Switzerland: Caught up in Zurich

Switzerland has always been known for its expensive living standard. Well trust me, it is just as it is known for. If you travel here, get prepared to pay big bucks. However, it is definitely a beautiful country to travel and to live in. I wouldn’t say that it’s worth every single cent I paid in this country but think about another way – every scenery in that country is absolutely priceless.

Zurich caught my eyes at the first glance. I already had a thought of getting bored of European countries but somehow the Swiss vibe is pretty different from other European countries. And Zurich, it feels like I can find everything I need here. Oh well, I might be not yet up for the high standard living but it is quite fascinating that there is somewhere in this world could offer you everything you need, personally speaking, isn’t it?

As a capital city, Zurich is not a big city compared to Berlin or Paris but its charm stands out vividly. Wherever you go, you see luxury in every corner by the classy architecture and the most vibrant atmosphere. The Limmat river runs across the city centre that gives a little ‘bling bling’ and it is dreamy in my eyes as how I remember it.DSC_0871


I still remember my first observation of Zurich from above from Üetliberg. I have never been interested in seeing cities from up high just because I am ‘no-called sporty person’ but I was up for the hike to witness the view that people had been talking about. It was a foggy and windy morning but feeling the breeze of Zurich was refreshing. I am not talking about the wind by the way but the view. The nature and the city, would they ever fit with each other? In fact, they alternate each other and that amazed me.


I did not have much of interaction with Zürcher people. The only person I talked to was the barista of Grande Café but it was a good chat (and amazing coffee). Would one be enough to tell about the whole society? Absolutely not, and just as it is not possible to judge people by their look. However, I could sense that Swiss people are very open and friendly. Guys might be covered by their fancy suits and ladies might look glamour from the outside, they send out such a genial vibe instead of the cocky attitude that most people assume. Anyway, I cannot tell because I only talked to a barista. Let me tell you more once I’m back!


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