Germany: One day trip to Munich (Food, Drinks, Attractions) – GIVEAWAY CONTEST

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Munich is one of the biggest cities in Germany but it isn’t difficult to explore the city in within a day. You will not be able to see it all unless you skip enjoying the Bavarian dining and drinking culture which I think it would be a waste if you are in the most cultural part of Germany. If you are in Bavaria, you should NEVER LEAVE OUT eating the food from this region and drink the real Bavarian beers. Let me give you a hint how you could enjoy this city at its best!


Something I find quite ironic that the day ticket for public transportation in Munich is quite cheap compared to the average expense. The cost is about €6.50 and you are able to travel 3 rings. However, you don’t need to go that far, trust me! Most destinations are accessible by foot but you might want to hop from one place to the other at its fastest or it might be a bit tiring after a long trip that you do not feel like walking too much.

2 – Grab your Bavarian breakfast

Start you day right with a good breakfast and it cannot be better than having a real Bavarian breakfast. Not a tradition but people still do so every now and then. A Bavarian breakfast includes Weisswurst (white sausages) & Brezel (pretzel). As you have known, Germany is known for their sausages. If Berlin has Currywurst, Frankfurt has Bratwurst, Munich has their famous Weisswurst. It comes with a pretzel – salty knotted bread.

Suggestion: Miss Lilly’s Restaurant 

3 – Walk the Isar


I wouldn’t say it is a popular attraction because of its stand on the fourth largest river in Bavaria, it is a hot destination for locals to come and chill. Isar looks the best in the summer and you are able to sit down by the river to have some drinks or BBQ.

Suggestion: walking on Fraunhofer bridge towards the city centre

4 – Drink not-so-Bavarian styled coffee


If you are a coffee lover like me, you cannot skip your morning cup of wake-me-up. Munich offers quite a limited amount of cafes and the number is far from what Berlin got. However, quantity does not say anything about quality, does it? Walking from Fraunhofer bridge towards the city, you will cross by Man versus Machine – a Munich based roaster.

Suggestion: If you want to check out other cafés, check out the list of 5 best coffee places in Munich

5- To Marienplatz, Viktualienmarkt and climb the church of St. Peter

That one spot that most people come to Munich can never miss – Marienplatz. It is seen as the centre point of the city where the city centre starts. It is easy to reach from Man versus Machine cafe by foot – about 10 minute walk along the Sendlingerstr which you hop in shops for a bit of shopping.

From Marienplatz, it is reachable to Viktualienmarkt where you can find the local market and a beer garden. As I have noticed, Viktualienmarkt is not very touristic and mostly locals enjoy hanging out here. So my recommendation is to join them and experience as a local.
Suggestion: North West of the seafood shop (Nordsee), you can find a hut selling delicious falafel shop where you can have a big plate for a fair price.

From St Peter church, it is a great opportunity to see the city from above. On a clear blue sky day, you might be even lucky to see the Alps from here as well.
Suggestion: another location for a good view is on top of Olympiazentrum

6 – Hofgarten, Eisbach, Haus der Kunst


One of the most beautiful spot in Munich, in my opinion, is Hofgarten. This French inspired garden is stunning on its own but its charm you gotta admit once you stand in front of the pavilion. During the summer time, flowers grow everywhere, which gives the atmosphere around here so romantic.

Take a walk from the garden slowly towards the English garden. Just next to the museum of contemporary art Haus der Kunst, you will find the Eisbach – the favourite spot for surfers. I have never known how that works but it makes continuous waves so that people can surf or practice there. It is catchy for many visitors.

Suggesions: if you are an art lover, check out the collections from Haus der Kunst. And the best part of it, enjoy few afternoon drinks at the Goldene Bar. 

7 – Eat Bavarian dinner

Start with Bavaria, end with Bavaria! In Munich, there are several restaurants that you can eat Bavarian food. The most popular thing that most tourists like to do is to visit a Brauhaus. However, if you want to escape from the touristy places, Spezlwirtschaft is the right restaurant for you. With a modern design concept, Spezlwirtschaft is definitely the most stylish Bavarian restaurant in town.

Suggestion: if you want to get a snack in between, get a Bazi’s box at Schlemmerkucherl on Müllerstr.



