Spain: 3 Day Wander in Málaga

Málaga seems like not a big city but there are so many places that you can visit. Some of them you cannot miss like Museum of Picasso, or the Alcazaba or the Castillo Gibralfaro. I spent 3 days in Málaga and I think you can manage to see them all. However, whatever you do, remember you’re in Spain so chill and take your time to do things. There is no rush 😉

Day 1


Take sometime in the morning to go outside and have ‘uno desayuno’ – a typical Spanish breakfast with ‘Pitufo, zumo y café’. If you are here in Andalucía, you should really experience it all. The breakfast is one of the most typical things to do here. Pitufo is a small sandwich that you can have with either tomatoes and oil or ham and cheese. Besides that are orange juice and a cup of coffee.


When it’s still early, you should take a visit to Alcazaba – an elegant fortress of Málaga. It’s better to visit the fort late in the morning before it gets hot. Málaga could get very hot during 1 – 5pm so you should avoid that time. Also, Alcazaba looks so much better when the sun does not shine strongly and you could find the place more relaxing without the intensive heat of Málaga.

A good way of escaping from the heat is to go to a museum. Just a few minutes walk, you can get to the Museo Picasso Málaga. Obviously, here you can find the artwork from the talented Pablo Picasso. To me, the museum is a piece of art itself. It might not be an architectural building but it brought such a great impression to me that I would definitely like to visit another when I’m once again in Málaga


It’s time to stroll down to the port. You will find the way by walking through the main shopping street or follow the breeze. Puerto de Málaga looks amazingly modern. It’s great to walking along the port and feel the fresh air and the smell of the sea. It feels so great when Málaga is so hot during the day. A walk in the evening is very delightful as well.

Day 2

DSC_0364I’m sure you won’t be completely satisfied with the view of Málaga from Alcazaba. But you will after visiting Castillo Gilbrafaro. You cross the Plaza de Merced and turn left to the route going up to the Castillo. It’s so much climbing so be prepared. I suggest to come in the morning so it won’t be too hot and you have the best view of Málaga. If you’re fancy a view of Málaga at night, here gives you the best view as well. I actually felt in love with Málaga on the first day after seeing it from the view point of Castillo. The castillo itself might not be as impressive as I thought but you should check it out.

You could take a walk to the city. Have some lunch at Dospor1 – here you can get very cheap and delicious Tapas, and Mojito for less than €3; also with a view of the Cathedral. Catedral de Málaga is definitely worth a visit after your lunch. The building is magnificent from every angle and I was overwhelmed by its glory. Inside, it’s beautiful and charming.


If you like shopping, you can find your way to the shopping street. Shopping in Málaga is great. Lots of shops that you won’t find in other countries (or at least in Germany or Holland). Most shops are closed from 12 or 1pm to 2pm because of siesta time.

After a long day, it’s great to relax on the beach. The beach is 15 minute walk from Plaza de Merced. It’s called Malaguate.  If you have a transportation, you could drive a bit further to another side of Malaga where you can find all the beach clubs. In August, the water is warm. However, sometimes it’s not. Therefore you might find fog sometimes on the beach because of the difference between the sea water temperature and the heat on land. But it’s perfectly fine lying on the beach and sunbathing.

Day 3


You might not have so much time for the last day, but you should definitely check out the market of Málaga. Mercado Atarazanas is where you should head to. Here you can find the lively side of Málaga. I have never imagined it would look like this – full of excitement.

And if you still have some time left, it’s time to check out some museums. I haven’t been to all of the museums in Málaga but Museo Carmen Thyssen and Museo del Vidrio y Cristal are very high recommended. If you take a visit, please let me know how it is.

I had an amazing time in Málaga. It is such a lovely city with friendly people. I’m sure I will give another visit in Málaga because I have fallen in love with this city. I hope if you visit Málaga, you will experience the same as me (or more).