Liebster Award

Just a short time really focus on blogging, was cool knowing about Liebster Award. Thanks Wanderingkeri for the nomination. The Rules: Once you accept a nomination, you are expected to complete the following steps: Thank and link to the blogger who nominated you (Thanks again, Faye!). Create a post on your blog. Display the Liebster … More Liebster Award

Instameet @ Amsterdam

It was an unexpectedly awesome day! To some people, you are so familiar with Instagram. This small app on your smartphone has gathered millions of photos and surprisingly it has gathered millions of people together. For the first time, I decided to go to the Instameet (Instagram meet). More than 100 people crossed the river … More Instameet @ Amsterdam

Hola Málaga

It was a weird ride from Cologne to the airport. Weeze Airport turns out to be in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nothing than fields. I was so nervous on the way. It must be the idea of travelling alone for 2 weeks or it could be the fear of flight. Somehow, after a … More Hola Málaga