Spain: Viva la Feria!! @ Feria de Málaga

The best decision I made when I was on the Andalucía trip was to stay a bit longer in Málaga for Ferias. I did a bit of research before I left and I was so happy that the Ferias happened to be held during my trip. Thus, after visiting Morocco, I took a bus back to Málaga 2 days before I flew back to Germany. And I gotta say, it was a great experience – Feria de Málaga.


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Spain: A Small Town Called Tarifa

I spent 2 nights in Tarifa and it was great. I met up with a friend that I knew from Utrecht and it was nice that he is from here so he could show me around.

Tarifa is just a tiny town. Therefore it is easy to wander around for just a day and there is no possibility to get lost. It might be small but it was a lovely town. Everything is small and cozy. And they have the best restaurants (as I experienced). I had such amazing food and Mojitos here. The food can be guaranteed 100% local and not made for tourists. I must say, here you could actually enjoy Andalucía’s cuisine the best. All the products are freshly made and very delish. And believe it or not, Tarifa is the ending point of Spain and you can see Morocco from here.

DSC_0406I drove from Málaga to Tarifa by Blablacar. Car-pooling is a very popular way to move around at the moment – it’s not only cheap but you are also able to meet nice people and have a great talk during the trip. The way to Tarifa was very interesting and that’s something you should try to see it once. The highway is actually along the coast and surrounded by mountains on the other side. Well, now you could imagine a part of how the ride is. I joined the ride early in the evening (around 19:30) so the sun was setting. Oh, the view was magnificent. I would highly recommend to take the car to drive to Tarifa because something you shouldn’t miss out. Getting closer to Tarifa, you are able to see Morocco. Because it was dark so all the lights in Morocco were on. You could see it easier in the night I think because it might be foggy during the day. To me, it was such an amazing experience. And the excitement was racing in me because I knew that I was going there in couple of days.

What to see and do in Tarifa?

Most people come to Tarifa for wind- and kite-surfing. The wind in Tarifa is very strong that gives a great possibility for surfers. Wave surfing is not possible because there is not so many big waves in Tarifa.

Enjoying the beach – There are miles of beach there for you in Tarifa. However, you should watch out for those windy days because you will be covered with sand within 10 minutes lying on the beach.

Dolphins and Whales watching – You could easily book a boat trip to watch Dolphins and whales. There are many agencies that could arrange that for you. However, they cannot guarantee that you can see all kind of dolphins. I had the trip as well and I could only see 2 kinds but it was a fun trip and it was very nice to see real dolphins swimming in the sea. If you can handle the sea, you should book the 3 hour trip that brings you to see Orca (of course that you’re lucky finding them). Since Orca is more active during the day so I suggest booking the early afternoon trip.

A trip to Tangier, Morocco – It is easy to go to Morocco from Tarifa. It’s just 40 minutes away and you will be in Tangier. You could have a day trip to Tangier that you are able to book at the tourist office or some other agencies.

DSC_0409 DSC_0413 DSC_0414 DSC_0453 DSC_0465

Spain: Food corner @ Málaga


Málaga offers you a variety of seafood. Espeto de Sardinas is the specialty. It’s a typical dish of Malaga cuisine consisting of broach, ie nailing, a number of Sardines to be grilled with some vegetables. Some other kinds of fish are also used for Espeto. Otherwise, all the deep fried seafood dishes you can go for when you’re in Málaga. When you’re in Málaga, you should give a try:
Bonquerones fritos – Fried anchovies
Almejas a la marinera – Clams
Tortilla de camarones – pancake with shrimps
Pulpo ala gallega – Octopus

I’m sure some of you wouldn’t dare to try some of those dishes. But it’s a challenge for you – eating fish with the head on, shrimps when their eyes staring at you… If you’re into food like me, you would very much enjoy food in Málaga. It’ not that scary and it tastes amazing.