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Germany: The ultimate guide to dine & drink in Munich #2

The gastronomy industry in Munich has been growing for the last 2 years. Dining in Munich gets more interesting day by day because of the development in style and cuisine. The drinking game in this city is nonetheless showing some impressive images as well with great cocktail bars or an enormously innovative change in coffee culture. Before getting into it, a warning is given for those who are not willing to pay over €10 a drink. Munich is certainly an expensive city for both dining and drinking but the city offers the best for each cent you pay. Moreover, a good drink deserves good care and high respect for baristas or bartenders who are behind the bar making you that full-of-pleasure drink.



If you haven’t checked the list of top 5 coffee places in Munich, it is a must because you should not waste your time on drinking bad coffee.


Address: Müllerstraße 23


Address: Nymphenburger Str. 51



Address: Fraunhoferstrasse 32


I have always been crazy about this rooftop hotel bar because of its beautiful interior design and its amazing offers for cocktails. The space is very cosy like a living room so that whenever you are here, you would feel like home. Read further on my review on The Flushing Meadows Hotel & Bar.

Address: Müllerstraße 50


This spot might be so vivid but very much hidden. No name at the entrance, you could only recognise the place by its big two windows looking through the whole bar. With a great amount of liquors, you will not be disappointed being at Loretta. Read more on my review for Loretta bar.

Address: Pestalozzistraße 22

My first impression for Wolf was not a wow but after coming back few times, I understand why it got so much attention from so many people. They don’t only have good cocktails but also a great atmosphere that makes people feel like coming back again and again. This American inspired bar is a cosy bar for you to check out.

Address: Schellingstraße 32, 80799 München


Definitely, JTH is my all time favourite. Maybe the fact they have it all – good drinks, good vibe, good interior. I have always been thrilled when a drink comes. Head over to my review for James T. Hunt to find out why I love this place so much.

Address: Ledererstraße 13


My recent obsession belongs to Lux. The space is quite small but it is perfect to have a romantic date. At Lux, there is a great team of bartenders always being ready to serve you real good cocktails. Some of the cocktails at Lux got a prize from mixology competition. Why don’t you come and check that out?

Address: Hans-Sachs-Straße 20

Not only specialised in cocktails, Auroom got the winner of German bartending championship behind the bar. Certainly, the title is just not a title but Auroom has proven that they deserve that prize. Selective and creative! I cannot get enough of Auroom.


Germany: The ultimate guide to dine & drink in Munich #1

Having travelled to many different big cities, Munich stands out as a not-so-stylish one when it comes to dining and drinking. It might sound strange but the majority of Münchner is still quite conservative and it is hard to adapt changes. Therefore, gastronomy field in Munich has got a hard time to bring their new signature into this town. Nonetheless, this place has changed slowly for the last two years. Cafés and restaurants have been growing and bringing a fresh breeze to Munich. Surprisingly, people here are getting used to them and adapting day by day. New born restaurants or cafes will not be coming after each other in within six months but once there is good one in town, it is definitely a divine spot for each of you to be pleased.


Good food needs to be served in a good service as well as good atmosphere.

Bavarian cuisine

Address: Müllerstraße 43

A hidden spot that only the local knows. It is known by its traditional Bazi’s box (or Bratenbox) with the typical flavour of Munich or Bavaria in general. In one traditional Bazi’s box is served with potato dumpling (knödel), red cabbage and crunchy pork belly. Duck is another option as well.

Address: Ledererstraße 3


Located in the middle of the city, Spezlwirtshaft offers a good range of Bavarian dishes. Brauhaus is an experience that people want to have when they are in Munich but to have real good food from this region in a great atmosphere and nicely designed interior, Spezlwirtshaft is a place to be.

Vietnamese cuisine

As a Vietnamese, I always look for good Viet food wherever I am. Here is the list of 5 best Vietnamese restaurants in Munich



Address: Hans-Sachs-Straße 9

Address: Kurfürstenstraße 31


Address: Augustenstraße 16

Comparing Taste my burger to other burger places in town, this spot might not have a good eye for interior but the quality of each burger is phenomenal. During lunch time, they have a great offer – €6 for burger and fries which I find impossible in Munich. I have lingered my feet here again and again because of the friendly service and their tasty burgers.

Address: Thalkirchner Str. 12

Not a friendly service burger bar but the style and the concept would make up for it. Burgers here are made with organic products and there are great options for you to choose. The menu is creative with complemental sauces – from peanut butter jelly to mango chutney to apricot flavour mustard.


