Liebster Award

Just a short time really focus on blogging, was cool knowing about Liebster Award. Thanks Wanderingkeri for the nomination.

The Rules:

Once you accept a nomination, you are expected to complete the following steps:

  • Thank and link to the blogger who nominated you (Thanks again, Faye!).
  • Create a post on your blog.
    • Display the Liebster Award logo.
    • Answer the 11 questions assigned by the person who nominated you.
    • Nominate 11 new bloggers.
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Here are the questions I got asked:

  1. It’s dark, you’re alone, the cat jumps up and runs from the room … what’s next?
    I would follow the cat
  2. Adventures for me means?
    There are different kinds of adventures but to sum up as one definition, I would say, experiencing new things
  3. I’d rather ________________ than _________________ but then I’d also _________________.
    I’d rather travelling my whole life than staying at one place forever but then I’d also like to find a place to call home
  4. Today I am going to?
    ..write and inspire people just like other day
  5. Who is your most favorite person?
    No one I call favourite, I call them interesting
  6. What makes you smile more than anything else?
    Getting messages from people asking me how I am on the trip and how proud they are that I can do what I am doing
  7. When you look over the edge of the tallest mountain, tallest building, or deepest mine what’s the first thing you do and say?
    I would stay still, look at one certain subject and feel the surroundings
  8. Your most used tag line is what?
  9. What’s your go to travel outfit.
    I am a backpacker in style, I don’t dress like a backpacker and just pull out what I look best in
  10. Where have you been that just stopped you cold when you saw it?
    Cinque Terre and its sunset really make me have goosebumps
  11. When you are lost … what do you do?
    Keep moving on because you won’t find the way if you go back either.

I don’t force anyone I am about to nominate here to answer my questions in public. These people I have my eyes on for awhile and some recently and I think they deserve some love. And I would like to present 7 blogs I think you should check out and follow:

  1. Johnliddlephotography
  2. The Travelling Song
  3. Venturology
  4. Michael
  5. Andrew Rupp
  6. The Rad Way
  7. The Mad Woman in The Attic

Questions for you:

  1. Where do you find your most comfortable at?
  2. How do you define home?
  3. Would you have a choice to travel to one place for the last time, what is your destination? Why?
  4. What do you capture most often with your camera?
  5. How many places in the world have you been to?
  6. Which country can define you best?
  7. Why do you blog?
  8. What do you think about the roll of a blogger nowadays?
  9. How do you describe your voice in writing?
  10. What do you stare at most often which can make you calm?
  11. Give one word that can describe you best.


I chose to be a solo traveller

In this modern world, being single is something to be seen ‘unbelievable’, especially when you are an alright good looking girl. People come to you and ask why that would be possible that you are single. Quite a dumb question, huh? At least that is how I interpret it.  What is wrong with being single? Or because I am travelling alone and how people see it as depressing because you don’t have a companion on the trip and would see yourself lonely in the crowd? Wait, I actually don’t see the relation between being single and travelling alone, or I have been the wrong one the whole time. I think I am lost in my own complicated mind. Now you are probably just as lost and thinking what they hell I am talking about.


22 years of having my feet on the ground in which knowing about travelling for the first time at the age of 14, 4 years knowing how to see the world in different dimensions and only 1 and a half years knowing who I really am. Just like other travellers out there, travelling for me is a passion, an addiction and something called joy. Maybe that first time joining the summer camp in Singapore or the first flight going alone to China to visit my mother opened my eyes and came along the definition of travelling. Well, who would know about what travelling was at the age of 14 right? It would have just felt like any other vacation, going somewhere to have fun. But certainly it must be the reason that has brought me to become a traveller today.

Got in a relationship at the age of 17 with a Dutch man, I had no regret and actually I felt absolutely happy with that beautiful relationship. He is a traveller himself that made us to be a travelling couple. Those days gave me some great experiences that has developed my way of travelling now. Travelling with your loved one is always a great idea because you can always find yourself sharing great moments with the person you want to be with the most and it was for me when I travelled with him as well. However, the fact that I was in a relationship way too early, I was lost in the bubble of love and my boyfriend was the only I looked up to. I did not know who I was, I did not even know how it meant loving myself. I stepped out of the relationship just before turning 21 which for some people say the turning point of your life because you are about to enter the adulthood.