Drop a visit to one of those restaurants when you’re in Málaga:

Dos por 1

Address: Calle Salinas
Price range: €4-7/person

DSC_0101 DSC_0110







If you’re travelling on budget, this tapas bar is perfect for you. Eating in Málaga is not so expensive, or I must say it’s relatively cheap. But Dospor1 is very affordable. With a price of €1/tapa and less than €3/mojito, you can fill your stomach easily with only €7. The food might not be super amazing but some dishes are really good. You should ask the waiter for some references or ask for the restaurant’s specialty. Dospor1 is located in a quiet alley and quite cooling area so that you can escape from the sun for awhile. From Dospor1 you have a part of the view to the Cathedral

Las Merchanas

Address: Mosquera 5
Price range: €10-15/person

It’s located in a small alley close to Iglesia Santos Mártires. In the evening, the place is likely packed so that if you would like to have a table, you should come a bit earlier to wait to be seated. But it’s worth it because the food is delicious. You should come with 3 to 4 peple so you can share raciones. It will be cheaper as well if you come with a group and you can try more dishes at a time.

El Rincón del Queso

Address: Calle Atarazanas 19
Price range: €5-10/person


After my visit at Mercado Atarazanas, I found this small restaurant just across the street from the other exit of the market. It’s a small shop selling Jamón and Queso but it has a small area that people can be seated and enjoy some glasses of wine. It seems like only local people come here.

The owner Javier is a very friendly and pleasant man. He welcomed me with some cheese and a small glass of wine. It really made the atmosphere of the restaurant cozier – good food, good wine and good people around.





El Tintero

Address: Calle Playa del Chanquete, 99
Price range: €10-15/person

One of the thing you should never miss is to visit a Chiringuito. It’s how they call fish bars. El Tintero is a special fish bar because it’s different from other places. I call it a shout-out buffet. Basically, there are many waiters carrying food around and shouting out the name of the dish they are carrying. You just have to call them and get the dish. I find it so much fun and exciting. Each dish costs around €6 but some could get a bit more expensive. Therefore, it’s best to come with a group of at least 4 people so that you can try out many dishes and lower the cost.

Since the place is a bit far from the centre, you could reach to the place from the bus stand Paseo del Parque, take number 11 towards El Palo and go to the last stop. And the bar is very local so you might need some help from local people or any friend of yours could speak Spanish must be fine as well.

El Jardín

Address: Calle Cañon 1
Price range: €12-17/person

I saw the recommendation of this restaurant from Lonely Planet and I gave a try. If you’re here for food, I will not recommend. However, if you would like to have a view of the Cathedral, this is a good choice. It’s located just right next to the cathedral. You can sit outside and enjoy a Tinto de Verano fashionably. I only had a Paella here and I was not impressed. However, since I haven’t tried any other dishes so I cannot give a review on it.

Notice: Málaga is not the place to order Paella so I think you might be disappointed if you want to have Paella here. 



Spain: 3 Day Wander in Málaga

Málaga seems like not a big city but there are so many places that you can visit. Some of them you cannot miss like Museum of Picasso, or the Alcazaba or the Castillo Gibralfaro. I spent 3 days in Málaga and I think you can manage to see them all. However, whatever you do, remember you’re in Spain so chill and take your time to do things. There is no rush 😉

Day 1


Take sometime in the morning to go outside and have ‘uno desayuno’ – a typical Spanish breakfast with ‘Pitufo, zumo y café’. If you are here in Andalucía, you should really experience it all. The breakfast is one of the most typical things to do here. Pitufo is a small sandwich that you can have with either tomatoes and oil or ham and cheese. Besides that are orange juice and a cup of coffee.


When it’s still early, you should take a visit to Alcazaba – an elegant fortress of Málaga. It’s better to visit the fort late in the morning before it gets hot. Málaga could get very hot during 1 – 5pm so you should avoid that time. Also, Alcazaba looks so much better when the sun does not shine strongly and you could find the place more relaxing without the intensive heat of Málaga.

A good way of escaping from the heat is to go to a museum. Just a few minutes walk, you can get to the Museo Picasso Málaga. Obviously, here you can find the artwork from the talented Pablo Picasso. To me, the museum is a piece of art itself. It might not be an architectural building but it brought such a great impression to me that I would definitely like to visit another when I’m once again in Málaga


It’s time to stroll down to the port. You will find the way by walking through the main shopping street or follow the breeze. Puerto de Málaga looks amazingly modern. It’s great to walking along the port and feel the fresh air and the smell of the sea. It feels so great when Málaga is so hot during the day. A walk in the evening is very delightful as well.

