Dating life as a traveller

Consistently being on the road, I did not succeed in having any dating life. Most relationships I got into turned failures because of distance or trusteeship. However, I still believe that we travellers are still able to have a healthy relationship which still makes us manage to travel and to maintain our relationships at the same time. … More Dating life as a traveller


What I have learnt from hitchhiking in Europe

Two months on the road, multiple cardboards, cars and trucks after, I crossed countries to countries, hitchhiked a full month in Italy, got to learn many people from different places and be friends with some of them. I left home with the smallest budget I had ever had and decided to be homeless for two months in the summer to hitchhike Europe. … More What I have learnt from hitchhiking in Europe

10 Values of Travel

Since I first started travelling, I have found myself in a better place. I’m not talking about a certain location but personal position. It has developed me and several human-beings out there, as I suppose. I can’t tell how much I enjoyed first time having a road-trip. I was singing songs being played on radio and … More 10 Values of Travel