Instameet @ Amsterdam

It was an unexpectedly awesome day! To some people, you are so familiar with Instagram. This small app on your smartphone has gathered millions of photos and surprisingly it has gathered millions of people together. For the first time, I decided to go to the Instameet (Instagram meet). More than 100 people crossed the river … More Instameet @ Amsterdam

Why Blog?

Do you have a purpose to blog? Today post I would like to tell you my reasons of blogging, what I think about blogging and how you start your own blog. There are several bloggers on different platforms in different categories (I’m not sure if that is how you call it “categories”). And I’m sure everyone blogs … More Why Blog?

Study can be fun!

I haven’t updated my blog pretty a while. The reason is because after all the traveling I got my first term exams. I’m not so proud of how successful I am in study because it’s not so. However, I am not a lazy student. There are lots of people make excuses, that they don’t like … More Study can be fun!