Day 2

DSC_0364I’m sure you won’t be completely satisfied with the view of Málaga from Alcazaba. But you will after visiting Castillo Gilbrafaro. You cross the Plaza de Merced and turn left to the route going up to the Castillo. It’s so much climbing so be prepared. I suggest to come in the morning so it won’t be too hot and you have the best view of Málaga. If you’re fancy a view of Málaga at night, here gives you the best view as well. I actually felt in love with Málaga on the first day after seeing it from the view point of Castillo. The castillo itself might not be as impressive as I thought but you should check it out.

You could take a walk to the city. Have some lunch at Dospor1 – here you can get very cheap and delicious Tapas, and Mojito for less than €3; also with a view of the Cathedral. Catedral de Málaga is definitely worth a visit after your lunch. The building is magnificent from every angle and I was overwhelmed by its glory. Inside, it’s beautiful and charming.


If you like shopping, you can find your way to the shopping street. Shopping in Málaga is great. Lots of shops that you won’t find in other countries (or at least in Germany or Holland). Most shops are closed from 12 or 1pm to 2pm because of siesta time.

After a long day, it’s great to relax on the beach. The beach is 15 minute walk from Plaza de Merced. It’s called Malaguate.  If you have a transportation, you could drive a bit further to another side of Malaga where you can find all the beach clubs. In August, the water is warm. However, sometimes it’s not. Therefore you might find fog sometimes on the beach because of the difference between the sea water temperature and the heat on land. But it’s perfectly fine lying on the beach and sunbathing.

Day 3


You might not have so much time for the last day, but you should definitely check out the market of Málaga. Mercado Atarazanas is where you should head to. Here you can find the lively side of Málaga. I have never imagined it would look like this – full of excitement.

And if you still have some time left, it’s time to check out some museums. I haven’t been to all of the museums in Málaga but Museo Carmen Thyssen and Museo del Vidrio y Cristal are very high recommended. If you take a visit, please let me know how it is.

I had an amazing time in Málaga. It is such a lovely city with friendly people. I’m sure I will give another visit in Málaga because I have fallen in love with this city. I hope if you visit Málaga, you will experience the same as me (or more).




Spain: Mercado Atarazanas, Málaga

It’s so lively and exciting. I have never imagined that Spain would be like this.


The market has generally everything. From fish to butchers, to vegetables to herbs. It is so bustling with people. I was overwhelmed with its lively atmosphere. People shouting out what they are selling that it makes the market even more exciting. You have to be there to experience it.

To me, I was so into the products here. Everything is fresh and affordable. If I have to compare the price with Western Europe, here is 3 times cheaper. What you should buy is Spanish olives. This is something I was amazed of. You might have never tasted any better olives than these. Especially if you live in Northern Europe.

DSC_0272 DSC_0289 DSC_0291 DSC_0300 DSC_0305 DSC_0320 DSC_0324

The market is located in the North of the Alameda, in what’s now the commercial district. The building is an 19th-century iron-clad building which incorporates the original Moorish gate that once connected the city with the port. The magnificent stained-glass window depicts historical highlights of the city. As I say earlier, it’s very lively. Some people might find it crowded and noisy but I think it is how the Mercado is supposed to be.



If you are in the area, don’t forget to check out a small restaurant called El Rincón del Queso. Here you can find really good Jamón with a good price and have a glass of Spanish wine. The place is next to the Supersol supermarket and in front of the exit of the market. 

Spain: Museo Picasso Málaga


There have been many pieces of Picasso I have seen but in this museum you can find his master pieces that you have never seen before. Museo Picasso Málaga really gave me the wow effect. The building itself is not an architectural building but it is keeping the worthiest paintings from the talented Pablo Picasso.

