Hitchhike Journal #1: Emotionally prepared

In the back of my head, there was always something asking me if I would dare to do it – travelling, backpacking, or hitchhiking. Bringing myself in a position of a backpacker, what would be a reason for backpacking. People used to asked me why I did that because what they thought of backpacking of travelling alone was something dangerous to do, especially for a young girl like me. I know my answer – I have the passion for travelling but I don’t have the money to have a luxury travel or even to fly from place to place; if you want to travel, you find a way to do it rather than staying at home and wait till the money comes to you. Therefore, budget travelling is my way of fulfil my passion.

To be honest, before any trip I took, I needed sometime to prepare myself to get ready. Travelling alone is not always easy. You have to take many things in consideration – being on your own most of the time, consequences of being alone, things could happen on the way, etc. However, those things in your head would only make you more nervous and scare you a bit too.  I myself need few days to get my emotion set ready.

I might have not had much experience of backpacking alone, there might be many people have travelled alone more than I have done. However, in my own experience up to now, having yourself mentally/emotionally prepared is the most important thing before the trip is started. First of all, you need to be CONFIDENT about all decisions you are about to make. Have in mind the answer for why you do it. For me it is definitely the experience that I’m so excited to try and to get. It would be a thing that make me grow, and learn better about myself. What yours?

There will be many people telling you bad things could happen to scare you off and stop you. But, if that’s why you want, stick with your mind set. In the end it’s your decision, not theirs, isn’t it? Obviously, there might be some consequences that you are travelling and bad things might happen. However, that’s when you need to be confident that you are up for it, you are prepared to deal with it and will take chances to overcome it. Listen and learn but not let yourself distracted by what people say.

I believe as long as you have your self emotionally prepared, you are on step ahead to get ready for the trip.
Stay safe, trust your instinct but never stop yourself of trying new things.