Address: Türkenstraße 55

DSC_3588It is a divine spot in town and vegan food is not just food with vegetables anymore when you are here. Find out more on my review for Gratitude


Address: Oefelestraße 12


Breakfast all day long is what Miss Lilly’s offers. With great options for different breakfasts, you won’t be bored of eating breakfast anymore. What I love about this place is the cosy atmosphere and beautiful interior. Find out more on my review for Miss Lilly’s

Address: Gärtnerpl. 6

A French bakery which offers you delicious brunch. Cortidiano is located in one of the most popular spots in Munich – Gärtnerplatz – which makes it more popular among locals. Price is reasonable and quality is high. Isn’t that what we all look for?

Address: Neureutherstraße 1

LAX is an LA inspired eatery which offers basic but tasty breakfast. The space is relaxing and friendly that you can make it as a working space as well.


Address: Pestalozzistraße 7

Itxaso is definitely one of my greatest find in Munich. The restaurant is small but that makes it cosy. The range of food is simply but what they serve would make you pleased.


Address: Schellingstraße 30

If you want to find a good spot for real good Napoli pizza, Lo Student offers you a great deal for lunch. Everyday has a different offer and it costs about €5.50. It is located in the University area, and it tells by its name, it has become the hottest Italian restaurant in town where you can have good Italian cuisine under a budget.

Address: Residenzstraße 25


The atmosphere at Stereo is quite different from other restaurants you visit in Munich. Classy and modern. Everyday offers a great menu with some delish dishes. Since it is located in the most expensive area in the city, the price is not very affordable (Price range in between €9 – €20). However, you will be happy with what you pay because of its quality.

Italy: Mantova – Charming beauty of Lombardy

Italian land is fascinating that I can never get over it. Being in this country no matter where I am at, I always find something so inspiring that I can write up and pour my feeling in it. It is colourful, it is intimating and somehow it is kind of sexy. That is what I feel for Italy and for Italian people.


Mantova or Mantua, the small town of Lombardy seems to get so much charm but not many people notice it. You could easily miss it while heading to Verona, Venice or Milan. It is, however, a place worth to make a stop for one or two days. The cultural and artistic aspects got me chilled when I took my first glance in the late evening while on my way to Beatilla – my country stay for the long weekend. I was amazed by its entrance from the highway to the old town leading by a bridge slicing the river into two. It was like the road to a new kingdom which was far lost in the mystery. It was found and it dazzled me by its charmingly Italian vibe.

I stayed in a farm resort and took a bike ride to Mantova one day. Crossing multiple land fields, cow farms, and I realised that was kind of fun, somehow different from most my travels. Staying in the city sometimes could be hectic even though I gotta admit the convenience. Mantova is not so big but going on a bike made me feel like putting myself into the non-tourist lifestyle. I was not yet in the old town but it was overwhelmed enough with all the old architectures and the massive Palazzo Ducale. The place is nowhere to be missed because of its performance on the outside and also it stands right at the beginning of the old town entrance. Each room of Ducale is a master piece and you wouldn’t help but wonder how all those paintings could be made. It seems to be something normal for those who visit palaces or castles often but Ducale could surprise you and give you a hint of what you could expect from this small town. If you haven’t found it impressive enough, you would be speechless by the time you stood under the roof of Sala dei Giganti painted by Giulio Romano at Palazzo Te, just like I was.

It was a calming walk in the sun to small alleys which I found so pleasant to be surrounded by old houses with full of warm colours. Being in Mantova reminded me of the time when I was in Genova because somehow the atmosphere was very similar – not packed by tourists, things going slowly and no hassle for tourist attractions.

It might be a small town but its popularity for food is known. Quattro Tette is the finest typical Italian dining which you gotta rush to try their food. They only open for more than 2 hours a day (12:00 – 14:30) but it is worth to try their Tortelli Di Zucca or Risotto con Salsiccia/Alla Pilota – the traditional dishes from Mantova.  The other day, I went easy on food so there I took a Piadina – a quick snack looking like a tortilla crepe at La Piadeniria. Even that simple tortilla Italy could make it so right. When the night came, I couldn’t miss that Aperitivo time when I could get my exquisite Italian wine with some small snacks. That stroll around Mantova got me discover Cue C’é C’é Bar which the design caught my eyes completely because of its contrast from the town. It is nothing like an Italian cafe bar and certainly it got the industrial look going on with a touch of French flavour. That chic bar turned from a hippy place for coffee during the day to a classy hangout spot for youngsters for the Aperitivo time.

