Germany: Berlin – Coffee diaries #1

It was the longest ride from Munich to Berlin. 8 hours in the bus and I couldn’t feel my legs any more. The moment the bus reached Berlin, the only thing I wanted to do was to get out to stretch my legs. The breeze was damply cold but was good to get some fresh air after a long time being stuck in a full loaded bus. It was already 1am and still two underground trains till I could get to my friend who lives in Kreuberg. I certainly did not remember how Berlin looked at all. Just about 1 year ago, I was in Berlin but everything seemed still freshly new. I did not remember that Berlin could look quite dirty, messy and wild. That was me at 1:30, maybe it could change when the sun came out?

Hallesches Haus

Address: Tempelhofer Ufer 1, 10961 Berlin

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Feeling the urge to get up because it would be a waste if I stayed in bed in Berlin. So there we went, my friend took his dog Romeo down for a walk and I joined for a short stroll. We stopped by Hallesches Haus, a small concept store with a cute café that made my feet stuck around for awhile. Cosy, yeah quite, but there is something old and there is something new. The store itself is neatly modernised but the cafe is an open space with great boutique interior. I don’t even know boutique is the right word, but it is like the 70s in the 21 century. Would be a lovely place for reading a book, till next time, shall we?

The Companion Coffee

Address: Oranienstraße 24, 10997 Berlin

They say it is the best coffee in town! Oh well, I can’t even guess how many café there are in Berlin and to say it is the best would be something to consider. After saying goodbye to my friend, I walked on to The Companion Coffee. My eyes were looking all over the place but couldn’t find that shop. It was hiding in a alley and in a clothing store called Voo. Small little café but has so much to offer. Coffee beans from all different countries have gathered here and certainly, must be the best ones.


Address: Oranienpl. 14, 10999 Berlin


I have realised that Berlin is cool not only because of its lifestyle but its gastronomy is so diverse and interesting. It could take you weeks to spend in Berlin just to cover most cool places in town. I wandered around through Instagram the other day and found this cute spot for food. It was just a few steps away from The Companion, there turned my next stop for food. Having opened for only a short time, but has had quite many eyes on. It certainly had mine. With a simple menu but not forgetting some sparkles in some certain ingredients, Ora has shown its talent for cooking.

Bonanza Coffee Roaster

Address: Oderberger Str. 35, 10435 Berlin

It was a very cold day in Berlin and the wind was brutal. Walking around with my feet and hands freezing that made me want to stay the whole time inside the subway. At one point, I quit the cold and followed my need to a warmer place, and nowhere better than a café. It was a ride crossing the Mitte quarter to a cosy roaster that I had heard long before. It was pitch black already even though it was only 4pm. I stayed for awhile to sip a good cup of coffee till I was completely warmed up.

I don’t know for what reason but I have always come to Berlin for only a day stay. Somehow sad but I can always feel fresh and new whenever I am back. Till next time!



Germany: James T. Hunt Bar – My second living room in Munich

Jame T. Hunt

Address: Schellingstraße 32, 80799 München

Not really a bar hopper but I always appreciate few good glasses of cocktails from time to time. When it comes to cocktails, I want to pay a good amount of money on those. With the experience of bar keeping for the last year, I am even stricter on what I drink. If you ask me about how to make cocktails, to be honest, I did not learn how to do it but just by following recipe and shaking it hard. But how to taste cocktails, I am sure you can trust what I am about to tell you.


It was the middle of the week but I was asked to go out for some drinks at James T. Hunt bar. I never care which day it is to have a good drink because it can always push your spirit and nothing is wrong with a bit of alcohol. Kinda cool that the bar is so vivid but at the same time hidden. I crossed by Schellingstrasse for millions times but never really knew that there was a chic bar standing there.What is James T. Hunt? I don’t really know and don’t even have the urge to ask. But it has got me hooked since the very first time. The fact that I was sitting in a cosy place with great interior, you know me, I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. In the concept of a small living room, James T. Hunt has pull out its friendly atmosphere that people come here could feel like at home. I was, in that case, feeling too much at home that I lost the time. Or was that because those cocktails were hitting on me because to be honest, I did not just take one.