There I was, single, and right after, I booked my first flight for one to South of Spain. Was I lonely? Certainly not. But I wouldn’t deny that I could feel the lonesome when I was the only one dining at a restaurant table. But that was the first lesson I got – learning to be comfortable being only with yourself. Then many more lessons to come, and more trips to make, I have got into the zone of solo travelling. The more I go, the more I understand my abilities, the more people I have met on the way, the more stories I have heard, the more inspiration I have got. At one certain point, I have found myself, my life goal and my strength. That is something I did not see while in a relationship and same with meeting people, relationships could limit yourself in doing so somehow.

  1. Travelling alone does not mean you are lonely
  2. Travelling alone maximise your abilities
  3. You is the most important person of your life

Solo travelling wouldn’t be for the whole life but till you find the love of your life, enjoy yourself and what travelling would bring you. And myself, for now, I choose to be a solo traveller.

Hitchhike to 5 countries, 25 cities

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 11.25.39

I have spent most of my money on the last trip in South East Asia and made some small trips during since. Long story short, my savings are draining. But you know, that’s the life of a traveller – we don’t really have a luxury life to save all the money to travel the world, spend it all and save again. However, there will be nothing stopping us from travelling as long our heart and mind are strong.

With a tight budget, my mind came across Hitchhiking. I have never dared to do it and there is no reason for that . That’s why, I have decided to hitchhike this summer. I will be hitchhiking  to 5 countries25 cities in Europe  for about 2 months. I don’t know the proper way to do it but I’m gonna learn and figure out the way. All trips will be taken spontaneously so there will be no date scheduled.

My trip will first start from Cologne, Germany on 9 July. Here are following planned destinations:


Mannheim – Heidelberg – Stuttgart


Zurich – Lago Lugano


Lago Como – Milan – Genoa – Cinque Terre – Pisa – Luca – Florence – Siena – Bologna – Modena – Verona – Venice – Trento


Innsbruck – Linz – Vienna


Cesky Krumlov – Prague – Brno






Instameet @ Amsterdam

It was an unexpectedly awesome day!

To some people, you are so familiar with Instagram. This small app on your smartphone has gathered millions of photos and surprisingly it has gathered millions of people together. For the first time, I decided to go to the Instameet (Instagram meet). More than 100 people crossed the river from the Amsterdam Central to the meet-up point – The Eye Film. Some people already knew each other from the last Instameet, some people were happy recognising other Instagramers. I did not expect how exciting it could be. People with cameras and phones in hands. I spotted so many Instagramers that I was dying to meet. I felt so good being surrounded by so many talented and enthusiastic people. I was inspired.

I was surprised seeing all those people. Everyone has their own styles, different perspectives. The meet might be in Amsterdam but we are all from different parts of the world. Despite the difference in nationalities, we share the same interest and we shared so many stories and laugh on that day. That one that I like about Instagram –  it might be a platform for sharing pictures but those pictures show our styles and might be our personalities. It is actually a point that makes people come together so much easier. This community is a safe environment for people to share their perspectives and inspirations.



See more from my Instagram @angelakoblitz


Thailand: Hiding out on Koh Lanta

It was a change of plan. I had doubted my trip to Myanmar and thought of where I would be going after Bangkok. Oh, Fullmoon party in Koh Phangan island? Koh Tao? Koh Lipe? Too many options for this beautiful country. At the last minute, I decided to book my flight from Krabi to Chiangmai. Therefore, Koh Lanta was my next destination. It is just a perfect hide-out for me.

At first, I found myself a bit lonely going to a honeymoon island just by myself. I was in the bus with couples hand-in-hand, or family sharing their laughters. However, by the time I reached the shore, I felt totally in peace. Maybe being alone is not too bad? After 20 hour travelling, I got myself a bungalow and headed right away to the beach. I fell asleep without knowing it, didn’t care about my surroundings if there were couples cuddling or kids running around. I couldn’t feel any better.