By the end of the trip, I actually thought that I could move myself there one day. I got hooked by the Italian culture and lifestyle in this place.Things seem so easy-going, and people are always welcoming. If that could ever happen…

Quattro Tette

Vicolo Nazione, 4
(Opening time: 12:00 – 14:30)

La Piadeniria

Via Giovanni Battista Spagnoli, 18

Cue C’é C’é Bar

Via Calvi Pietro Fortunato, 11

Gelateria Pappa Reale

Via Giovanni Chiassi, 89
+39 0376 365517



Beatilla farm resort – A break from the city

Getting the city girl out of the city is not  easy but it is always great to have a bit of change. So there I left the city to the country. It could not be any better to be out in the countryside in a small town of Italy because somehow I knew that the farm life wouldn’t be boring in this colourful country. Certainly, I was right.

After arriving very late in the town called Mantova, I was fancy for a gelato even though the breeze was pretty damn cold but I always say – “It’s always the best time to eat ice-cream”. In that chilled night, I did not bother to think about anything else because that stay in Italy was going to be exciting. I got driven to Beatilla farm resort where I would be staying for the weekend. And there where I got to meet Bianca, a white cute little donkey who has her own hut from the whole farm resort.


Waking up in the warm sun and breathing the fresh air with a smell significantly from the farm, I realised that I was out of the city. It it not that the city cannot get quiet but the still from a farm house is different. The horse, Malebu, neighed first thing in the morning and made that an alarm for people to feed him, I supposed. People talking in the background in Italian got me feel that I was on a holiday. I walked up to the reception to get some breakfast and apparently, all the goodness from that breakfast were homemade – from the delish chocolate cake to grain bread, fig marmalade, yoghurt. The music from Damien Rice was playing, leading me to the home feeling in the weird way and getting me more comfortable with the quietness. Luca was the host who invited me to come over to get inspired and I was not yet inspired by the place but by him. He is an artist and creates his art in his own way with different dimensions. He created all pieces of furniture in the resort and you can see his art works in every room. Beatilla is a great place to be because you do not only experience the farm life which is not perfect as it is said by Luca, but you are going to live closer to the Italian culture in the artistic way. Thank Luca because he has created a cosy farm resort with tasteful self-made interior by reusing dumbed products.

Life isn’t perfect. Staying in hotels might give you all the comfort you need when you travel but not shows you the reality – said Luca.

The farm life is truly calming and has its own beauty. I was lucky to see it for a short period. I was surrounded by an Italian family, which made me learn a bit more about Italian culture and how they celebrate their lives everyday. Life seems to be more true and real out there… In the end, being out of the city might make me miss the hassle of the city life for a bit but we all deserve sometime to rest our mind and soul to stay true to ourselves. And that’s what Beatilla farm resort gave me – an eye open to see the real life, and a different lifestyle.


Beatilla Farm Resort

Address: Via Mantova 21, Corte Barco, 46045 Marmirolo MN, Italy

Gratitude – The contemporary vegan eatery


Address: Türkenstraße 55, 80799 München

If you have to rate from 1 to 10 how big a meat lover you are, I would probably call myself a 9. I have tried being a vegetarian for some times but it never worked because there is a thing that makes you unable to quit and it creates the addictive energy needed for my body. If you say vegan people are boring, I would deny. Besides the fact that their vegan routine is some kind of a religion and they are the pickiest people, I pay my respect to people who are able to create food with only vegan products. It requires a great creativity and a wide knowledge in flavours in order to create a good plate on the table. My seek for that vegan adventure has landed in Gratitude – a vegan restaurant known by its amazing culinary and creative vegan dishes made with only veggies.


After three years since it first opened, Gratitude is now being managed by Patrick Janoud – who has had 5 years in the gastronomy world. As a vegan himself, he shared with me how passionate he was with green products. “I enjoy eating and serving clean food. That’s why Gratitude only serves food vegetables based” – said Patrick. Coming from the environment of working with food since he was little, the help from his father’s food truck got him inspired and has brought him standing today at Gratitude. The rush in the kitchen is the main energy keeping him going. If the man loves working with food and pays so much respect to the food and its quality, what he brings on the plate would be something that people should be excited for.