I got my first sip on the Berry Bomb and couldn’t slow myself down. It was quite a different taste compared to other cocktails I had tried, but it was certainly great. I tried to figure out what was wrong with my drink, why was it so good but so strange at the same time. Until the last drop of that Cherry Bomb in the bottom of the glass, I still couldn’t figure it out. All I tasted was absolutely damn fine alcohol with a playful taste but still yet not know what. There came my second cocktail. I think everyone was wondering what was in my mind because of my dull face. YES! I GOT IT! It was not sweet! I realised how we had always been tricked by the sweetness in the cocktails that they fooled your mind that cocktails need to be sweet. Maybe I am the only fool here. However, I found out there was no sugar in my drink and I asked Simon – the bar chef to be sure. A man who can make you a good drink, you just have to watch out before you fall in love with him. No, I am just kidding but what I am talking about is, alcohol could make you happy and a man who knows how to make good one for you…? Back to the cocktails story, I suppose you all have this expectation of sweetness when you order a cocktail. Maybe you do not notice it but your brain has kept a note for you without your permission. Simon shared with me that all sirups added in the cocktails are homemade from fresh ingredients. All the magic is created by this man.

If you love cocktails, come to have a try when you are around in Munich. If you like, come again! That how I did and now I have made it my second living room. A great place to hang and beautiful drinks are something you cannot ask for more. A good company maybe, but you won’t even feel lonely in James T. Hunt. You should find out yourself why!








DSC_1501-4 DSC_1519-6


Germany: Cantine Cantona – More than just good food

Cantine Cantona

Address: Schellingstraße 27, 80799 München
Tel: +49 (0) 89 28803795

With a catchy appearance, Cantine Cantona seems to be one of Munich’s attractions, or they have been becoming one. I couldn’t stop myself to have my visit. That first time has turned into second and third. At one point, brunch on Saturday has become my tradition. My face showed up too often those Saturdays and became a regular face to people there in Cantine Cantona.

‘You should come try lunch sometimes too’.

And I did.

Cooking is art

DSC_1802  DSC_1792

A bowl of Parsley soup with a touch of pesto came to me to wake up my appetite. No pinch of salt needed. One sip, two sips, licking the last drop of it. It melted in my mouth but the fragrant and the intensity of that touch of pesto still lingered around. It hung around tricking my appetite till a good plate of salad presented in front of me. Either I was too hungry or because that perfect poached egg sitting on top of that salad mountain craved my desire for more food. I am no salad lover but Cantine Cantona has proven me that they could turn me into one. The tremendous freshness of all products on that plate was a call to all food lovers, such as me. What I found interesting was the poached egg. In Germany, not many people know about the poached egg or they have never dared to try. It is quite a risk to introduce it to the German kitchen but seemed like it was a great success. To poach an egg requires skills. When you are able to make a perfect poached egg, congratulations that you have just created a piece of art in the kitchen.



Sparks on people eyes told me that I was not the only one feeling satisfied here. I came into some business men just to have a chat with them about the place. It was great to hear other people’s opinion rather than just my own. And certainly, they were satisfied with their lunch break, especially with some divine dishes, as I had supposed.

I was sitting in the corner and watching the cook showing his skills. That’s something really great about Cantine Cantona – an open kitchen – it is actually very enjoyable to look at and a part of that, I somehow better understand the pressure in the kitchen. In fact, we all should learn not only to appreciate the good food but also how it is made. The fact that Cantine Cantona has an open kitchen, it gives people ideas of how a real kitchen works.

Starting to feel my stomach craving for more, there came the Polenta. It was definitely not the home food as I suppose you might be expecting but a great innovation of home cooking. Each bite was a dive into a new adventure. That adventure did not end just that because there were more to come. However, the moment I tasted the pulled pork’s shoulder, I forgot the world around me.

Food is passion


I always seek for inspiration and here is where I have found such inspiration. A big passion for cooking, for food, for good quality of products… Having a chance to meet the cook of Cantine Cantona, it brightened up my day after the chat. Misha Nesterenko – the man behind the kitchen and the one had just created those wonderful plates of heaven – spent some minutes to share with me his experience. If you first meet him, you wouldn’t think he could have done so much in his cooking career. Having worked for different restaurants, from a café in Sydney to several Michelin stars’ restaurants in Brisbane, Melbourne, London, Miami, and that has not yet been told, for one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants, he is currently making a short stay in Munich.