Many people have wondered why I am travelling by my own. Besides the fact that I don’t bother why not, I want to give sometime for myself to figure out what I want to do the coming time, to learn about myself better and find peace in my heart. And yes, I have found the perfect place to think. The moment I drove myself real fast along the beach with the motorbike I rented, I felt free. I freed myself from the troubles, from all the matters that were left behind in my real world and I letted myself to find my inner peace. I felt every single thing around me – the wind going through my hair and breezing on my skin, the smell of the sea, the delighted sunshine glowing on my whole body… I appreciated so much what I was having at that moment. I got a bit lost while driving. A little reflection – I felt lost myself, not only of the way, but also in my life. Well, life is always like that. You sometimes feel lost but you somehow manage to find your way out. And same to me, I did find my way to get out of the maze.

This place does not have so many tourists and I was so happy about it. I could calmly enjoy the sunset at 18:30 without many people on the beach. And sure was, it was a beautiful sunset at 18:30. The sun became a giant egg yolk and blended in the dark blue sky. The water became golden with a spark of glitters. At that moment, I wished I could just blend myself in, just like that.


Then the night reached to this island. I loved the fact that I stayed in a bungalow that was 20 steps away from the beach. I took a stroll spontaneously on the beach at one night. Some restaurants were still open and had music on. The dimmed candle lights could be seen from a distance. Oh, it could be very romantic if I was with someone. Crickets chirped. Waves pounded the shore. I looked up and there were stars, sparkling over the dark sky. The full moon light illuminated equivocally behind the trees. That moment is so hard that impossible to find in the city. I was soaked up in the dark for a while. The only thing I hated was the mosquitos. But I wouldn’t do a crazy thing if I was so bothered by them. I ran to the water. Having my legs in the cold water felt just amazing. I could have actually dipped my whole body in unless I was not having my phone in my purse. And just like that, another day on this beautiful island passed by.

Waking up in the beachy morning  sun was absolutely my favourtie thing there. Having been travelling for few weeks, I never got a real good sleep as I got here. The first thing I heard in the morning were the bird singing and the wind blowing… There, I was the laziest person on earth. But why not? I was happy. I did nothing further than feeling the nature and enjoying myself. The time on Koh Lanta I learned to appreciate my time being alone. Somehow, it just got into me – my inner self. I might have not had all my answers but I have found the most important thing that I wanted for this trip – peace in my heart.














Taking Off to South East Asia

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Just landed in Singapore and found myself waiting 6 hours at the airport. What could it better than spending some quality time to edit a post or hopping in the city to find some food.

I tried to wake up as early as possible but I was still in hurry. Part of it caused of the Dutch public transportation. I couldn’t feel more disappointed with the Dutch system in this. Luckily, I still got to the airport on time. I’m always stressed out when it comes to flying. Especially when it is a long flight. I left Schiphol Airport, said goodbye to my most favourite person and got ready for my new trip.

First thing I did when I arrived in Changi Airport was buying shorts and flipflops. I just wanted to tuck myself in summery clothes and enjoy for few hours before I face the cold of the Northern Vietnam. I had a small reunion with Trisha Toh (blogger of The Weekend Brunch). It was funny to see her on the other side of the globe since last time we met was 3 weeks ago in Germany. We made the best out of our 3 hours in the city.

It always feels so good to be in another city after staying at one place for a while. I can’t tell how excited I am seeing myself with a backpack this time. I have some changes in my plan again but it is all about being spontaneous. Next stop, HANOI!

Goodbye 2014 – A coming exciting 2015


I cannot imagine how a year could pass by so fast. And honestly, 2014 was a rough year for me but it has brought me quite many experiences that I will never forget. It was a year that I decided to find myself. Somehow, I have found a part of me.