I arrived ten minutes before the opening time for some light to get some photos taken and to have the chat with Patrick. This place is a cosy space with some simple but tasteful pieces of interior. Customers came in quite early and in a blink, the restaurant was totally filled up. I did not expect that coming but I could tell how popular this place is and how many people actually either are vegan or interested in this kitchen. I started off with a glass of Chenin blanc “Les Bouillon” to freshen up while waiting for my order to come. The business seemed running very well and quite hectic on that Saturday evening. After observing for a while, my main course came beautifully to my seated table. I’d heard so many people talking about the food here that made me have quite an expectation for this visit. Crunchy looking deep-fired Frisee was sitting on top of green quinoa with Vitelotte on the side decorated with a touch of purple from violet potato slices and creamy white from the celery cream. It was certainly playful to look at. But we all look for the “what does it taste like”. To me, the only question I had was how it could be different from other vegetarian dishes, how it could be lifted to another level when the only ingredients are veggies. That is the tricky part in cooking with only vegetables because you need  play around with different taste to make it more flavourful. The first bite on Frisee was somewhat doubtful – that crunchiness of the breadcrumb cover complimented the main taste of the dish with that bit of sweet- and sour-ness in celery cream, which gave me a playful mouth of wonder. I might not like the deep fried taste but the quinoa balanced it all somehow. The celery cream got the strongest statement on that dish which I enjoyed the most. One element on that plate I had never tried before was Vitelotte – potato flavoured but purple and rich texture. Interesting and delicious – something that I would go for over and over again.


If vegan kitchen can be so exquisite and creative, why wouldn’t you say no to that? I am not going to turn myself in anytime soon to this religion but I have no excuse for not having vegan food more often. Eating clean is a goal that we all should try to reach. And Gratitude could lead you there right, and certainly there is nothing boring about it.

Germany: Loretta Bar – Hidden treasure in Glockenbach Viertel

Loretta Bar

Address: Müllerstraße 50, 80469 München

Gotta say, Munich has impressed pretty well with all hotspots in town. What I love the most is there are several spots hidden which you could not realise it would either be a bar or a cafe or maybe it could be the big club until you first mistakenly enter or got suggested by local. And that begins the story of Loretta Bar.


You better not try to look for it because there is no name in front and the place is so vivid that makes you wouldn’t figure out where the hell is that bar. I passed by this normal looking café many times on the way to work and never had the urge to go in. But you know, do not judge the appearance. It might not look so vividly beautiful from the outside but somehow it still attracted me by its wildness and simpleness. And there I entered for the first time and fell in love with what they got in there.

A great space with an open bar, it does have the charm even though I wouldn’t call it cosiness or chic. However, what they offer is what interested me the most. You would probably be lost in the drink menu because there are quite a lot to look at. The question is: how do they manage to make all those drinks? Normally I wouldn’t be so happy about it because I would be so confused what to choose and doubting always comes along. Right at that moment, I just mumbled myself: CRAZY! Drinks are so interesting here.  It took me about 3 visits to actually taste most of special cocktails and liquor in Loretta. Now I sound like an alcoholic but no, I just enjoy good drinks every now and then.



Here are some facts:

There are over 90 different kinds of Amero which are imported from Italy
130 different kinds of wine
And bartenders there know them all and are very well-educated on each different liquor

Maybe what made me so excited about those drinks there must be all the experiments they put in each drink and they know how to play with different ingredients – herbs, leaves, flowers, and even wood.

Go look for that bar and enjoy a good drink, guys!



Germany: Explore Vietnamese cuisine with the 5 best Vietnamese restaurants in Munich

Being a Vietnamese born, I have got to learn about Vietnamese cuisine. In fact, it should be called an education within this field because it is a long-time exploration when it comes to Vietnamese cuisine. Noodles, you name it! Bun (Vermicelli), Mien (Glass noodles), Pho (Rice noodles), Mi (egg noodles)… As a foodie and a Vietnamese, I am highly strict on what a Vietnamese restaurant could offer. In Munich, there are over 94 Vietnamese restaurants and that number hasn’t included small Imbiss (small restaurants which have a few sittings). It was a challenging project to do to find the best 5 restaurants in Munich.

The list below is dedicated according to my research on several websites to check the interior of each restaurant as well as their menu, visiting those selected restaurants and trying their dishes. Most Vietnamese restaurants have a similar menu but some of them have stood out to be nominated. Please know that it is my personal opinion and these are just some of many Vietnamese restaurants in Munich. I localised my search within the city centre for those who want a convenient access.