I dropped my hat. I felt like sitting there hours just to listen to him talking about his work. He shared with me some experiences of being in the kitchen, how he loved working with fresh ingredients and how passionate he was creating different menu with his own creativity. I mean, talking about food is already great, talking about food with the person who knows about it so well is fascinating.


My visit at Cantine Cantona has always been a pleasure. With a simple interior but neat and clean, the place brings up a great atmosphere that you always feel at ease. And the food, I think I don’t need to tell more. Cantine Cantona has really brought me into the gastronomy world – one with simplicity but perfection. There you can find the love for food, but we all know, food is lovable.






Germany: Finest spots in Glockenbach Viertel

When in Munich, one of the most attractive quarters, which could give you all the pleasure of fun, stylish shops, delish drinks and pleasant atmostphere, must bie Glockenbach Viertel. This quarter is, I would call, a bit hippie as how we describe nowadays which can give you the best experience of the city. Probably, it is the only quarter that you can get food at night, and you can always find a fine party to hit in the weekend. However, this article won’t tell you where the party would locate but it is sharing to you the most divine places that are worth the check out.

Criteria’s top check-list: Interior, Quality, Concept


Man versus Machine

Address: Müllerstraße 23, 80469 München


Looking for the best coffee in the area? There is no doubt for Man versus Machine because it has the most quality roasted coffee and coolest space to chill. Go for a Cortado, or a flat white, or go higher with an Aeropress! It will never go wrong!


Address: Westermühlstraße 13, 80469 München



It is a very cosy café that serves you the best of Austrian cuisine and for sure a damn fine cup of coffee. All products used in Süssmund are from the Alps area and that makes it original and unique. If you look for a well served Bavarian – Alpen cuisine, this is the place you should go. From Schnitzel to Kaiserschmarn, Süssmund will give you the finest goodness in the Bavarian kitchen with a touch of creativity. Simple but ingenious!


Ralf’s Fine Garment

Address: Fraunhoferstraße 29, 80469 München

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It might cost a small fortune if you shop at RFG but it is an interesting place to check out. The shop is a collection of the finest contemporary menswear that is carefully hand-picked by one of the most stylish men in Munich – Ralf Fischer a.k.a the owner of Ralf’s Fine Garment. Even though there are not many pieces for women but it is still fascinating to check out if you are a girl because you might get to learn a bit more about the fashion industry in Munich or Germany in general.


Address:Müllerstraße 30, 80469 München


The love for interior will lead you here in Ladoug – a tasteful showroom with a various number of products from different countries. It is a personal collection that creates a cosy living room but what it got are passion and love. You might get hooked without noticing.


(For delicious cocktails and cool space to hang out)

The Flushing Meadows Hotel & Bar

Address: Fraunhoferstrasse 32, 80469 Munich


Absolutely a LOVE when it comes to the bar of this amazingly well designed hotel. The Flushing Meadows is located in a hidden spot but it has the best view to St. Maximilian Cathedral. The drink menu is fascinating with some cocktails you might have never tried, or you might have but nothing like this. Most cocktails are original but with a touch of creativity and personality. Pay good money for a good cocktail is better than being hangover on cheap alcohol!

Loretta Bar

Address: Müllerstraße 50, 80469 München

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Loretta Bar has a cool set-up with simple but refined interior and quite hippie-like. That set-up space is great to have of couple of friends around to enjoy some great drinks they make. The menu gives a variety of goodness, from normal beverages to some divine cocktails. You would probably want the drinks to keep coming.




Germany Christmast Markets in Munich 2015

Most of us are not so excited to see the winter to come because of the amount of layers and jackets we are going to put on. However, there is one thing that for sure we all look forward to when the first morning everything got frozen – The Christmas Market. Something is so traditional but never goes out of trend.

I can’t count how many countries I have visited to see the Christmas Market. There are something similar but each still has its own cultural touch. As many as I have been, the German Weihnachtsmarkt still gets its first prize. Having lived in Germany for quite awhile, it is no longer new to me but I always feel like a kid again when all these Christmas markets spread all over places with full of beautiful Christmasy decoration. I wondered, from the K town to this southern hood, will it be any difference?

