Dating life as a traveller

Travelling is great and travelling alone is not as bad as you think. The day I decided to be a solo traveller, that was when I knew I would take a different route for my life and a big part of it is my dating life. Consistently on the road by yourself, there is always a moment you feel alone. Seeing those couples kissing, holding hands, laughing with each other, jealousy raises in you (or at least it has done to me). I have felt that. I was there before, having a relationship that people gotta be jealous of, travelling with a boyfriend and having someone to share the moment with. However, travelling alone has given me different reasons to travel more. But I got to admit, I do feel lonely sometimes and wish to have someone in my life to share the journey and great moments of travels with.

So many people have told me this:
“Travellers are sluts”.

I do not completely agree but I am not denying it. Let’s be honest to ourselves for a second. The lonesome that we get as a solo traveler hits us sometimes and sexual desire is something that you cannot reject. That is why we start to look for one night stands. Alright, there might be some of us. I am not in the position to say either I have or I have not had any of those but stories pass and cross our ears – sex in hostels, having one nighties with someone… No matters if that ever happens, it is just a fact which excuses our sexuality.

Is dating possible while travelling?


As long as you or/and your partner accept you are a traveller, there is no problem here, isn’t it? This is the real deal:

If both of you are travellers and somehow you think you can travel together, Then, there is no discussion at this point. Enjoy each other’s company, date and travel.

On the other hand:
If one each other is going different ways and you find that you have this certain connection with each other, either you wait and figure out how you will meet each other again, or you should enjoy the moment and let each other go.

If you travel and meet your date who happens to be the one living in the destination you are travelling in, consider either if you are willing to make that work by moving or travelling to the other’s place or you come up with this thing called distance relationship.  It is hard, I know, but if you are up for it, there is no reason to say no.

Do distance relationships work?

Having been travelling as a solo traveller for the last two years, getting into some kind of relationships with some of guys who were either living in the city I stayed for awhile or meeting on the road and dating some of them, my answer would probably NO. However, it is not the assumption for this and it actually depends on several criteria:

  1. How well do you know each other?
  2. How well you get along?
  3. Are you a cheater?
  4. Are you willing to be apart from your partner because of your passion for travelling?
  5. Do you or your partner have trust in other or in the relationship you have?
  6. How much are you willing to sacrifice?

Most of those dates I have got while travelling/living abroad, I was not the one saying no or getting away from the relationships. That might sound sad but that is the way it goes. The fear of commitment in men is so much stronger than in women. Therefore, if you are a woman, I would recommend to learn to accept that and prepare for everything that could happen.

However, I somehow believe that such thing called distance relationship could possibly work. Maybe that is the woman in me telling me that.
Women always have the fantasy to have the perfect relationship or a fairy-tale like one but that doesn’t come easy as they dream. We still have the hope nonetheless. As distance relationships, they are hard and we travellers somehow have to accept it either way. It works eventually when you and your partner have the same perspective and comply with the distance you will have. The important thing is to have trust in each other and to the relationship.

Difficulties come along but nothing is impossible!

Is it trust-worthy to date a solo traveller?


How many times have you seen the article called “Why should you date a girl who travels?”? I wouldn’t say that dating a traveller is not great. In fact, whatever written in the article is correct. However, I bet you have your doubt about dating a traveller. It does not matter if either you are a girl or a boy, it all comes to the question – Is your date trust-worthy enough? 

Distance relationship is still the topic here and talking about trust, you should learn about your partner well enough before letting him/her go on his/her travels again. What I have seen so far, cheaters are everywhere on the road. However, don’t take this as a negative thing. I have experienced that some of us travel to be alone, to find ourselves, and some to find love. Thus, if you happen to be the one, you do not have to be afraid of dating a traveller. Wherever he/she goes, he/she will be back to you.