Let me first introduce to Vietnamese cuisine. First of all, if you consider to order Curry in a Vietnamese restaurant, you are not eating Vietnamese food. We do not specialise in curry, and in fact, WE DO NOT EAT CURRY. Curry is a dish that each Vietnamese restaurant offers for Western customers who want to go for a safe choice. CURRY IS NOT IN VIETNAMESE CUISINE! For some who have known a bit ’bout this kitchen, Pho is the well-known dish whenever you mention Vietnamese cuisine. It comes originally from the North and Southern Vietnam has brought a different flavour to it when it goes south. However, it is not the only noodle dish we have because we have way much more. And of course, noodles are not the only things we eat in Vietnam. Noodles are mostly for breakfast or a light lunch, but for us, rice with vegetables and some kind of meat dishes is the main meal. Within those dishes being served with rice, there are about hundreds more dishes. About street food, I can’t tell enough. I won’t confuse you further. If you would like to try Vietnamese food in Munich, here are the best 5 restaurants that can offer you what you won’t get offered elsewhere.


Moonsoon Glockenbach

Address: Hans-Sachs-Straße 9, 80469 München


The first Vietnamese restaurant I have ever visited in Munich when I first arrived in this city and it amazed me by its interesting menu. Monsoon is proudly to be called one of the best Vietnamese Restaurants in Munich because how they present the Vietnamese cuisine on the table and their passion for the business. The restaurant has got high attention from customers since they first reopened. The menu is full of Vietnamese traditional dishes with a touch of innovation. Actually, that’s how Monsoon caught my eyes. Monsoon is the first place which has introduced me to some dishes that I did not know before like Bo lui, Banh bo, Tom lui

The main cook is the father of this family business. He shared with me his passion for cooking since he first arrived in Germany. It could be the circumstance that brought him to the business but he worked with full of ardour.

Anh Thu

Address: Kurfürstenstraße 31, 80801 München
Phone: +49 (0)89 27374117

Looking simple from the outside but Anh Thu presents their style in an elegant way from the inside. Most Vietnamese restaurants have one common thing which is over decorate their shops. However, that you won’t find in Anh Thu.

The kitchen are more likely Southern tasted but they know how to balance the best of both worlds to turn all their dishes into the finest. Let me present Anh Thu through one of my favourite dishes – Bun thit nuong (vermicelli with grilled pork served with salad, crushed peanuts and fish sauce). In the North, the dish is presented differently, in which you are served a bowl of Nuoc man (fish sauce), grilled pork and noodles separately. We call it Bun cha. However, in the South, it turns into a mixture of noodle salad which is tasteful and incredibly fresh. That’s why Anh Thu has nailed it and surprised me with a bowl of goodness.


Koriander Too

Address: Einsteinstraße 113, 81675 München

It was a spark between me and Koriander Too since the first time I stepped in this place. The interior is neat and nothing is like a Vietnamese restaurant which makes them different. Comes to the menu, I spotted some dishes that interest me very much. What I like the most is they offer dishes which we eat normally at home as a dish with rice. The best one must be Thit kho trung (braised pork with eggs) – one of the most popular home-cook dishes in Vietnam. I, honestly, fell in love partly with the place because of that dish because it brought me feeling like home. The kitchen is southern-like and as a northern Vietnamese, I was amazed how the dish could crave my appetite and bring me back to the home dining table.

An Nam

Address: Pestalozzistraße 32, 80469 München
Phone: +49 (0)89 24203499

From the outside, An Nam does not appear to be a place with taste but it got me to change my mind. With just about 50 sittings but it turns to be a cosy restaurant. The business has been run for the last 5 years and offered the best of Vietnamese cuisine. It stands out to me by the offer for both styled Pho noodle soup – Pho Nam (southern) and Pho Bac (northern). As it is mentioned in the beginning, Pho is traditionally from the north of Vietnam. If you want to judge a bowl of Pho, always judge the stock. How good or bad the Pho is, the stock would tell you and that is what makes one of the differences between northern Pho and southern Pho.  With An Nam, they have been well-known around town of their Pho and people have been loving it here. Maybe it is your turn to give a try.

Ca Phe Mai

Address: Klenzestraße 8, 80469 München


I got to know Ca Phe Mai just recently through a friend and I’m glad that we got to meet. This family business has renovated the restaurant and made it into even a better place that is worth for a visit. With a minimal decor, Ca Phe Mai presents its taste in decoration with simple interior. The menu is also not that large which is actually a great thing because you won’t be confused of what you should order.