I took a walk through the city and checked out some of Christmas Markets still being set up. At Residenz Museum, the market was the earliest bird opening and everything was set for the season to come. Christkindlmarkt at Marienplatz is supposed to be the biggest market in town and I would imagine how beautiful it will be under the cathedral. For those who are like me, excited to bring out those skaters to ice-skate, Karlsplatz has set up for you a small ring so that you can ice-skate in this outer space.

All Christmas Markets will be opened on the 27th of November. For more information about all the Christmas Markets, click here.

5 tips before you go:

  1. Wear warm because there will be no heating system and the markets are held outdoor
  2. Be careful of pickpockets – it is easy to get mugged in the crowd during this time of the year
  3. Be aware that Glühwein is pretty strong. Don’t underrate it!
  4.  Bring cash! There is no card payment available at any huts
  5.  Don’t eat too much at home because you might get yourself full with all the delish German treats but still don’t expect that you can fill your tummy there because it could get crowded that you are not able to get food and some are quite pricey.









Dutch VS. German | Not the same

After living in both two countries, Germany and The Netherlands, which are literally neighbours to each other, I could not stop myself giggling from the irony of how the Dutches and Germans could be quite different from each other. You would supposedly think that these two are similar because they are basically next to each other geographically and have almost the same culture as other Western European countries. However, here are some points that you would see the difference between these two that you would not expect before you come to visit.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 12.06.44


In fact, it is crucial criterion to both Germany and The Netherlands that you come ON TIME on a meeting. We have long-while known about how punctual the Germans are because of their inflexibility and seriousness on certain tasks. If you have met a German, you know he never keeps his date waiting. He would either come 2 minutes earlier or exactly on time (I really mean by time-ish). In contrast, the Dutches most of the time come 2 minutes later. For them, more or less 5 minutes are still considered on time.

How they spend money

This point discussed is based on what I have seen while living in both countries as well as interacting with these two people while travelling. They both certainly manage very well to save money. They would work the whole year or more and live in a small budget to take a small holiday or travel for a certain amount of time. It is quite different to see how they both spend money on holidays or many other things in general. As the Germans, after working hard for years, they save the money and spend good amount of money on their luxurious holidays in resorts or travelling for a long time (This does not refer to travellers). They would probably book a suite or a resort for a stay in Thailand or Indonesia to enjoy their hard working earnings. As the Dutches, they are really good at saving. They hardly go over their budget for a holiday and they even still save money while travelling. Their money strategy thinking is sharp and on point.


I am not sure if ‘showing-off’ is the right word, but let’s just keep it that way for now. What I mean is how they show their personal livings to others. It is the interpretation for a good living. Of course, it is not applied to every single individual, only general speaking.

If you have visited The Netherlands, there is one thing you will never miss – apartments/houses with big windows. You would wonder why someone would like to have their houses seen in public. Apparently, for the Dutches, it’s a pride if you have a fine home, nicely decorated. It shows that you have a good quality shelter and how good your earnings are. In Germany, people seem to care more about their cars in this case. They would choose to have periodical payment to pay off their good brand car.

The language

Dutch and German languages are Germanic languages so certainly they have some similarities. However, these two countries have the love-hate thing with the language of each other. The Dutches would never be bored of making fun of the German language by speaking like Hitler, and the Germans would never stop complaining about how harsh the Dutch accent is that it sounds like you are having something in your throat.

As being able to understanding both languages, it is funny sometimes if I try to translate some certain words that they are written the same but having a totally different meaning. But somehow I find that the beauty of languages.

Relationship with football

Quite an intimating topic for both Germany and The Netherlands! Since they are so close to each other, they are pretty competitive when it comes to football. At this point, football is a pride for Germany and they take it seriously. They always try to be in the list of all championships and they always proudly mention that they are from Germany because of their football team. They could give aggressive opinions about it because of their pride. On the other hand, even though it is a pride of the country, the Dutches seem to be more friendly and open about it. The pain of losing Germany sometimes during the World cup has gained their competitive attitude but they take it as a friendly communication. Or at least, that’s how I have seen it.


NOTE: All the information above is not bias and not based on fact. It is just the irony of how I have seen after living in both countries. Please do not take it serious or find it offensive. Any comments is welcomed!

