Cookie Dough Smoothie Breakfast

Cookie Dough Smoothie

I haven’t stopped creating new recipes for my breakfast and I ended up with an amazing taste of Cookie Dough ice-cream but healthier version. I enjoyed creating this and I was so happy that it turned out great. I”m sharing this with you and I hope you like it! Continue reading

Blueberries Oatmeal Breakfast

I am not a fan of breakfast at all. I know it’s the most important meal of the day but I used to skip breakfast. Since I started having oatmeal for breakfast, I have tried creating different flavours to make myself love breakfast. And I have managed it 🙂

Here is the recipe for your delicious Oatmeals with Blueberries! It’s super easy, super tasty and very healthy. Continue reading

What’s For Dinner? – Chorizo Rice

I am not a housewife but I might have to consider to be one. Do you have it? Everyday considering ‘What to eat tonight’? That’s why cooking shows are always helpful. Here is Chorizo rice which is inspired by Spicy Sausage Rice from Gordon Ramsay.

Chorizo Rice Continue reading

The Taste Of A Black Forrest Cake

I have been diving in my kitchen to make new dishes and cakes. And lately, i was inspired by Stephanie Jawosski’s cake recipes. She has a Youtube channel named Joy of Baking. If you are a fan of sweet treats, it is so easy to follow her recipes that you can make your own candies and cakes.

The Black Forrest

A black forrest cake is a chocolate cake filled with cherries soaked in Kirsch and whipped cream. The chocolate cake should be light and airy texture so that it can absorb the   Kirsch flavoured cherry syrup better. Continue reading