One of the biggest event of this year that I turned 21. Besides the fact that I feel more matured, I have seen an independent girl in me. Let’s be a bit personal. Getting out of a long relationship was a hard decision but it taught me to stand on my own feet. I made a big step in my 21st that I went on a solo trip in August. Flew myself to south of Spain and paid a visit in Morocco. I was amazed how great it was – travelling alone. I could get lonely sometimes but it forced me to communicate with other people. A lesson that I learned! That hasn’t finished just yet. I had my return in Cologne, had 5 months exchange in this city and met amazing people. I letted myself to socialise and meet new people. Some of them have become great friends. I had a chance to open up and learn about people from different countries.

I’m glad that 2015 has come. I can’t wait to see what awaits me this year. I’m starting this year with my second solo travel in South East Asia for 7 weeks. For me, it’s a challenge –  an Asia girl travelling in Asian countries. However, someone has told me to believe in my sixth sense and follow I believe it’s safe. Besides that, I am hoping I will get a chance to go to America this summer. Further travel plan will be planned after my Asia trip.

Who doesn’t get excited to have something new? A new year is a new chapter. Wish you all a happy new year and all the excitement might come this 2015.

Happy travel!!


Christmas time @ Weihnachtsmarkt

If you notice, during this time I have a post about the Christmas market. I just realised, I have written about the Kerstmarkt in The Netherlands or Noël a Paris. Now it’s time to show you the route of the Christmas market – Der Weihnachtsmarkt. With a long tradition starting from Germany, Christmas markets in Germany have become a tourist attraction. Every year, in the end of November Christmas markets are opened everywhere in the Germany and last for 1 month.

Every year, I am caught up in the beautiful décor and the ‘bling bling’ of all the lights adorning Christmas markets. From Germany, to The Netherlands, to France, to Austria then to Slovakia… Let me tell you, Germany still wins my heart by its traditional Weihnachtsmarkt. It’s all about tradition, friends gathering around with a glass of Glühwein (sweet hot wine) or hot chocolate on their hands. Taking a deep breath and you can easily smell a sense of Glühwein in the air and the smell coming from the grilled meat searing on the hot coal.

The happy vibe is sent out when you are still few steps away from the market. The excitement can be seen obviously on people’s faces. They say Christmas markets are best in the evening. It is somehow true. The lights are on like stars sparkling in front of your eyes. These lights also warm up the whole place and make it cosier. You are surrounded by laughter of people, the sizzling of meat on the grill, kids giggling on the carousel… This atmosphere is a reason to keep me coming back here. That has mentioned the food. You can get such a good treat here with some typical German food. Reibekuchen – some deep fried potatoes that tastes delish with Apfelmus (apple puree), or get yourself some champions with garlic creamy sauce. When people talk about German food, sausages and meat are the main two things they first think of. Yes, you will not be disappointed. There are many more that you would definitely be excited to find in a Christmas market.

Everyone is now so excited for the Christmas day to come. People look for their home decorations or Christmas presents. It is the time of gathering with your loved ones and having a wonderful time together. I am sending you all wishes for happiness, laughter, and a lovely Christmas. Enjoy the last days of 2014 and make it the best!


Angela Koblitz


















Hola Málaga

It was a weird ride from Cologne to the airport. Weeze Airport turns out to be in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nothing than fields. I was so nervous on the way. It must be the idea of travelling alone for 2 weeks or it could be the fear of flight. Somehow, after a short nap in the bus, my mind was clearer. I imagined myself walking around Málaga, myself in the swimsuits bathing in the sun. It gave me peace.

It was raining when I left Germany. After 3 hour flight, here came the sun of Málaga. Arriving in Málaga and I already had a great impression on this city. Everything looks so wild and classic. The people, gotta say, super friendly. I had troubles finding my accommodation and when I asked on person in the bus, everyone joined in and helped me. What I could say was “sí sí gracias…” and had no idea what they were saying.


I’m staying in an Airbnb house. My host is amazing. Fali is such a nice guy. He welcomed me with his paella and vinos, and even walked with me in the city at night. 2 hour walk and I definitely knew that I was falling in love with this city. The city looked absolutely charming when the lights were on. I had a peak of the city view and I couldn’t say anything else instead of WOW.

I am so much looking forward to the coming days to see what other things Málaga could offer.