I have never understood Picasso’s art. Maybe I just don’t understand art at all. I used to find his art works generally weird. However, taking sometime to look at every piece and following the audio guide, it gave me a better knowledge about his art works. It turned out from no understanding to admiration. Every piece of his work is so playful. He played with colours, lines, scratches… I wonder ‘How come it is so simple but so ‘artistic’?’. Just like other painters, Picasso got his inspiration from women and it became his main topic. However, he showed the beauty of a woman in a different way that no other painters have done. Each painting tells you something… If you look at his paintings of a portrait or a woman body, you might find them so bizarre. Big noses, eyes placed on different sides,… However, that is what he was trying to tell us. He did not reach for perfection.

Reality must be torn apart in every sense of the word. What people forget is that everything is unique. Nature never produces the same thing twice. Hence my stress on seeking the rapport de grand écart: a small head on a large body; a large head on a small body. I want to draw the mind in the direction it’s not used to and wake it up. I want to help the viewer discover something he wouldn’t have discovered without me. That’s why I stress the dissimilarity, for example, between the left eye and the right eye. A painter shouldn’t make them so similar. They’re just not that way.

His art might not show the perfection, the beautiful woman that we normally expect a painting supposed to look like but the reality. Nothing is perfect and fixed. Go spontaneous was what Pablo did and it is so admiring. After the visit, I have had a great admiration to Pablo Picasso for his talent and his idea of life.

I really enjoyed the visit at Museo Picasso Málaga. Not only all the art pieces from Picasso, it also has a great audio guide that helps you to understand his work better. Also, it shows lots of Picasso’s quotes which I found very interesting. It was my first time really taking time reading all those texts on the wall in a museum. Great art and great quotes!!! What more you could tell about Picasso?

When we love a woman we don’t start measuring her limbs. We love with your desires – although everything has been done to try and apply a canon even to love

And my favourite:

Obras son amores y no buenas razones

Spain: Elegant Alcazaba

Simple but indigenous!


The building is gently simple and classic. There is something about it that makes me not able to describe it with words. I would say ‘wild’. Taking the entrance from the Roman Ampitheatre  and you will find the path to climbs up to the palace. However, here you can’t see the whole Málaga yet.

This palace fortress is like a big garden with many small other gardens. Crimson bougainvillea, lofty palms, fragrant jasmine, orange trees… They all represent the elegance of this fort. Every spot has a small fountain that freshens up the place. There might be many tourists around but somehow you can actually find peace here. The fort itself is beautifully architectural – simple but indigenous. The colour and surroundings are pleasant that make you feel so relaxed. What you do is enjoying the walk, smelling the fragrant of jasmine or orange trees or if you are lucky with a day without fog, you could see a part of the beautiful port of Málaga from here.

DSC_0077 DSC_0086

The best time to visit, I must say, in the morning around 11am (during the summer). You could go a bit earlier but it might be too foggy so that you cannot see so much of the surrounding of Málaga. It is also better to go early because you wouldn’t want to be drought out by the sun. Avoid the time of 13 – 16.00 because it might be too hot that you won’t enjoy it as much. I was very lucky with the weather. It was warm but not hot, and the breeze coming from the sea really cooled down the city. It really helped and made the visit of Alcazaba more relaxing.

DSC_0070 DSC_0074When you are there in Alcazabar, please take your time and enjoy!


Hola Málaga

It was a weird ride from Cologne to the airport. Weeze Airport turns out to be in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nothing than fields. I was so nervous on the way. It must be the idea of travelling alone for 2 weeks or it could be the fear of flight. Somehow, after a short nap in the bus, my mind was clearer. I imagined myself walking around Málaga, myself in the swimsuits bathing in the sun. It gave me peace.

It was raining when I left Germany. After 3 hour flight, here came the sun of Málaga. Arriving in Málaga and I already had a great impression on this city. Everything looks so wild and classic. The people, gotta say, super friendly. I had troubles finding my accommodation and when I asked on person in the bus, everyone joined in and helped me. What I could say was “sí sí gracias…” and had no idea what they were saying.


I’m staying in an Airbnb house. My host is amazing. Fali is such a nice guy. He welcomed me with his paella and vinos, and even walked with me in the city at night. 2 hour walk and I definitely knew that I was falling in love with this city. The city looked absolutely charming when the lights were on. I had a peak of the city view and I couldn’t say anything else instead of WOW.

I am so much looking forward to the coming days to see what other things Málaga could offer.