the development in style and cuisine. The drinking game in this city is nonetheless showing some impressive images as well with great cocktail bars or an enormously innovative change in coffee culture. Before getting into it, a warning is given for those who are not willing to pay over €10 a drink. Munich is certainly an expensive city for both dining and drinking but the city offers the best for each cent you pay. Moreover, a good drink deserves good care and high respect for baristas or bartenders who are behind the bar making you that full-of-pleasure drink.



If you haven’t checked the list of top 5 coffee places in Munich, it is a must because you should not waste your time on drinking bad coffee.


Address: Müllerstraße 23
Website: www.mvsmcoffee.com


Address: Nymphenburger Str. 51
Website: www.mahlefitz.de



Address: Fraunhoferstrasse 32
Website: http://www.flushingmeadowshotel.com


I have always been crazy about this rooftop hotel bar because of its beautiful interior design and its amazing offers for cocktails. The space is very cosy like a living room so that whenever you are here, you would feel like home. Read further on my review on The Flushing Meadows Hotel & Bar.

Address: Müllerstraße 50
Website: www.loretta-bar.de


This spot might be so vivid but very much hidden. No name at the entrance, you could only recognise the place by its big two windows looking through the whole bar. With a great amount of liquors, you will not be disappointed being at Loretta. Read more on my review for Loretta bar.

Address: Pestalozzistraße 22
Website: http://zumwolf.com

My first impression for Wolf was not a wow but after coming back few times, I understand why it got so much attention from so many people. They don’t only have good cocktails but also a great atmosphere that makes people feel like coming back again and again. This American inspired bar is a cosy bar for you to check out.

Address: Schellingstraße 32, 80799 München
Website: www.jameshuntbar.com


Definitely, JTH is my all time favourite. Maybe the fact they have it all – good drinks, good vibe, good interior. I have always been thrilled when a drink comes. Head over to my review for James T. Hunt to find out why I love this place so much.

Address: Ledererstraße 13
Website: http://www.hotel-lux-muenchen.de/restaurant.php


My recent obsession belongs to Lux. The space is quite small but it is perfect to have a romantic date. At Lux, there is a great team of bartenders always being ready to serve you real good cocktails. Some of the cocktails at Lux got a prize from mixology competition. Why don’t you come and check that out?

Address: Hans-Sachs-Straße 20
Website: http://www.auroom.de

Not only specialised in cocktails, Auroom got the winner of German bartending championship behind the bar. Certainly, the title is just not a title but Auroom has proven that they deserve that prize. Selective and creative! I cannot get enough of Auroom.


Germany: The ultimate guide to dine & drink in Munich #1

Having travelled to many different big cities, Munich stands out as a not-so-stylish one when it comes to dining and drinking. It might sound strange but the majority of Münchner is still quite conservative and it is hard to adapt changes. Therefore, gastronomy field in Munich has got a hard time to bring their new signature into this town. Nonetheless, this place has changed slowly for the last two years. Cafés and restaurants have been growing and bringing a fresh breeze to Munich. Surprisingly, people here are getting used to them and adapting day by day. New born restaurants or cafes will not be coming after each other in within six months but once there is good one in town, it is definitely a divine spot for each of you to be pleased.


Good food needs to be served in a good service as well as good atmosphere.

Bavarian cuisine

Address: Müllerstraße 43

A hidden spot that only the local knows. It is known by its traditional Bazi’s box (or Bratenbox) with the typical flavour of Munich or Bavaria in general. In one traditional Bazi’s box is served with potato dumpling (knödel), red cabbage and crunchy pork belly. Duck is another option as well.

Address: Ledererstraße 3
Website: http://spezlwirtschaft.me


Located in the middle of the city, Spezlwirtshaft offers a good range of Bavarian dishes. Brauhaus is an experience that people want to have when they are in Munich but to have real good food from this region in a great atmosphere and nicely designed interior, Spezlwirtshaft is a place to be.

Vietnamese cuisine

As a Vietnamese, I always look for good Viet food wherever I am. Here is the list of 5 best Vietnamese restaurants in Munich



Address: Hans-Sachs-Straße 9
Website: http://www.monsoonrestaurant.de

Address: Kurfürstenstraße 31
Website: http://www.anh-thu.de


Address: Augustenstraße 16
Website: http://www.tastemyburger.com

Comparing Taste my burger to other burger places in town, this spot might not have a good eye for interior but the quality of each burger is phenomenal. During lunch time, they have a great offer – €6 for burger and fries which I find impossible in Munich. I have lingered my feet here again and again because of the friendly service and their tasty burgers.

Address: Thalkirchner Str. 12

Not a friendly service burger bar but the style and the concept would make up for it. Burgers here are made with organic products and there are great options for you to choose. The menu is creative with complemental sauces – from peanut butter jelly to mango chutney to apricot flavour mustard.


Address: Türkenstraße 55
Website: http://www.gratitude-restaurant.de

DSC_3588It is a divine spot in town and vegan food is not just food with vegetables anymore when you are here. Find out more on my review for Gratitude


Address: Oefelestraße 12
Website: http://www.misslillys.de


Breakfast all day long is what Miss Lilly’s offers. With great options for different breakfasts, you won’t be bored of eating breakfast anymore. What I love about this place is the cosy atmosphere and beautiful interior. Find out more on my review for Miss Lilly’s

Address: Gärtnerpl. 6
Website: http://www.cotidiano.de

A French bakery which offers you delicious brunch. Cortidiano is located in one of the most popular spots in Munich – Gärtnerplatz – which makes it more popular among locals. Price is reasonable and quality is high. Isn’t that what we all look for?