Italy: Verona

Xem bài viết được dịch bằng Tiếng Việt ở đây

Following my track from Bologna to Milan, catching up with some new friends then heading to Verona. A ride to the romantic Italian city sounded like a good deal and I had been looking forward to seeing that charming Verona, where the story of Juliette and Romeo began. Wandering around small alleys was the greatest thing to do because you wouldn’t see yourself anywhere else like here in Verona. Life went slower or was it because of the Italian summer. I wanted to see and touch to every single details of the city because it somehow gave me such a different feeling from other cities in Italy.

It seemed like the Italian sun was not hot enough, the warm colour of all buildings reflected on me and I just felt like I was in the Pizza oven. But then, it was a good summer, I had nothing to complain about it.

Do you get why when you travel to destinations that you do not plan to go, you see everything but know nothing what you are seeing? I felt quite ashamed of it because I call myself a travel blogger. I was supposed to know things to write for people. However, I realised that it did not matter to me at all. I write about a city by its feelings, its mood, and how it is seen through my eyes. Now the web has covered you all the details that you look for. And there I was, feeling absolutely loved by this romantic city. No man, but it should never be the reason to not feel the love and the romance.













What I have learnt from hitchhiking in Europe

Xem bài viết được dịch bằng Tiếng Việt ở đây

Two months on the road, multiple cardboards, cars and trucks after, I crossed countries to countries, hitchhiked a full month in Italy, got to learn many people from different places and be friends with some of them. I left home with the smallest budget I had ever had and decided to be homeless for two months in the summer. Luckily, it was a beautiful summer in Europe that you wouldn’t expect for more.

After planning my trip with such a short notice, which was 2 weeks before my travels, I was nervous to tell everyone about my trip.

“It is too dangerous!”, “Are you crazy?”, “Please don’t do that stupid thing”… That was what I got from their responses. It got even worse while I was hitchhiking, like “Be careful because you might get kidnapped then they would kill you and take your organs”. That was not cool to hear at all because you would not feel comfortable moving forward. It was hard! Very hard! I had to handle all the harsh words and the tiredness to move on and to finish my hike. And just so, from one city to another, from Italy to Slovenia, Austria, Slovakia, I hitched with confidence and no fear.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Have trust on people

I thought of hitchhiking with a goal, not just because I wanted to do something crazy or wanted to be killed. I wanted to learn about people around me and learn to have trust on people.

People aren’t that bad, just think of yourself and what you say about people in general because you are them too. We are all people and we deserve to be trusted. Surely there are bad and good people around the world but you need to give them a chance to be trusted and follow your feeling to know when is right. Hitchhiking requires a lot of trust, not only just from me to drivers, they also need to have trust on you to give you a lift. Your appearance could also cause them danger but who would tell.

Italian men are open about sex

Irony but fact! Most of my time hitchhiking was in Italy and I experienced quite some weird and scary moments there. They wouldn’t mind stopping their cars to ask you if you would want to have sex or even offer you money to be in bed with them. It could be the culture but for female solo travellers from else where, it would be terrifying. The worst case I got was being touched all over while I was in the car and I had no other option rather than asking to get out in the middle of the highway. Funnily, they would still talk to you like nothing had happened. Quite strange, isn’t it?

It is important to be calm instead of acting like a child or being a princess in this situation. Showing that you have no fear over them and react smartly. I would not recommend to be aggressive here because it might arouse some men even more.

Asking is better than waiting

The shortest time I had to wait was 5 minutes, and one hour for the longest. The average time was about 20 minutes. However, this would not be applied to everyone, especially if you are a boy and which track you take. Gas stations are always a good choice because you would have more chances to have closer interaction with people and they are more likely able to see your signs. In some cases, people feel very intimated to see you standing with a puppy face so they either pity you and give you a lift or they try to avoid eye contact and walk as fast as possible. Sometimes you will be dropped off at some off-track roads that it is nearly impossible to get a lift. Therefore, take action works much better. It is hard sometimes to approach strangers and especially to ask for a favour. But if you wait, you might wait for a very long time. Just knock their windows or just approach them friendly, ask if they would go in the direction you are heading to. Short distance than nothing!

It is not dangerous!

It depends how you define danger but it is definitely not dangerous as how your parents or your friends think. The fact that they have never hitchhiked in their lives, they would not know. I am a solo traveller and I am a girl but I returned home safely. I could understand that you might get in some bad situations but again, you need to take precaution and trust your gut as well. The sixth sense needs to be activated here.