In that short list, you don’t have to doubt any dish because you know that they will all turn out good. Here you can find the taste from all parts of Vietnam and in what they are presenting on the card, there is that bit of north – Banh Cuon and a bit of south –  Banh ich tran and not forgetting a touch from the central of Vietnam – Banh xeo.





Italy: Cosmopolitan life in Milan

There was a hate I got for Milan because it ruined my 20th birthday somehow. But wait, 2 years has passed and that hate has become a love affair. Still counting how many times I have visited the city but wrapped up at number 4. There the story goes from ‘once upon a time, she made Milan as one of her stops during her hitchhiking trip’. The image of an Italian guy asking me sex in exchange for 100 CHF was still in my mind and that was how I entered Italy, and to be more specific, entering Milan. But that won’t be the story of Milan, will it? Absolutely not because it has something that fascinates me so much that brings me back again and again.

Surely, 2 years ago I would say something else about Milan. Dirty, overpriced, too ‘Cosmopolitanic’! Well, none of those has changed but the image of the city certainly has been different in my mind. If you look closely, you will find Milan not a touristic city. And it is not! It is just known by the fashion statement, fashion fairs and famous fashion designers. The shopping street has made so many people crazy about to come here and to tell that ‘hey, I shopped at Milan the other day’. It does look fancy but not different from other cities I have been to. But I believe we all need a bit of the ‘bling-bling’ every now and then, and of course, that Cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Sometimes I think I should be a better tourist because I have a blog to manage but I hardly mention a tourist attraction and same with photos. In the end, I should not give a damn about that because there are enough blogs out there doing that job and my job is to enjoy the short-period life of each city could offer. However, I was doing that right, especially there in Milan. After the 4th visit, I haven’t crossed any places that are in the list ‘Top 10 places to visit in Milan’. Duomo is still standing there gorgeously waiting for me to have a good shot but it never works out because of the amount of people standing on that square could not do good for my photos anyway. So I gave up and enjoyed my time in Milan as a non-tourist.



When I say there is so much to see, what I mean is the lifestyle. It could be the thing that fascinates me the most about this place, the living is Italian but not as much Italian as it seems. I won’t define it because I might turn it into stereotyping. People are busy glamouring up themselves to chase the image of a Cosmopolitan, but nevertheless having a moment to enjoy their Milanese lives. Whatever people do or work during the day will wrap up in an Aperitivo dinner. Just like other Milanese or Italian in general, I do enjoy my Aperitivo evening just as much. I mean, it is cool to dine out and you don’t have to pay so much but can stuff your face with the buffet. I have to mention that a drink is included, too. For me, I am not fond of the Italian cuisine Aperitivo because it seems quite normal. It would be better if you go to a real Italian restaurant for that though. So then, I decided to spend my evening in a Sushi bar which offers the same concept – buffet and a drink. I might sound weird – eating Sushi in Italy? Am I crazy? But trust me, I am not at all because I bet you might have not known, Milan has the best seafood around here. And why don’t you go for something different rather than the old routine? Italian cuisine is absolute adore but I prefer a change every now and then. And that led me to a Mexican Taco bar called Al Mercato the next night. The variety of tacos there is amazing and each of them is speechlessly good.


It was a little night out with my dear friend Manoela. We are absolutely two foodies and we certainly fell in love with Al Mercato. After finishing our last tacos, getting some tequila shots with a random Italian guy being seated alone at the bar and few chats later, we all went to Armani for a little luxury and maybe a cocktail. Of course, cocktails happened. We were about to call it a night and then:

“Have you checked out the room here? The bedroom is absolutely gorgeous and I would love to see you two in bed touching each other”.

I might have gotten into my friend’s nerve but not mine. “How could we say that we are not interested? We don’t look for guys, sorry!”

Shock? Yes!
Scared? For sure not. It was not my first time facing an Italian guy and talking about sex. I was asked to have sex in exchange for money, I got harassed while hitchhiking, so maybe that was a bit more gentleman of him to ask.

He was a Milanese guy having a successful business in the city. His English is incredibly good so I was sure he could understand me just fine. The only thing I had to question myself again – Are all Italian men like that? I was in Milan, not holding a cardboard on the road. And he was a charming guy, not a truck driver. What is going on?

Cosmopolitan huh. Maybe we need to have to rewind to define it all over again.