Italy: Genoa – The Wonder Needed To Be Found

How obvious is it when we talk about Italy, Milan, Rome, Venice, Napoli come up first thing in the conversation. It is certain that those cities are highlights of the country by their history and wonderful landscape (and I do not even need to say out loud FOOOD). You know? It might be too crazy to hear but I do not have any desire to see those places, just yet, because I know what they look like since we have way too many tourism promotions for those cities. On the other hand, I enjoy wandering myself in smaller cities that are not known well from tourists. Genoa, or Genova, was definitely the destination I had been looking for for my one month stay in Italy.

If Italy has been known by its stunningly dreamy cities, Genoa should definitely in the list. At the first look, Genoa seems to be a bit dirty but I saw it as the touch of history. The whole city is covered by historic buildings with such amazing architecture designs. Stepping my feet out of the up-hill apartment, I could feel my chicken skin revealing because the vibe soaked me in immediately . If you are a fan of architecture and design like me, you would definitely feel the way I felt.


No transportation needed when you are in town. It is best to wander around the city and get lost which I found most of the time. I got into alleys to alleys and somehow I was nowhere to be found but I did not mind it. Wherever I was in Genova, there was something new to see. I was very much fascinated by the old architecture that I just felt myself going back to time and seeing the old Italy. From Via Garabaldi to Piazza Rafaellae de Ferrari, I was put in different eras, same place, but more modern.



One point, I found my way to the old harbour where all magical things was about to happen. It was a windy day and somehow quite cloudy. However, a breeze came at the best time because of the heat spreading all over the town. Strolling around the port, passing the aquarium, my feet met the deck in the far end of the port. Why did I say magical? I slowly closed my eyes, took a deep breath and lost myself in the empty mind. That moment I could sense the stagger of the deck because of being hit by small waves; the wind blew and brought the sea breeze zigzaging through my hair; seagulls nearby were squarking, chirping and wailing….

Try that, then you will feel the magic.