It sounds very old-fashion but there are still many hitchhikers out there. You might meet them on the way, or notice them more often after your hitchhiking trip. If it was dangerous, why would people still do it?





Germany: The 5 best cafés in Munich

A good cup of coffee is not only about how the beans are roasted or where they are from. A good cup of coffee needs to be made with love and care, by someone who is passionate about coffee, served with style and enjoyed at a great atmosphere. At least, that’s how I judge my coffee. I love coffee and want to have it perfect. The concept of the café is always in the back of my head as well.

As I always say, you deserve to have coffee at its best! Here are the top 5 cafés in Munich for you:


Address: Nymphenburger Str. 51, 80335 München



With all of my criteria, Mahlefitz got them all on point. The place has a great space to either hang out or work. The interior is simple but definitely they have it right. You would probably feel how stylish it could be, too stylish for a roaster, I must say, but isn’t it what we’re looking for? Mahlefitz has been topened since February 2014 but already got high attention from coffee nerds in town. The idea of combining production and café has turned Mahlefitz the coolest roaster in town.

The location is not on the way to  most places but in the end, if you want a good cup of coffee and a good place to enjoy it, does the location matter? Coffee needs time and love. Take your time to drink that coffee because it is a fine cup of coffee which is made with passion and served in the chic-ish café.

Design concept: ☆☆☆☆☆
Coffee: ☆☆☆☆

Man Versus Machine

Address: Müllerstraße 23, 80469 München



Maybe it’s not stylishly appeared as Mahlefitz but if you ask me where you can get the best coffee in Munich, so Man vs. Machine it is! The coffee is phenomenal and divine. You will not regret any single sip you get, guaranteed! Located in a great quarter, Glockenbach, Man vs. Machine has always been attractive to most coffee nerds since it first opened. What you can expect from this roaster is skilled baristas that will bring you every cup of coffee with full of pleasurable enjoyment. The interior here is not something special but the space is neat and hippy. It is absolutely a pleasant space to hang out with friends catching up some good chats. And don’t forget the banana bread (great with butter on the side).

Design concept: ☆☆☆
Coffee: ☆☆☆☆

Standl 20

Address: Elisabethmarkt, Elisabethpl. Stand Nr. 20, 80796 München



Located in a unique place – in the middle of Elisabethmarkt, Standl 20 is definitely the coolest chick in the area. The concept is slightly small with only a few seated tables inside but you could enjoy your cup of coffee outside as well when the weather is beautiful. What counts is the atmosphere of a market which you wouldn’t experience often when you visit a café.

Say hi to Toni – the owner of this small coffee hut – when you are around. That man has found his passion for coffee and for bringing you the best of it.

Design concept: ☆☆☆☆
Coffee: ☆☆☆☆

Stereo Café

Address: Residenzstraße 25, 80333 München



A stunning well-designed café appears in the middle of the city. That we don’t find often in big cities but Stereo has pull off to stand out from most cafés in the city centre. The place is located on the second floor of the Stereo clothing shop that you can easily reach by walking from Odeonsplatz. You might even feel a bit intimating by its charming interior and its delishly pretty sweet treat stand.

The coffee here is nothing to compared with those I mentioned above but for sure it is the finest if you seek for a coffee in the city. I know how frustrating it is to not able to get a good cup of coffee when you are in the city centre. Therefore, Stereo café would definitely save you ass in this case. And their baking is absolutely worth to die for.

Design concept: ☆☆☆☆
Coffee: ☆☆☆

Vorholzer Forum

Address: Arcisstraße 21, 80333 München


It is in doubt to be one of the best cafés in Munich because of the poor service and the barista’s lack of knowledge about coffee. For most of my experiences in Vorholzer, it is hard to tell when you will have the good coffee (by luck I would say). However, this place is damn fine café with the unique location, on top of Faculty of Architecture in TU that you can look over Munich. You just have to enter the building, turn left at the main hall and take a lift to the top floor. It has been known by students living here because Vorholzer provides you a great space to hang out and some good snacks for the tummy.

The coffee is served alright in my personal opinion but definitely not skilled enough for my criteria. But is it a good place to check out? Yes! I would still recommend you to pay a visit, as long as you don’t order Cortado.

Design concept: ☆☆☆☆
Coffee: ☆☆☆