Address: Neureutherstraße 1
Website: http://www.lax-muc.com

LAX is an LA inspired eatery which offers basic but tasty breakfast. The space is relaxing and friendly that you can make it as a working space as well.


Address: Pestalozzistraße 7
Website: http://itxaso.de

Itxaso is definitely one of my greatest find in Munich. The restaurant is small but that makes it cosy. The range of food is simply but what they serve would make you pleased.


Address: Schellingstraße 30
Website: http://www.lo-studente.de

If you want to find a good spot for real good Napoli pizza, Lo Student offers you a great deal for lunch. Everyday has a different offer and it costs about €5.50. It is located in the University area, and it tells by its name, it has become the hottest Italian restaurant in town where you can have good Italian cuisine under a budget.

Address: Residenzstraße 25
Website: http://www.stereo-cafe.de


The atmosphere at Stereo is quite different from other restaurants you visit in Munich. Classy and modern. Everyday offers a great menu with some delish dishes. Since it is located in the most expensive area in the city, the price is not very affordable (Price range in between €9 – €20). However, you will be happy with what you pay because of its quality.

Dating life as a traveller

Travelling is great and travelling alone is not as bad as you think. The day I decided to be a solo traveller, that was when I knew I would take a different route for my life and a big part of it is my dating life. Consistently on the road by yourself, there is always a moment you feel alone. Seeing those couples kissing, holding hands, laughing with each other, jealousy raises in you (or at least it has done to me). I have felt that. I was there before, having a relationship that people gotta be jealous of, travelling with a boyfriend and having someone to share the moment with. However, travelling alone has given me different reasons to travel more. But I got to admit, I do feel lonely sometimes and wish to have someone in my life to share the journey and great moments of travels with.

So many people have told me this:
“Travellers are sluts”.

I do not completely agree but I am not denying it. Let’s be honest to ourselves for a second. The lonesome that we get as a solo traveler hits us sometimes and sexual desire is something that you cannot reject. That is why we start to look for one night stands. Alright, there might be some of us. I am not in the position to say either I have or I have not had any of those but stories pass and cross our ears – sex in hostels, having one nighties with someone… No matters if that ever happens, it is just a fact which excuses our sexuality.

Is dating possible while travelling?


As long as you or/and your partner accept you are a traveller, there is no problem here, isn’t it? This is the real deal:

If both of you are travellers and somehow you think you can travel together, Then, there is no discussion at this point. Enjoy each other’s company, date and travel.

On the other hand:
If one each other is going different ways and you find that you have this certain connection with each other, either you wait and figure out how you will meet each other again, or you should enjoy the moment and let each other go.

If you travel and meet your date who happens to be the one living in the destination you are travelling in, consider either if you are willing to make that work by moving or travelling to the other’s place or you come up with this thing called distance relationship.  It is hard, I know, but if you are up for it, there is no reason to say no.

Do distance relationships work?

Having been travelling as a solo traveller for the last two years, getting into some kind of relationships with some of guys who were either living in the city I stayed for awhile or meeting on the road and dating some of them, my answer would probably NO. However, it is not the assumption for this and it actually depends on several criteria:

  1. How well do you know each other?
  2. How well you get along?
  3. Are you a cheater?
  4. Are you willing to be apart from your partner because of your passion for travelling?
  5. Do you or your partner have trust in other or in the relationship you have?
  6. How much are you willing to sacrifice?

Most of those dates I have got while travelling/living abroad, I was not the one saying no or getting away from the relationships. That might sound sad but that is the way it goes. The fear of commitment in men is so much stronger than in women. Therefore, if you are a woman, I would recommend to learn to accept that and prepare for everything that could happen.

However, I somehow believe that such thing called distance relationship could possibly work. Maybe that is the woman in me telling me that.
Women always have the fantasy to have the perfect relationship or a fairy-tale like one but that doesn’t come easy as they dream. We still have the hope nonetheless. As distance relationships, they are hard and we travellers somehow have to accept it either way. It works eventually when you and your partner have the same perspective and comply with the distance you will have. The important thing is to have trust in each other and to the relationship.

Difficulties come along but nothing is impossible!

Is it trust-worthy to date a solo traveller?


How many times have you seen the article called “Why should you date a girl who travels?”? I wouldn’t say that dating a traveller is not great. In fact, whatever written in the article is correct. However, I bet you have your doubt about dating a traveller. It does not matter if either you are a girl or a boy, it all comes to the question – Is your date trust-worthy enough? 

Distance relationship is still the topic here and talking about trust, you should learn about your partner well enough before letting him/her go on his/her travels again. What I have seen so far, cheaters are everywhere on the road. However, don’t take this as a negative thing. I have experienced that some of us travel to be alone, to find ourselves, and some to find love. Thus, if you happen to be the one, you do not have to be afraid of dating a traveller. Wherever he/she goes, he/she will be back to you.